My Wife Has Sex for Money


My Wife Has Sex for Money - We are a married couple who live pretty far from you all ( in Tokyo, actually...), but we love the same kinds of things. I am a Caucasian American male; she is Japanese. I am hugely aroused by the sight or even the thought of her fucking other men: we have enjoyed mfm, couples, and some individual dating for years.

Recently, however, my wife has become incredibly turned on about the idea of being a selective 'callgirl' for visiting businessmen: she gets hot about fucking for 'compensation' if she is attracted to the man. It seems the idea of an attractive, appealing man more or less 'remunerating' her for being with him, getting naked for him, and fucking him really hits some buttons... and that turns her on like nothing i have seen before.

Needless to say, her arousal at this turns ME on !! This seems to be a real win-win for her if the partner is a true gentleman. She likes it when her 'patron' takes her for a little higher-end fashion shopping; she will be his for a night or a weekend.

It has happened 6 times now, all with the same gentleman when he was visiting Tokyo. She loves it, he loves is magnificent. He and I are friends now and he writes to tell me how she was or what he is thinking about her.

This 'semi-prostitute' experience seems to have really opened her up. She has told me that if she had, say, 5 or 6 such patrons -- gentlemen from the US or Europe, each of whom would be visiting Tokyo a couple of times a year on business -- she would be 'over the moon'. She thinks that doing this once a month or so would be perfect.

I told her she could do it a few times a week as long as she is happy with it...! She is an amazing sex partner with a pussy that just keeps on cumming; she should be exercising it as much as possible, in my view.

She is a licensed professional in a creative field, which career keeps her busy indeed. However, she will devote as much time as she can to this new part of herself. I have mentioned that she may want to use her sexual skills and sexual appeal with colleagues or clients in her profession; we look forward to exploring this side as well.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in exploring along these lines or with any creative comments that might help us enjoy this even more.

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