How I went from Dom to a Cuckold Suddenly



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I've got a hotwife who's a total minx. Look at her pictures. She's a sexy blonde with beautiful cocksucking lips, a round ass, gorgeous big tits with hard nipples and a hot pussy. Absolute bombshell. I've fucked her with a few of my mates over the years and with a stud that we found online with a nine inch fat cock. She loves DP and it makes her cum like a train.

Anyway, this story is a little different.

We were over at a friend's house with a couple of guys and one of their wives, we were drinking really hard and my Mrs got a bit blind. We all ended up sitting on the couch watching TV. She was sitting between me and Bill who's a big guy, 6,4" and a bit overweight. My other mate Steve's wife had gone to bed.

I don't really like Bill that much, he's a bit of a Dickhead, but I am really good friends with the other bloke.

Anyway my good mate falls asleep on the couch and my Mrs tells me loudly, "I'm going to fuck Bill now." He's looking a bit confused and I'm like, "No you're not." but she just turns away from me and starts kissing him.

By this stage I'm a bit turned on but also a bit fucked off about it but I let it go. She's kissing him for a while and then starts to suck his cock.

I get off massively on my wife sucking cocks and Bill's was fairly big. I'm about 6.5 inches and he had both length and girth on me. So now I'm too turned on to stop. I pull her pants down and start fucking her from behind, I would have been about a foot away from Steve. It was a bit weird and if he had have woken up it would have been pretty awkward.

Anyway she tells me to stop fucking her and sit back down. Bill turns her around and starts railing her from behind. He is fucking her really slowly, but really hard. He was smashing her maybe once every two seconds. She cums. I'd never seen anyone fuck like that so it was hot to see that she got off on it.

Bill starts to look like he's going to cum so I say to him make sure you don't blow in her. She's not on protection and he's not wearing a condom. She turns around to me and says, "He's going to cum in me, sorry." and then he just pumps her full.

I'm sitting there with my dick in my hand not knowing what's just happened, she puts her hands between her legs, takes out some cum (it's dripping on the floor because it was a massive load) and licks it.

I hit Bill for being a dick and cumming in my wife, he gets angry, we have a fight.

I was really turned on but feeling a mix of anger and jealousy. I felt like I needed to plunge his cum out of her with my cock and fill her up with my seed. The idea of her getting pregnant was driving me a bit crazy.

So then I fucked her in front of him. He didn't really know where to look but I was on top of her and fucked her angry. I could feel his cum squirting our the sides of her pussy. It made me blow. When I pulled out I looked down at her box and it was just a complete slop fest. Cum and pussy juice everywhere.

Anyway, we go home, and we have a fight about it. Nothing major, part of the lifestyle is getting used to the jealousy, but this was a bit more than I was ready for.

Then we fucked again.

This time she made me fuck her from behind and told me to fuck her like Bill did. She called his name out when she came. She told me she was going to go to his office the next day and fuck him again.

I used to be a dom with a hotwife.

Now I'm suddenly a cuckold. And I love that as well.

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