It Started in College and then Marked me for Life



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It all started the first day of college with me being a sophomore. I was feeling pretty cool as I had a hot car, was already a Letterman in football and was getting some pussy from older girls, life was good.

We older guys lined the entrance as the new freshmen girls entered the school. We ogled and made lewd comments and the girls blushed crimson at our comments. One sexy little girl looked up at me and walked over and said, "I want you to be my boyfriend." I was shocked but said, "sounds good to me." We walked down the hall hand in hand. It was amazing as it was like she was a long lost friend. We laughed and got along like peas and carrots. Soon we were fucking like newlyweds. She was insatiable. I would fuck her daily at her parents house after school as they both worked and wouldn't get home till about 6pm. I was madly in love as was she. I had bragged to my buddies how much I was getting laid daily.

The bragging caused some blowback as one day I went to her house after school expecting to get laid but the door was locked and she didn't answer the phone. I didn't think much of it but thought she had gone with her mom somewhere or something. I saw her the next day in school and she had tears in her eyes. I hugged her and asked what was wrong. She admitted that one of my best friends had fucked her the day before after school. I broke up with her and stomped away. She was devastated and sobbed great tears making a scene. I was back at her side in a few minutes hugging her and telling her I loved her and that I forgave her. She said she loved me and wouldn't do it again. All my friends knew what had happened and smirked at me knowing my girlfriend had fucked my buddy. Some even asked how I could be gong out with such a whore. My buddy said he was sorry but that she had asked him over.

All was well once again or so I thought as I went to her house after school expecting some make up sex. She was very nervous but said we couldn't. I was like why not??? She admitted that my buddy had cum in her and was afraid she was pregnant and wanted to know who the father was if she in fact was pregnant. I had always used a condom and asked why she hadn't made my buddy to wear a sock and why I couldn't just use one now. She just shrugged. I asked her why she fucked him in the first place and she admitted that she had heard that he had a huge cock and wanted to see what it was like. I knew he was hung like a horse and I was hung like a squirrel and hung my head in shame.

She told me that her period was in a week and I would have to wait. She said she was sorry and came up and we started making out. I felt her breasts and touched her pussy and gently masturbated her. She laughed and said, "I have an idea." She led me to her mom's room and looked in the bottom drawer of a dresser and pulled out a huge pink dildo. She laid on her mom's and dad's bed and I joined her. She rubbed the dildo on her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. She had me take hold and start fucking her with it. She whispered in my ear to jack off for her to the same speed so it would be like I was fucking her. I didn't take long and I shot my load all over her and the bed. I started to quit but she said," I'm not done yet." After I cum I'm like it's all over but she insisted so I fucked her with the dildo till she was done. I grabbed some tissue and wiped up my mess. The next week while we awaited her period was pretty much the same; me jacking off while we used her mom's dildo on her. Her parents would come home from work we would talk, play board games, have dinner watch tv and or a movie, we were madly in love. Soon her period came thankfully and we waited for it to end and she said, "Friday night you can fuck me again."

It was Friday night and we had a date and were to go to a beer party. We danced and petted each other. I was showing off in front of my friends what a hottie girlfriend I had and drank a lot of beer and had to pee lots and waited in line to drain myself. When I cam back Candee was nowhere to be found. One of my friends whispered in my ear that he saw her go outside with one of my other friends. I ran outside to find her but she was gone. I walked back inside to see the familiar smirks. Saturday morning a crying Candee called my house and told me she had again cheated on me with one of my friends. I was hurt and embarrassed but so in love with her I forgave her instantly. I picked her up for a date that night and we went to a movie, whispered sweet things to each other and just loved being together. We went parking and were making out and I had her pants off and was starting to take mine off when she said, "Honey I'm sorry but I can't," and she started to cry. I knew why and knew it would be a long wait. She had me eat her out and said, "Jack off for me," and I did. A long story short or whatever but this continued for the rest of my college days. Oh I did get the occasional mercy fuck but knew between my buddy and her mom's dildo I was no match. When I left college we fell apart somehow and she married my friend.

I dated other women but never connected and felt alone. I was handsome and successful but had a four inch pencil thin cock and after an overnight-er they would not return. This continued until I met my current wife. We were together for a few weeks but we hadn't slept together. She later told me that she respected me for not pushing it although the reason was that I enjoyed being with her and didn't want it to end. We were in a bar dancing and having fun when a man walked in and when I saw her slink down I asked what was up and she said, "He is my last boyfriend." I was a little taken aback as she stared as he walked to the bar and was ignoring me as I tried in vain to get her attention.

I took her to the floor to dance but would see her steal a glance every so often. He on the other hand never seemed to notice her. Shortly after the dance she asked if I would bring her home. I said sure and she kissed me goodnight as I dropped her off. I started driving home but the night was still pretty young so turned around and went back to the bar and sat in a corner booth feeling alone and hurt. I wasn't there a half hour and saw her walk into the bar and went to her old flame like an arrow. He acknowledged her and they left just like that. I followed and she took him to her apartment. I felt the familiar feeling of shame.

The next day I called and asked if she slept good. There was silence but she admitted that she had gone back and hooked up with Jim. She went on to explain that their relationship was just sexual and that she just couldn't get enough of him and was addicted to him as he had a large cock and knew how to use it. She told me that she loved me and wanted our relationship to continue and asked that I forgive her. I of course said yes and she asked me to come over. We sat and talked for a while and drank some wine and she seduced me into going to bed with her. I stripped down to see her look of surprise and shame at my flaccid 2 inch cock. I was so ashamed I didn't get hard but she bravely went forward sucking my soft little guy and instructing me on how to please her. I could taste the tanginess of her previous night on her pussy but continued on. I did get hard and we did make love till I came but could see no sign of pleasure but almost the feeling of someone holding a door for you. Her pussy was loose and I know she didn't feel much. It brought back a string of good memories of Candee.

We married a year later and I convinced her that we should get a dildo so that she could be properly fucked and she could fuck Jim if she needed to as I understood. To her credit she didn't fuck him again but was faithful to me. I would masturbate while I fucked her ever widening pussy with ever larger dildos. I became somewhat of an expert with my huge rubber cocks.

I often wonder if she ever will cheat on me again and hope that she may, or that she has already and just hasn't told me.

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