Wife Seduces Another Man on Vacation


Wife Seduces Another Man on Vacation - Me And My Wife Have An Open Cuckold Relationship These Days. She Loves Cuckolding Me, And I Love To Be Cuckolded. My Wife Is 37 Years Old.

Me And My Wife Decided We Needed A Vacation, We Looked Into A Few Places. My Wife Seemed To Insist We Go To Mexico, And That We Did, We Went To Puerto Vallarta On The West Coast Of Mexico. We Were Only Going For A Week, We Stayed At An All Inclusive Resort Named The "Viva Vallarta"

Anyways, After A Long Flight And Many Hours We Finally Got Ourselves Checked Into Our Room, And Settled In. It Wasn't But 5 Minutes Before My Wife Was On Her Knees Sucking My Dick, We Fucked For A Bit... My Wife Kept Telling Me While I Fucked Her "While We Are Here I Want To Get Fucked By Another Man."

After That I Was Obsessed, I Too Wanted My Wife To Get Fucked While We Were On Vacation. I Knew It Would Be A Fantasy Come True, To Have My Wife Fucked By Some Other Man While We Vacationed.

The First Night Nothing Happened, But I Re implanted The Thoughts Of Having Her Cheat On Me, and She Really Seemed To Get Off On The Idea. I Had Just Began To Hope That She Would Really Go Through With It.

The Next Morning We Went And Had The Resorts Buffet Breakfast, Then Went Into Town And Did A Little Site Seeing, Beautiful Place! In The Afternoon We Went To The Beach, As The Sun Began To Dip We Decided We Should Go Get Washed Up And Figure Out What We'd Do That Evening.

After Getting Washed Up My Wife Had Decided What She Wanted To Do, She Wanted To Go Dancing. Knowing That This May Somehow Lead To My Fantasy I Agreed. My Wife Dressed In A Sexy Black Dress, Asking "Do You Think I Could Seduce Another Man Dressed Like This?" Only To Start Laughing Right After, I Simply Answered "We'll Have To See, Wont We?"

Me And My Wife Made Our Way Down To The Resorts Dance Hall And Bar, We Got A Little Table And Had A Few Drinks. After My Wifes second Drink She Told Me That She Wanted To Dance, I Smiled At Her And Said "Go On Then, Have Fun". My Wife Smiled Back And Made Her Way To The Busy Dance Floor.

I Continued To Drink And Watched As My Wife Danced With Several Different Men. My Wife Was Dancing With One Man Over All, He Was Probably about 6ft, 180lbs or so With Short Dark Hair. Finally My Wife Returned To The Table, With This Other Man In Her Hands.

My Wife Immediately Introduced Us. "Kyle, This Is My Husband, Hunny This Is Kyle." He Reached Out To Shake My Hand, And I Responded. He Took A Seat And I Offered Him A Drink, He Accepted. We All Had A Few Drinks And Got To Know Each other A Bit Better.

Kyle Was 26 Years Old, On Vacation With A Few Friends, but Was Leaving Thursday. After A While Of Talking And Many Drinks I Could Hear My Voice Slurring, I Looked At Kyle And Said "Your A Good Guy, But I'm Getting Too Drunk To Continue Here. Shall We Go To My Room, And Use The Mini Bar?". Kyle Hesitated For A Moment, Then My Wife Insisted " Common Kyle It'll Be Fun." And With That He Agreed.

As We Made Our Way Back To The Room, I Stumbled A Little Bit, My Wife And Kyle Helped Me Into The Room. My Wife Pulled The Two Seater Bench Across The Floor, and Moved It Next To The Bed While Kyle Held Me Up. The Two Of Them Helped Me Onto The Bench, My Wife Sat Down Next To Me And Kyle Sat Across From Us On The Bed.

At This Point I Could Feel It, I Knew Something Was Going To Happen, I Knew Tonight My Wife Was Going To Get Fucked.

As We All Sat There, Kyle Asked Where The Mini Bar Was, I Tried To Tell Him But Was Too Drunk To Convey. My Wife Said "Oh Hunny Your Drunk." Looked At Kyle And Said "Its In The Closet Sweetie" Kyle Smiled, Got Up And Made His Way Over To The Mini Bar. He Returned with Three Beers, Opened One For Himself and Gave One To Me And My Wife. My Wife And Kyle Talked For A Bit, While I swallowed Down The Beer.

My Wife Was Sitting On The Edge Of The Bench, Leaning Towards Kyle. As I Finished The Beer, I Placed It On The Ground Next To Me. Kyle and My Wife Also Finished Theirs. Kyle Looked At Me And Said "Although You Don't Need One, Want Another?"

I Slurred Out "Sure", He Chuckled A little Looked At My Wife And Asked "And For The Lovely Lady?". My Wife Blushed And Said "No I'm Done For Tonight." Kyle Made His Way Over To The Mini Bar Again, While He Was Over There I Knew I Had To Do Something If I Was Ever Going To Get My Wife Fucked. I Thought That Maybe I should Leave, And Leave The Two Of Them Here Alone, But Knew I couldn't Walk.

Then I Figured Out What To Do... Simply Act Like You've Passed Out, Into Some Drunken Sleep. This Wold Give Them The Opportunity At The Very Least.

So I Did, I Closed My Eyes, and Leaned My Head Back. My Wife Saw This, and Said "I'm Going To The Washroom, I'll Be Right Back." She Walked Passed Kyle To Get To The Washroom, I Heard Them Talk For A Moment. It Was At This Point I Decided To Lay Down On My Side, On The Bench. I Threw My Arm over my Head, Covering My Face, Although I Was Peeking Out Through The Whole Where My Armpit was.

Kyle Came Back With My Beer, And Nudged Me With It. I Simply Didn't Respond. He Then Said "Hey, You Awake Man? Want Your Beer?" I continued To Be Silent, Occasionally Breathing Deeply. Kyle Gave Up After A Few Tries And Sat On The Bed. Not Even A Minute Later My Wife Came From The Bathroom, She Walked Over and Saw Me Laying In Her Seat.

She Looked At Me And Said "Common Hunny Get Up." She pushed me, and poked me. With No Response Kyle Said "Its Useless, I Already Tried." My Wife Too Gave Up, And Sat On The Bed Next To Kyle. Kyle Looked At His Watch And said "Oh Wow its Already 2 am." My Wife Replied "Yeah, What A Shame... Now He's Passed Out Too, Looks Like I Wont Be Getting Laid" she then giggled and said "Sorry, Thats The Alcohol speaking."

Kyle Looked At My Wife With A Smile And Said " Don't Be Sorry... But You Do Have Other Options." My Wife Turned To Look At Kyle, She Rubbed Her Hand On His Thigh and Said " Oh Yeah, Like What?" I Then Saw Kyle Grab My Wifes Hand And Guide It Onto His Bulge, I Could See The Excitement In My Wifes Face, And She Began To Massage His Cock Through His Pants.

Kyle Took A Look At Me, My Wife Said "Don't Worry About Him" And Began To Unbutton And Unzip Him Pants. Kyle Began To Lay On His Back, To Make It Easier To Remove His Pants. My Wife Stripped Him Right Off So That He Was Completely naked On The Bed.

I could See My Wifes Hands Moving All Over His Body, Kissing His Chest And Stomach. She Slowly Stroked His 8 Inch Cock, watching It Grow In Her Hands, And Sucking On It To Bring It To Full Attention. I Could See Kyle Holding My Wifes Head, Pushing Her Head Up And Down On His Cock.

After A While My Wife Stood Up Next To The Bed, Kyle Half Sitting Up, With His Glistening Cock Fully Erected. My Wife Began To Take Off Her Dress, Bra And Panties. Revealing Her Perky Tits, And Nice Smooth Shaved Pussy.

Kyle Began Stroking His Cock As She Stripped, Occasionally peeking At Me, To Make Sure I Was Still Sleeping. My Wife Put One Leg Up On The Bed, And Slid Her Hand Down To Her Pussy. "Do You Want To Fuck Me?" She Asked Kyle. He Grabbed His Huge Cock By The Base And Said "I'm Right Here Waiting"

With That My Wife Climbed Onto The Bed, And Climbed On Top Of Kyle. She Reached Her Hand Down To His Thick Dick, And Guided It Into Her Wet Pussy. I Could Hear The Moans Of Pleasure Immediately As I Watched My Wifes Pussy Wrapped Around This Mans Dick. He Grabbed Her By The Ass, Helping Her Ride His Cock.

After A While Kyle Rolls My Wife Onto Her Back, And Hammers His Dick Deep And Hard Into Her Begging Pussy. My Wife Would Occasionally whimper With Pleasure. I Could See The Beads Of Sweat Forming On Both Bodies As They Moved Together, Kyle Just Seemed To Keep Going And Going. My Wife Didn't Know How To React, She Kept Spreading Her Legs, Laying On Her Back,With Her Spine Arched, Clutching The Blankets And Sheets.

My Wifes Slid Her Hands Around Kyle's Waste, And Onto His Ass, Pulling Him Into Her With Each Thrust. Kyle Finally Blurted Out "I'm Going To Cum." He Tried To Pull Out, But My Wife Pulled Him Back Into Her And Said "Yes, Cum, Cum Inside Me Kyle." As Kyle Began To Unload Into My Wife, He Moaned. My Wife Still Holding Him Inside Her Began To Shake, And Make Sounds Of Pleasure.

As Kyle Pulled Out I Could See The Cum oozing out, Within A Few Minutes Kyle Had Left, And My Wife Was In The Shower. When She Came Back I Was On The Bed. I Told My Wife What I Had Done... She Figured As Much Had Happened, We Had Sex, Then Both Went To Sleep.

We Never Saw Kyle Again, But It Was One Hell Of A Night. I hope you liked our true account of that night and the picture of the 'lovely lady' too.


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