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Last night I had an especially hot threesome I wanted to share, maybe it'll inspire some of you to do something similar :)

My girl met a guy online using these pictures for her profile, and the guy was kind of a pegging slut, and it took a while for him to get tested because he's pretty busy in his normal life. I guess she finally exchanged clean results with him, because when I showed up last night they were already messing around in bed without protection.

To push my cuckold buttons, she and I have already decided that I wasn't going to be allowed to cum from my cock this month, only from my ass, and that meant the only cum going inside her wasn't going to be mine. In early December we're going to a nice party, so I should be extremely horny by then. That way I can put on a good show for some of our party friends.

This month, she's been taking loads from her friends and having me eat it out of her when she gets home, but I wasn't expecting her to be doing it with this guy because he's kind of a butt slut and I didn't think he was really into fucking pussy that much.

So, he's eating her out and she's telling me to get ready, so I go rinse off and join them in bed. She tells me to do something unexpected and get his butt ready with my fingers, so I get the lube and one of our plugs and work it into his ass.

I wasn't sure where this was going, but then she explained: he's going to cum inside her, and I'm going to be inside him so I can feel him pump his load into her. I'm not allowed to cum, only to feel him experience the pleasure of unloading into her tight pussy while I'm denied that until next month.

Hearing her tell me about how I'm going to experience that denial so intimately was extremely hot, so I had no problem getting hard even though I'm not really into topping guys at all. I work my way into him while he eats her out, then they fucked for a while. After maybe 10 minutes of feeling her tight wet pussy on his cock he got close to cumming, and went balls deep inside her. He said, "are you ready to feel this? Get all the way inside me."

I went balls deep inside him, and I gasped at the unexpectedly nice feeling. In hindsight I shouldn't have been surprised, as he was a very experienced bottom. He then made these short little strokes inside her to push himself over the edge.

What happened next was a completely new experience for me. Sometimes I'm inside a female partner, especially their ass, and I can feel them clench over and over as their orgasm washes over them. I'd never been inside a guy while they were cumming so I didn't expect what happened next.

A lot of people don't know this, but in most guys their prostate balloons up right before they cum. I've felt mine do it with my fingers, but I've never felt it with my cock, and I've certainly never felt it by being inside a guy with such a well-trained ass. If you put your fingers on it while they cum you can feel it pulse as they shoot each stream of cum out of their cock, and if they're tight enough you also feel their rapid heartbeat as well.

His prostate ballooned up a lot. It was pressing on the most sensitive part of my cock, and I had to clench my PC muscle to keep from cumming right then and there. It was probably the tightest hole I've ever experienced with my cock, and it was pulsing over and over, almost like being deepthroated by someone who's swallowing over and over.

He was kind of out of the scene after that since his libido falls off a cliff when he cums with his cock, but both her and I were still crazy horny and I immediately started eating his cum out of her pussy. There was a lot of it, too! I was thinking about that amazing feeling I had on my cock the entire time, and I'm still thinking about it today.

Cuckoldresses, I hope this gives you some naughty ideas to explore with your bi-curious cuckolds, and I hope to read about your stories on here too :)




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