My Girl Kept Some of Her Activities a Secret

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Ive always known my girl is a lot dirtier than she sometimes allows me to know about. I've caught her sending pictures to guys, seen evidence of her sexting and even caught a glimpse of her through her window, giving herself an aggressive dildo fuck with a vibrator I didn't even know she had!

Last year when talking dirty, I kind of accidently told my girlfriend about my strange fantasy of watching her with other men. We talked and decided it was something that we would look to try if the chance came up and that's just what happened. A month later she told me of a guy who she had met at a club who had been charming and seducing her over txt messages. When she said she wanted to meet him at a hotel I think my cock nearly blew up with excitement.

She spent the night with him and I spent the night in bed alone, wanking myself to sleep! The thought of what she was upto filled me with jealously but I couldn't ignore how horny it made me.

When she came home the following morning it was the best. I stripped her down as she told me of her conquests. The cum was still oozing from her as she hesitantly explained how they ran out of condoms. I couldn't quite believe my luck! Her pussy was so messy and swolen, it felt so tight from where it gaped for his hard cock. I licked and fucked her for hours as she told me all about her night. It was amazing!

A couple of weeks later things had calmed down. We were in no hurry to experiment again (as far as I was aware anyway!) And we enjoyed reminiscing about her dirty night away. She had another night out drinking, and she came home very late. I was suspicious but didn't ever think there was any reason behind her being late other than loving a gin and tonic!!

I was up bright and early the next morning and she was very hungover suffering from sickness in the bedroom! I was running late but chose to bathe, and when I walked into the bathroom there they were.... her panties. And they were soaked! I picked them up to investigate further and could tell immediately they had been soaked in cum. I felt dirty as I licked and wanked with them around my hand. It wasn't her cum, it was sperm.

Later that day when I got home she was still suffering badly from her hangover and went back to bed for a nap, leaving her phone in the kitchen. I couldn't hold in the curiousity! And im glad I didn't, I opened her phone to txt messages from a guy called Alan. It was all I needed to see....

She had been txting him in the early hours of that morning, about how much she enjoyed her fuck, how he had the biggest cock she'd had, how she had an orgasm, squirted and he complained she had ruined his mattress. She had sent him pictures, REALLY explicit self pics of her fingering herself with his creampie when she got home and licking it off her fingers. I couldn't believe my eyes. I wanked there and then!

I confronted her about it that night and she was honest. She was drunk and 'couldn't resist'. She told me it's only sex, and that she didn't do it to hurt me. I felt betrayed but the betrayal was outweighed by how turned on I was. She was apologetic, but I was resistant...

...then she said those magic words, "do you want to see a photo I took?"

As I gazed at the wonderful image of my girl with a big thick cock in her mouth, I realised I am insuperior to her desires. She told me how much she loved it and explained all the details as I wanked all over her, eventually cumming everywhere.

I am a dirty cuck. I unlocked the dirty secret side to my girl which I knew she had. Now she seems to be flirting and arranging no strings sex with guys every week and always keeps me updated every step of the way. Shes meeting her first out of town man this weekend, I can't wait to hear all about it.

This story is 100% legit, embarrassing but legit. I needed to share it so there it is!

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