I was Cucked Early on and was just Dumped

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I feel like to me being a cuckold is all about my submissive nature. Surprisingly enough I have a decent sized dick, its about 7 and 7 and a half when super hard. But honestly I have been emasculated in my life so many times that I guess it was natural for me to be cucked.

The earliest time I can remember was being in middle school. I was pretty much an average kid, had many friends but there was this one black kid named Andre Armstrong who played basketball, I actually heard he's playing in a Europe league now but either way. This kid was definitely more alpha than me and would always make it a point to make fun of me.

At the time there was this really hot latina chick who was into me. Her name was Yazmin and I was actually going to go out with her but that never happened. Reason why is because this dude would always pop up whenever we were around and call me names. It got to the point that Yazmin started laughing and calling me the names too. Eventually he ended up fucking her and everyone knew about it and whenever he was around to bully me, she would pretty much add to it and make it worse saying stuff like, "I bet you he has a small dick," or "He's such a bitch, I almost went out with that loser."

The funny part was Yazmin would still talk to me whenever he wasn't around like we were good friends but his alpha personality just made her see me differently. I guess I feel like she got turned on by making fun of me. Well anyway she would continue to do that throughout the rest of middle school, like ask me of I ever fucked a girl or went out with anyone.

Nothing ever happened between us, but there was one time in my last year where one of her friends was planning to fuck the whole basketball team, her friend was a notorious slut like caught fucking in the stairwell type of slut. Anyway the day it went down at her friends place dudes were just lining up and going out of her place. Yazmin had texted me that it was going down and she could ask her friend to give me head, which was almost guaranteed because this girl was seriously a super hoe.

But yeah I end up going there and she's pretty much done with the basketball team, I thought it was just head but apparently she fucked some of them towards the end. So lucky me I ended up actually getting to fuck instead but as I was doing it, she kept wanting to kiss and I could literally see glossy cum on her lips and sides of her mouth. I wasn't planning on kissing her until Yazmin had came in to see if I was there and she was like, "Oh you're really here, well stop being such a bitch and kiss her, you could at least thank her, por dios."

So I did what any young man would do after being called a bitch and kissed her, I didn't expect her mouth to taste so strong like cum but that pretty much sealed the cuck in me. After we kissed for a bit, she just wanted me to fuck her hard but I ended up making out with her the whole like 6 or 7 minutes I lasted. By the time we were done I just heard Yazmin in the back saying "Yoooo, I can't believe you kissed her like that, damn I thought you liked me." I tried to laugh it off but the slutty friend seemed to be really turned on and asked me if I could get hard again and I told her yes.

Long story short Yazmin left with Andre and me and her friend went upstairs and fucked again but she asked me to eat her pussy which I was fine with but I didn't realize that like 5 or 6 guys raw dogged her. So I was literally eating her for like 10 minutes tasting like a quarter of the team.

Me and her fucked a couple of more times after but never anything cuck like. I'm sure there were times I had sloppy seconds but I didn't realize it at the time. But that time of my life did get crazy for me. I was put in many cuck like situations. One time I guess I was more of a bull because I ended fucking a girl my friend was going out with but even then there was a point where she and him were together but we still fucked and she told me he had fucked her like half and hour prior but I didn't care.

I have a lot more stories I could tell here but I really just wanted to get that one out.

Especially since I just lost my girlfriend to some obnoxious kid with apparently the greatest dick ever. That will be next time. Anyway, here she is.

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