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Like many on this site, I believe one experience started me on this road. I was in my early twenties (over 5 years ago now). My now wife and our best man and his wife were on holiday together, we had decided to share a motel to keep costs down, it was a nice place and had two seperate bedrooms and good facilities so it was working out great - on this Saturday we booked the spa pool for later in the evening (it was a large spa pool in a separate building in the corner of the out door pool area).

We went out for dinner and drinks before returning in time for our booking. We got changed and and went to the spa in our gowns with towels and a couple of bottles of cheap wine in hand. We all had bottoms on but the girls did not bother with any tops.

We were enjoying the bubbles and humour as the drinks flowed - I had to go to the toilet, which was across the other side of the pool yard, when I returned Eric was in front of my wife, Jenny, fondling her tits and kissing her nipples.

Nobody seemed to be concerned at my return. I wasn't sure how to react or what to do so I got back in the pool, I tentitively followed Eric's lead and began carressing his wife Connie's breasts (which were loverly large d cups). We now both were playing with each other's wives and soon Eric was leading us all back to the motel room - as soon as we were in the lounge area Eric had Jenny on the couch and was licking her pussy and she was squirming in no time - Connie removed her panties and motioned me over to start licking her, which I did with pleasure as I was between Connie's leg - Jenny had sat up and pulled Eric's shorts down revealing his hard cock.

I had never seen another man's erect penis before (except in some pornos) I knew my dick was on the smallish side at only just 5" and not very thick - Eric looked a good 2" longer but it was the thickness that really got my attention, and Jenny's mouth was really stretching around it.

It wasn't long before Eric was fucking Jenny and she was really enjoying it - at one point telling Connie how lucky she was to have Eric every night. Although I did fuck Connie I was aware that I did not have the same effect on her as Eric was having on my wife - in fact both Eric and Connie both made comments about my size during the night.

I believe Jenny came a number of times and I managed to get Connie to cum once after a lot of licking and fingering and really wondered if the sight of Eric pounding into my wife had more to do with her cuming than my efforts. We retired to our own rooms after a good night of sexual fun and slept well, when I awoke I could hear Eric and Connie talking in the bedroom but as Jenny was still fast asleep I just lay in bed - a while later Eric entered our room, naked with a semi hard cock hanging in front of him - he went around to Jenny's side of the bed barely acknowleging my presence and drew down the sheets and started kissing Jenny's tits.

She did not appear to wake but moaned a little, Eric then proceeded to spread her legs and kneel between them, rubbing his hardening cock up and down her pussy lips. Jenny never opened her eyes but her arousal was obvious by her rotating hips and moistening slit - this was enough for Eric and he pushed his cock into Jenny and began fucking her - there I was laying motionless on the bed while my best man fucked my wife - I knew this was not like the night before, some experimental sexual fun between couples, this was a man taking my wife in front of me, making her pussy his and I was letting it happen.

He fucked her hard for what seemed like a long time - I'm not sure if Jenny came, I do recall her putting her hands under her knees and pulling her legs back to allow Eric to pound into her as hard as he could, but Eric clearly came deep inside my wife's cunt, he only paused for a few seconds before climbing off, again kissing Jenny's erect nipples and saying that they thought she needed a good fuck before they left.

Eric calmly left without acknowleging me again. I continued to lay on the bed beside my well fucked wife and listen to Eric and Connie talk - they had clearly earlier discussed the fact that Jenny could not have been satified with what I could give her and then the unmistakeble sound of Eric fucking Connie started - I immediately started wanking myself and became aware of Jenny looking at me with a disbelieving look on her face, she rolled on her side and made me eat her out while wanking me instead saying 'thank you' for letting her have Eric and asking me to picture him fucking her as hard as he could which made me cum instantly. I thought we had a reasonable sex life prior to that weekend but that was all to change for me when we got back home.





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