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So my GF seems to love our new arrangement of her as my Queen and me as her cuck. We spent the weekend (Fri to Tues) at her family cottage for a big get together, and when we were alone in bed Sunday night I tried to make love to her. She refused my advances saying, "You don't get to have me right now." Pushing me off of her but then instructed that I go down on her, which I gladly did, bringing her to orgasm. She then sent me away into the bathroom to stroke myself off and said not to bother her for sex again while we were at the cottage.

Which was both so painful and arousing. I drove us back Tuesday evening and she was texting on her phone constantly, but refusing to tell me who she was talking to, giggling and smiling the whole time. I dropped her off at home and tried calling her a little later to check in but got no answer for the entire night. Wednesday morning I showed up at her place unannounced with aloe to treat a sunburn she had, and she told me why I couldn't reach her last night.

Right after taking her home she called her friend (a guy from volleyball) to come over. Then she showered up while he drove over and they spent the night together intimately fucking and cuddling. This was hot as hell and so so conflicting for me at the same time. To be denied, just for her to fuck him at the first chance she had is so intense for me, but even more so is hearing how intimate they were. He climbed into bed with her and they immediately made love but then instead of leaving soon after as he had the other 2 times they hooked up, he stayed and spooned her naked in the bed we share. It makes me so nervous and so jealous to think about him pressed up against her naked ass and getting the full boyfriend treatment from her with all that intimacy involved. They watched about half of a movie spooning like that and then he got hard again and slipped into her from behind, cuddled up and fucked again until he pulled out and came on her ass and back.

He is definitely her full on boyfriend/fuckbuddy now and I'm stunned how quickly and completely she has turned from, "I would never," to "I'm doing this weekly at least." I saw the cum covered towel they used to wipe his hot load off her stomach and then later ass and lower back and it just drove me wild to see it and how incredibly real it made everything. I reclaimed her that morning and she told me how much she loves me. It's almost indescribable how good her well used, sore, swollen pussy feels getting seconds after he has fucked her. I'm doing my best to support her wants and desires and control the intense emotions she is putting me through. I love her and I am loving this. Once again they are at volleyball for a Thursday league and I'm at home wondering if she will make it 3 weeks in a row fucking him after their games.

Sorry for the text wall, this is the best place I know to voice my feelings and still stay anonymous. I really appreciate the blog! Follow -up Email - My girlfriend traveled back to visit her family (at their home this time). She always had an eye for some dude apparently in the area but I didn't know until today. So I'll ad lib her experience as she told me. She met up with him at his apartment. He has a pool and a nice view. She went for a swim while he smoked some weed. She was only wearing a wet white shirt and you could see her body through it.

She told him she knows they both have been wanting this for a long time. She has been touching herself thinking about it. He starts holding her and biting her neck and immediately picks her up and carries her into his bedroom. Easily, she takes off the wet shirt and they start going at each other. He makes her get into uncomfortable positions both because he's huge and because of the position itself but she tries her best to take it. At one point she starts slacking but he grabs her and dominates her making her do what he wants.

He's impressed because not many women can take all of him. But my girl is trying her best to make this fun for both of them. They proceed to doggy style but he lifts her hips higher. She needs to stand on her feet almost making it hard to keep her weight along with his aggressive and demanding strokes. She keeps her balance and when she doesn't he's there grabbing her by her hair putting her back in her place as he keeps using my girl for his pleasure.

She tries very hard to please him and to be a good girl. She was excited about how big he was and she was up for the challenge. Finally he puts her on top. He tells her to push against the wall. He starts wailing at her while she remains still, used. Finally he comes and she is relieved they can take a break. After a while he gets in the mood again and proceeds to use my girl to his pleasure. This time finishing while they are doggy style.

I know the view he had while doing doggy. You can see for yourself in these pictures. That was day #1 apparently. The second day they meet up and they try again but he is apparently too tired from work and too high. So he asks for a blow job. So she proceeds and trust me she is very well trained. Now let me tell you this much. She is Italian. I hope this is enough to explain that her lips are voluptuous and meaty. She basically has BJ lips. She's so good at doing her job that the guy grabs her by her hair and nuts deep in the back of her throat. I trained her to keep going after I nut as well. So for sure he was sufficiently pleased. And that was her story. I like to consider myself top cuckold. Unless you have a better experience which I would love for you all to share!

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