Wife Texts that She is Fucking Another Man


First Cuckold Time - What I'm about to tell you all happened just over 30 hours ago but first I will give you some background on us. we are a young couple chris (me) 25 and sarah (her) 22, we have been toying with the idea of her sleeping with someone else in the bedroom and she always ends up very wet and cumming hard so we decided to take the fantasy up a notch and have her openly state to an old friend she was in an open relationship. This old friend of hers she had slept with, before me and her met, and as they had flirty txt convos every now and then he seemed like a good option.

one evening a couple of months ago he was gonna come over and watch some films with us and to get to know me, we had a couple of drinks, altho stopped early as he had driven over, we watched some films and chatted all night. he eneded up leaving with nothing happening but we had great sex that night talking about all the things that could have happened. until a few days ago they hadn't spoken but late last week she asked if she could go out with him on friday night and it would probably mean staying in a hotel, I said sure and thought nothing of it.

After work on friday I had arranged for a friend over seeing as she was staying out all night so we spent most of the night playing pc games and watching some tv, having a bromantic evening. Around 10:50 I got a txt from her asking about my night and we exchanged a few messages with general chit chat. Then I said to enjoy her evening and hope she has a "fucking" good time. At around half past 11 I went to bed and txt her asking her to let me know when she got back to the hotel. I then fell asleep and woke at just after six and looked at my phone to find 5 txts. That's when I knew something happend and she had sent some pics to prove it. I felt my heart race and my cock stir as I typed in the code to unlock my phone. As I opened the txt window all it said was her name and the heading "I hope you like them xx" . I've sent two of the four pics for this post in the blog I got sent, but they are undeniable proof what she said happend actually did happen.

She told me she had shown him the message I sent her telling her to have a "fucking" good time and he was a bit taken back, as this whole situation is odd to him, as i'm sure it is to many, and the rest of the night this is what happend.

They got back to the hotel room and got on the bed and as she leaned over to get a drink he grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her in for a kiss and it was not long before they had their clothes off and she was sucking his dick. He then ate her pussy for a while, she told me she was so wet and turned on the whole time from the first kiss to the point of coming home to me. He then climed on and fucked her. They fucked in a couple of positions and she said she was quite vocal being so turned on and he ended up cumming in her after she told him not to.

All Saturday morning I was restless waiting for her to come home, lots of things running through my head, we txt each other a few times and she was going to get food before coming home and she didn't think she was gonna get a repeat of last night even though she wanted it. when she got home she told me she got him hard twice on the drive back hoping he would pull over and fuck her again so she could come home with a cream pie for me.

When she finally walked through the door we went upstairs and I listend to her tale while I ate her pussy out and she sat on my face and teased my balls, after a couple of hours of teasing and stories and questions and cumming we both fell asleep but I'm still horny and have a mind full of thoughts on that night.

This is a true account of what happend to me and my girlfriend of 4 years just over a day ago and I would love to hear comments or anything to anyone.

Clive - clive.appleton @ hotmail.co.uk



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