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My Slut Wife Life - I love my slut life and I am extremely commited to the pleasure of sex and the wants of those included in my desire to be USED for others pleasures. My husband introduced me to the lifestyle over 10 years ago when I was in my late twenties. I am now 40 years young and I have a very skillful mouth and tongue. My pussy is trimmed or completely shaved depending on what my husband wants. This all comes with the desire to fuck and suck both men and women, or any combination of either, at my husband's pleasure. In the past ten years I believe I have fucked well over 100 men and have had dozens and dozens of women. I am very discriminating about having large and long cocks and my husband knows this. I have been set up with or picked up by stud college guys, right up to older men that take care of their bodies. Fit and attractive males or females make my juices flow. I also have a Masters Degree in Accounting!

Right from the beginning there was an instant physical attraction between us - he's older than me - and just a couple of dates into the relationship he was banging my hot, practically unused pussy. I had never been married and only dated two other guys - and only fucked one of them and he wasn't very good, but I was young too. I was truly frustrated by the time I was in my late twenties as I had a very protected upbringing. I "blossomed" from a sweet girl-next-door to the best piece of ass a husband could ever want. After a very short time, we decided (me happily!) that I should have multiple men and women and that it would enhance our marriage on many levels.

My best girlfriend, S and I had a couple of bi experiences before I met my husband and I admitted this to him right away. I had been telling S all about our sexual fantasies and finally got up the nerve to ask her and her boyfriend J to come over to our place for an afternoon barbeque and a romp in our hot tub. She agreed so now we had a plan. My first fuck in front of my husband took place that evening. It had been awhile since I tasted anything but my own female juices and I licked and tongued S's cunt and ass until my tongue hurt while my husband and Tom fucked both my holes and my mouth, and S too! It went on for at least three or four hours and I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

The idea of me being a true slut for my husband came about when I became more and more aroused by my role playing as an escort or prostitute for my "stranger" husband. I would go to clubs in an "I want to get fucked tonight" outfit an hour or so before he arrived. Soon we decided that I would do it to attract other men for sex. Dancing and flirting with men I just met was fantastic. Knowing that I'd be fucking him and my husband later that night was almost more than I could take. Even on the very rare occasion when the guy couldn't handle a threesome, my husband and I still had great sex!

In the beginning, I always insisted that he be within my reach or at least in the same house or pool or room, and of course him joining in, but now I enjoy being "loaned" for a night out or a weekend if pics or vids are involved. He later fucks me like a banshee when we put on a vid or CD of me being used by others.

Since way back then, my husband has set me up with his single and married friends, strangers he or I pick up at clubs or dozens of other men at places where guys are out hunting for pussy. When we go out for sex, he has me dress like a slut wearing very revealing tops, very small skirts or skimpy shorts, no underwear and heels to accent my legs and ass.

I love to spread my legs so a guy can finger my clit at a bar or some other public place and watch my husband's reaction. Brushing my tits against a man or a woman so they can get a peek at my nipples really sets me off. We also belong to a swinger's group but this is secondary to me being a ready fuck whenever my husband shows up with one or two or more new guys.

Last weekend, my husband had me wear very tight short-shorts and a small tank top to the lake. On a houseboat, three of his wave rider pals watched me strip nude and masturbate. After I was flowing, I scooped my cunt juices into my mouth and all over my hard nipples while I spanked my swollen clit hard and came as I fantasized about several more hours of being used by four guys.

I enjoy triple penetration, gangbangs, light bondage, being picked up in clubs, being instructed what to do, girl on girl, oral and swallowing, rimming, and of course, performing for my husband. My favorite position is all of them, but especially being DP'd while my head hangs off the side of the bed with a long hard cock fucking my mouth. And, I adore cleaning cum from another woman's loaded cunt.

While my husband might be labeled as a cuckold because he is treated as just another cock when I'm fucking, he participates fully in our exploits. That's my life and I hope you all enjoyed it.


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