Another Man Fucked and Came in My Wife


Another Man Fucked and Came in My Wife - Sorry but this is going to start as all the other great stories on this site, a couple who have been together for about 7 years, very much in love and of course always horny!

Our adventures started on our second date, which is the one I am going to relate to you now.

Sue went out with a friend, Anne and her boss, Sean. The outing had been arranged for sometime and as it was a booked show I was not able to attend.

Sue and Anne are leggy blondes with good bodies and Sean is just a normal looking blokeÖI am no stunner but fit and clean.

Anyway we were going to meet at the pub around the corner from the show. I arrived around 9pm and grabbed a table and a schooner of new. A couple of hours and several schooners later they arrived, fairly well hammered themselves. Sean shouted a round and we sat back and chatted. Naturally the conversation turned too sex, as Sean was impressed with all the comments he received walking through town with the two blondes.

Sue was soon openly flirting with us all, caressing Anneís tits rubbing my thigh and well just flirting with Sean. Sean was rattling on about his new wife, and as Sue likes a challenge, she turned her attention to him. Since this was only our second date I was taken aback by the attention I wasnít getting, but decided to go with the flow as AI knew I was going home with Sue, and Sean had a new wife at home. Sean said he needed to go to the menís and Sue jumped up and offered a helping hand. I was left with Anne to talk too and since she was showing ample cleavage I wasnít upset.

Some ten minutes later Anne asked where they were, so I looked around and saw security escorting them toward us .He explained that we all had to leave as he had caught Sean in the ladies. Sean said it was a mistake as there were no signs on the door. The guard explained he may get away with that, however the problem was they were in the same cubical. I looked at Sean and said ďso how is the new wife going to take that?Ē

He went red and replied to us all, ďplease donít ever mention it to herĒ

We all laughed and went to the cars. Sue said Anne was driving Sean home and since her coat was in her car she would go with them. I drove to Sueís and waited in my car for them to show up.

Two minutes later headlights approached and Anneís car stopped behind mine. Two doors opened, front and back, Sue and Sean got out and Anne drove away. Sue said it would be safer if Sean got a taxi from here as Anne was fairly pissed.

We went inside and I went to the kitchen to get some beers. I gave Sean his beer , Sue was not in the room. She came in and rubbed Seanís tummy and smiled. Sitting down I asked what they had been up to in the toilet, Sue just blurted out ď I was giving him a head job and do you mind if I finish it now? My cock jumped to life, and I said only if I can watch!!

Sean didnít know where to look so Sue put his mind at ease by saying we had booked a night to a swingers club on Saturday so this will be tame to that.

Sean started asking me about swingers clubs as Sue was undoing his belt, not an overly large but very hard cock was reveled. Sues mouth went to work and I sat back to enjoy the show. Seanís hands rubbed her tits through her blouse as she sucked him deep. Sue was moaning with a mouthful of cock and Seanís eyes were closing as his head fell back, I got up and removed Sues top and freed her tits from her bra. Sean had full control of her tits now, so I sat back down again, but not before I got my now very hard cock out.

Sue had Sean squirming on the sofa by now, and my cock was rock hard. I moved behind her and lifted her skirt pushed aside her undies and rammed it home. I didnít want to cum so I didnít really pump her I watched Seanís cock go into and come out of her mouth. I wanted to see him fuck her so I moved up to her head and grabbed her hair and stuck my cock in her mouth. Sean looked worried so I motioned toward Sueís wet exposed cunt and said go for it.

He did and got her gushing within minutes.

We all swapped positions for a while, Sean said he was going to cum while Sue was sucking him, Sue stopped and said she wanted to feel his cum inside her now well used cunt. She laid back on the lounge and spread her legs, Sean pumped her for a full three strokes and grunted as he came in her.

Unfortunately he pulled out after a few seconds, saying he should have a shower and go home. Sue told him where the shower was as I positioned myself between her legs. Seeing his cum dripping from her pussy was enough to send me over the top, I plunged into her and came in seconds mixing our cum inside her.

Sean left by taxi and Sue and I fucked all night.

This is only the first time we did this, not with Sean however as Anne let it slip to his new wife that Sue had given him a head job in the toilet, how you let that slip is beyond me but it happened.

Sue and I have many stories so if you liked this one we will post more

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