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I met my wife 10 years ago. She was and still is the hottest woman I have ever seen. I am 10 years older and a lot more sexually experienced. She has only been with six other men and one woman. She was with her best friend while in college. She is now 34, a teacher, and a Mom. She dresses down so as not to draw attention to her overall looks. When we first met, it was all about the sex. Hot , kinky, adventurous, and nasty. As we grew to trust each other our darkest fantasies were revealed.

We both really came to enjoy the idea of a very big man with a huge cock taking her. I would be there, watching and videoing the fun. This fantasy drove us wild for months on end, with it getting kinkier and kinkier. I would jack off like crazy the next day while recalling the sex acts that she wanted to try with another man. There were several, unplanned attempts to get something going. Each time it was out in a club and Kailee was feeling good. They only resulted in her making out in public with these men.

One of the times she did approach a group of three men and ended up dancing and kissing all three. After each of these incidents, Kailee and I fucked like crazy. Then after a couple of years she stopped enjoying the fantasies as much and then came to say that she had no interest in it at all. This caused our sex life to grind to a halt for a full year.

I still was obsessed with seeing it actually happen. She wanted sex to only involve us, saying that she could only give herself to someone she loved. Our sex life improved when she started buying slutty outfits to wear to bed.

It went off the charts when she started wearing stilletto spiked heals with the outfits, and letting me take photos of her. It turned her on as much as me and I started telling her milder fantasies of seeing her with other women and our male friends who were not so alpha. I would tell her how we both would fuck her and then started increasing the number of guys in the fantasy. We started going out more with her dressed sexier than ever before. We would see a group of guys and go home and fantasize about her banging them all. One night one of these groups included a big guy.

We went home and started fantasizing about her taking on the group. I was careful not to mention the big guy. She brought it up by asking why the big man didn't get a turn with her. This made me and her both cum hard. Nothing else was said, but I started occassionally adding one or two big men to the groups that we were fantasizing about. Kailee enjoyed me telling her about these groups of men forcing her to do the nastiest things.

I would tell her how they all would cum in her mouth and watch her swallow it. How she would get them hard by rimming their asses or sucking their toes. How they would bare back fuck her pussy and cum in her. Then feeding the leaking sperm to her with a spoon. They could also fuck her ass and double penetrate her, with the one going mouth to ass. She would get so wet and we both would cum very hard.

One night during a romantic love making session, she told me that I could make one video of her. That it would be of what ever I wanted. I told her, you know what I want to see. She agreed to even do that, but only this once. I was never to show the video to anyone. I quickly agreed to her terms. We ran an add online. I thought it would be easy to arrange, boy was I wrong. I am suprised by how many big men are not any longer than my six inches.

Finally we met Russel. He was 23, 6'1", muscular, smart, funny, and had a full nine inches. We arranged to met at a local hotel. We arrived first and Kailee dressed in a black corset, garters, black nylons, and very high heel black stilleto pumps. Russel was not expecting this. He thought we were going to met and go to dinner, getting to better know each other. Kailee's makeup was light with pink lip stick. Her tits were completely exposed, and her shaved pussy visible. She greated him at the door while I videoed. He was startled at first, but quickly grabbed her and they started kissing.

She undressed him and I could see the shock on her face when she saw how large he was. She put him in her mouth and went from there. He did everything to her that I had told him that I wanted to see. He came four times, filling her pussy twice. She came too many times to tell. It seemed like one orgasm rolled into another for her. He made her talk nasty to me and the camera. She proclaimed her love for his big cock over and over. I couldn't tell if she loved it that much or if it was for my benefit. Russel got dressed and left. I undressed and climbed on top. I could barely feel her pussy.

I had her repeat all the nasty things that she said to Russel and tell me how good it all felt. I came three times while doing this. I don't think that she came at all. The next morning I wanted to fuck and talk about it some more. She refused and said that this was my one time. She added that I better not ever show that video to anyone. Nothing else was said about this for several weeks. She did walk in on me jacking off to it. She just gave me a dissapproving look and left the room.

Later she told me that our kids better never find it. I told her where I had hid it and she agreed that it was safe. I left the house one morning to go to work, Kailee was still asleep. She does not work during her summer break. Arriving at the office, I realized that I had left my cell at home.

I drove back home. I entered trying to not wake her. I could hear the shower running. I looked into our bedroom and a huge, life like, rubber cock was in the middel of the bed. I had bought it for her years before and thought that she had gotten rid of it. There was a huge wet spot in the center of the bed, with the cock in the middel. On the TV was the video I had taken of her. I bent over to see if the wet spot had a mans sperm mixed in.

To my relief it was all her. I looked around the corner and she was showering alone. I grabbed my cell and left without her knowing. That night I got home she was still in bed. There were new sheets on the bed, no video on the TV, and no sight of the rubber cock. She was wearing an old white dress shirt of mine, white panties, and white socks. She had done her makeup to where she looked very innocent and sexy. I took my boots and jeans off and jumped in bed next to her. She noticed that I was already hard.

She asked me why I was aroused. I told her it was because of the way she looked. She tried to play it off as if this was how she always looked. I started making out with her and she started rubbing me through my underwear. I slipped my hand inside her panties and she was very wet.

She looked at me and asked if I still loved her. I told her very much. Then she said "so seeing me fuck another man does not bother you?" I told her how much I loved it and that I jacked off every day to the video. I asked her then to tell me the truth, you did like doing that more than you thought you would? I slid my finger deep in her and she moaned "yes". I then asked her of the dozen orgasms that she had, were all of them real, or was she faking?

She kissed me and moaned that she came more than a dozen times. I pulled her panties off and slammed my hard cock into her. Looking her in the eyes I said, "so you like being a slut for big cock?" I heard her say that she loved it. I started asking her all about it, telling her that I wanted to know her real feelings. That I wouldn't be mad or hurt.

She wants to make more videos and to have them include groups of men. I asked her what turned her on thr most. She said it was tasting his ass. That she came without touching herself while rimming him. She also like knowing that I was there watching every nasty thing she did. We fucked all night after that.

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