Wife Made Me Clean Her Pussy


Will She Make Me a Sissy - My wife Alexandra and I had plans last Friday to go out on the town, but I cancelled them at the last minute because some friends invited me to go somewhere and I felt like hanging out with them instead. My wife said it was ok, but I know she was pissed. She said she’d find something to do on her own. Little did I know what she had planned.

I had an alright time, but got pretty drunk and ended up back at home around midnight. My wife was not at home, but she texted me that she would be home soon, that she was anxious to see me, and that I should not go to sleep yet.

When she came in the bedroom she leapt on top of me and started French kissing me passionately, saying how much she loved me and had missed me. That is always nice to hear, and her kisses were sweet and hot, but the manly odor of penis clinging to her face and lips was unmistakable. I asked what she had been up to, and she said that she’d gone around the corner to a local bar, to hear a band she liked.

I asked her if she might also have ended up with a dick in her mouth, since I knew the smell of cock on her breath. She smiled coyly and asked, “Would you be mad if I said yes?” I was a little mad and jealous because we usually plan her little flings together, and this meant she was having fun behind my back. But I said no, that I wouldn’t be mad, because I wanted to hear the details of her encounter.

She said that she was mad at me and decided to call up a guy that is always trying to get in her pants. They had a few drinks and started fooling around, but that it didn’t mean anything. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I had some dick in some other places, too -- not just my mouth,” she giggled. And with that, she jumped up and straddled my face, lifting her skirt and exposing her panty-less crotch, which was steaming hot and reeked of sex. She ground her still wet, sticky pussy lips all over my mouth. “There!” she said. “Isn’t that what you have been waiting for? Lick it all up! He just screwed me in the back of his car not fifteen minutes ago. Isn’t that hot?”

I admit that it was. My own dick straightened up like a steel rod, which she expertly manipulated with her hand while she wriggled her hips and rubbed her soaking pussy all over my face. I lapped away at her delicious pussy as she had a massive orgasm sitting on my face. She said her pussy was still hungry, if I wanted to fuck her, too (an offer I did not hesitate to accept).

While she was riding up and down on my rock-hard jock, she teased me saying that I liked to eat up the guy’s cum so much that she was going to dress me up like a girl and send me out to find some dick for myself.

Now I can’t stop thinking of my wife dressing me up like a whore and making me suck some stranger’s dick. I have always been a happy cuck, but is my wife going to turn me into a filthy cocksucker now, too? How delightfully humiliating!

Tell me if you think I should let her do it at goodblood42 @ yahoo.com.br


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