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I am a business owner who spends half his time at my home office and the other half at my regular downtown office. I put a post online for a sexy personal assistant/housekeeper with benefits to work at my home office. I needed help with cleaning and chores around the house, I needed help with admin duties w/ my business, and I am always horny and want to fuck. In short, the post read that I need an assistant/housekeeper who will wear only lingerie....or less while working, and take care of my "personal needs" whenever I need her to as well.

The lady I ended up hiring (after interviewing....and fucking 5 applicants) is a 24 year woman who is married and has a kid. Other than being an expert cocksucker, she is suprisingly well qualified.

Her husband is fully aware of the job and all that it includes. She told me this and I asked her what he thought of it. She told me that he was fired from his job b/c he was caught jacking off at his desk while looking at porn on the computer. That was 6 months ago and he hasn't found a new job yet.

He protested when she first told him. but she told him that her taking the job wasn't his choice, and that if he wanted to stay married he better get used to it. She told him that if he wanted her to even consider not taking (or now quiting) the assistant job he has to be able to make double what she does.

I am paying her $22/hour. He doesn't have a college degree and since he is watching the kid all day he only has an hour each day to search for a job. This was exactly what I was looking for and I loved the sound of it.

He drops her off in the morning and picks her up at 3 when she gets off. Since she works from my home office I usually have her work topless with panties and high socks. She cleans up the house, and helps with paper work for the business. She also sucks me off and fucks me a few times a day as well.

We have been using protection at her request. Today she told me that she is on bc and that I could cum inside her if I wanted. I exploded in her pussy right as her husband arrived to pick her up. He called her to let her know that he was there. She told him to give her a few minutes because she just got fucked and she needed to clean herself up and get dressed.

As she pulled her panties up her pussy was dripping with cum. My dick was covered with our juices so I made her lick it clean. When she got into the car with her husband the first thing she did was give him a nice big kiss.

I have also requested that he take pictures of her ass (see attached) and send them to me as a way of telling him that that ass is mine now. He must understand this and he must also do as I say if he wants her to keep her job. I also told him that tomorrow I think I might break in her ass.





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