My Wife Fucks her Ex


The First Time - First off I want to say how much I have been enjoying this blog. I just found it a week ago and have already read half of it and now feel I must share my own story. I have posted this elsewhere in smaller forums but really want to let other cucks know my story.

I had been dating my girl Tammy for a few years. We got engaged while she was still in grad school, and we were living apart, so it was still a few months before she was able to move back to my home town, so we decided to do our best to be loyal.

As time went on, I began to develop what I saw at the time as a very abnormal fantasy.

I remembered about how when she and I first started dating, she would talk about her ex boyfriend, and how big he was. I asked her if a big dick was what she wanted, and her response was that it was "more manly", but that I felt the back of my mind, I knew she was lying to me, but I could not stop thinking about what her ex must have done to her with his huge cock. It began to become an obsession for me. Every time we would have sex, I began to think about what she must have been like riding that huge cock of his, and would cum so hard when I would picture him fucking her tight little pussy with that fat cock that she loved. I would jerk my tiny little penis thinking about it while she was sleeping next to me, and think about her cumming all over a much bigger and harder cock than I could ever provide. Finally I came to the understanding that I desired to be a cuckold to a much bigger and capable man, and wanted nothing more than to watch her little pussy cum all over a big hard cock...I even began to dream about her letting, or making, me suck his huge cock, and training me to be a little cock slut like her. I trembled with pleasure at the idea of his massive cock fucking her to climax, and then me being forced to swallow his hot cum, or lick it right out of her little pussy.

Finally, I felt like I could not keep any of this to myself any longer, so I began dropping hints to see what she thought.

At first, I just asked her if she ever thought about being with a man who could provide more pleasure, and in the beginning, she tried to be coy about it, but not very well. She said that size was sometimes a liability, but the look on her face told a different story. After a little pressing, the truth started to come out. She admitted that a big hard cock was what she liked, and the deeper and fatter she could get, the more likely she was to have that little wet pussy cum. She also revealed that a big cock felt better because when it pushed the pussy apart, the feeling of submission and servitude was incomparable to what I could give her. Basically, a man with a bigger cock would make her feel like more of a woman, and there was no way I could ever match that.

I knew that us being apart was going to be a great excuse for her to enjoy that big cock, so I began to talk specifics.

I asked her if she still talked to her ex, and she admitted to me that he would call her all the time. When she came clean about that, I felt like I was going to cum in my pants. I knew that if he was calling her, there was now way he wasn't fucking her. Her love of huge cock was no secret, so I was certain she had been getting what she needed.

I asked her if she would be willing to have him over one night and call me on her cell phone so that I could hear her getting real dick. I did not expect the reply I was given.

She told me that she had already made plans for him to come over that night. In fact, he had been fucking her every night for the past month, and she told me that she didn't think she could stop...even if she wanted to, which she didn't. She told me about how she had sent him a text that afternoon telling him how she was fantasizing about his "perfect penis" and how all she could think about was sucking his cock and feeling his hot cum in her little pussy.

She said that she had never felt as horny with anyone as he made her feel, and that every time he fucked her, he made her cum. She said that the night before, he had fucked her so good, that she came harder than she had ever cum before.

You can not imagine how hard this news made me. I knew my perfect little fiance was a total slave to a huge cock and not only couldn't stop fucking him, but had no desire to stop. She flat out told me that she had every intention of fucking him as often as she could. Her body could not say no.

She agreed that she wanted me to hear what it sounded like for her to get fucked by a real man, so she told me she would call me before she went to bed with him that night so I could hear them together.

I went to bed almost right way and toyed with my pathetic unit thinking about what was going to happen to her later.

After what seemed like forever, the call finally came.

I was under strict instructions not to make a sound, so I muted the phone right away.

She acted like she was just setting the phone down to go to bed, and I could hear her talking to him.

At first, things seemed pretty benign. I was actually worried that he might not be in the mood as he was telling her he was really tired from a long day, but then I heard her going down on him. She said, "I know what you need" and within seconds, I could hear the slurping and moaning of her taking him full length down her throat.

He began to pant slightly and I could hear him instructing her how to get him going. He told her how "good her mouth felt", and I almost got jealous, because I realized it had been over a year since she wanted to put my tiny little pathetic cock in her mouth, yet here she was on the phone about to cum just from sucking a much bigger and commanding cock. It was obvious she was enjoying it.

As things progressed, I heard him start to give her instruction.

He told her to roll over, which she obviously did, because with in seconds, I heard him enter her...I knew it happened, because the gasp she let out was unmistakable. There is no other reason a woman would ever make the sound she made other than the moment she had been penetrated by a trully huge cock.

I held my breath so as not to miss a second of the sounds, and was rewarded with a rising extasy which I had never heard from her before.

It started at a slow groan, but as I heard him start to fuck her harder, it was clear that she was on her way to orgasm.

I could hear his balls slapping against her, and each time he went in, she let out a throaty groan.

It was becoming clear what a real man could do to her, and I had to reach down and play with my little cock while I listened to him fucking her.

As I pulled away, I listed to his powerful stroke give her pleasure, and listed in as her dirty talk began to guide him to her climax.

"Fuck my little pussy...fuck it hard" she said.

"You like my big dick, don't you?" He said, "not like your boyfriend tiny dick"...

"He has a tiny cock, I only want yours" she said..."I want you to fuck me with your big cock...he can't make me cum"

When I heard this, I came all over my hand. I immediatly brought the hot cum up to my mouth and licked it all up. I was still hard thinking about him fucking her.

"Damnit fuck me hard" she yelled..."Fuck my little pussy"

"Oh baby I am going to cum" he said..."I am going to cum in you"

"Do it baby, cum in my pussy" she cried...."fill me"

She knew I could hear her, yet her she was asking another man to cum in her pussy! I imagined what it would be like for her to come home to me after, so I could lick her clean...oh god, I am about to cum again...

The slapping got louder and more frantic. Their moans were growing in intensity, and I could tell they were both about to cum.

As he began to let go, I could tell that his hot cum was spraying the inside of her little pussy, and with each blast of cum, I could hear her cumming herself.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh" they both exclaimed. I was cumming again just hearing this.

Then they fell silent. I could tell he was done, and he had just cum in MY fiance's pussy.

I could hear her shaking. She had cum so hard.

I hung up the phone with a huge smile on my face. Although she has been with him many times I still jerk off to that first time. I am hoping she will let me watch one day but it has been awhile so I am not counting on it.

Thanks to everyone who posts and shares and for giving me some great ideas to discuss with her.



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