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Hey. My boyfriend Dan showed me this site a few months ago while trying to explain his cuckold fetish to me. I love the stories, especially from the occasional women who contribute. After much encouragement from Dan, I decided to write about some of my own experiences.

My name is Katie. I attended all girls catholic schools growing up. I was a bit of a tomboy too and played a lot of sports. Though I had some friends who were more outgoing and had boyfriends from other schools, I didn't date or hook up with any guys while I was in high school.

When I got to college, I started to come out of my shell a bit. I was living in a coed dorm and had to overcome a lot of my own insecurities. I didn't suddenly transition into a complete slut but I became comfortable talking to guys and being hit on. I started to wear more revealing clothes too. It wasn't anything too crazy though. I was just catching up to what other friends were already wearing.

During college, I dated a few guys and eventually lost my virginity. I won't waste time explaining that experience. It is exactly how you imagine two slightly drunk college kids hooking up in a dorm.

A few months after graduating, I had my first discovery of my exhibitionist kink. I was changing clothes in a public bathroom after going for a jog but apparently I had forgotten to lock the door. A minute later, I was standing in just my panties as an older man walked in and startled me.

I screamed and he said he was sorry but checked out my boobs for another second before leaving. I was so embarrassed. I quickly locked the door and got dressed. The worst part though is that I knew the guy would still be outside when I left. I eventually worked up the courage to exit the bathroom. The man was sitting at a bench and watched as I quickly walked away.

I can't explain it but that experience got me really into the idea of being accidentally exposed. It was all I could think about. I remembered experiences from my past, changing clothes in a locker room or getting a physical exam at the doctor's office, that were confusing at the time but I now realized had turned me on. I found some porn of girls exposing themselves in public and masturbated to them. I even posted some pics of myself online with my face cropped out and read the comments from random men. It was thrilling but didn't capture the pure excitement of that first real life experience in the bathroom. I eventually worked up the courage to do something myself.

For my first attempt at exposing myself, I went to a clothing store and tried on some outfits in the dressing room with the curtain or door slightly open. The experience was a bit uneven though. The first problem was that most places with girl's clothes had changing rooms that were primarily occupied by other girls.

I had to go to a few different stores before finding a changing room with a man inside it and no workers hovering nearby. The second issue is that most people are aware that they look creepy peeking around in a dressing room so the vast majority of my efforts were unsuccessful. To compensate, I got more daring and would completely strip naked.

I knew no one would see me but I still got a bit of a thrill at the possibility. Eventually I did have one success but it wasn't how I expected. I was changing in a department store and noticed a man's feet under the wall of the adjacent stall. I didn't know if he knew I was there though. Trying to get his attention, I put my clothes including my bra and panties on the ground near the edge of the wall where he could see them.

I then walked around completely naked inside the stall and eventually suspected that I was being watched. I looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of an eye peering at me from below the wall. I managed to act like I didn't see it though and kept going about my business. One of the workers then yelled out and asked if we needed any help. I said no. When I looked back in the mirror, the man was gone and I heard him leave his stall. I decided to put my clothes back on but was surprised to find that my panties were gone. He had stolen them. I put on everything else and then left the dressing room. Walking out, I was sure the guy was still watching me but I had no idea who he was. I was incredibly turned on though. It didn't help that I could feel the air on my pussy while walking around in just a short skirt with nothing underneath. I started masturbating as soon as I got back to my car.

My second attempt was more daring but less successful in terms of actually being seen by someone. It was at a five story parking garage. I went there just past midnight. The bottom floor was crowded but there were just a few cars scattered on the upper levels. I drove all the way up to the top and got out of my car. I then walked over to the elevator and hit the button. The doors opened and I got inside. I didn't select a floor though so the elevator doors closed but the elevator didn't move at all. Inside the elevator, I stripped off my clothes, folded them up, and placed them on the ground.

I was nearly hyperventilating already. I then worked up the courage to hit the door open button and exit the elevator. I walked out and the elevator doors closed behind me with my clothes still inside. I then walked over to the staircase and tiptoed down to the fourth floor. I didn't see anyone so I quickly went over to call the elevator. The elevator then came down one floor and the doors opened. I jumped inside and retrieved my clothes from the floor. I hit the button for the top floor and the elevator went up. Once the doors opened, I placed my clothes on the ground outside of the elevator and then got back inside. The doors closed, separating me once again from my clothes.

I remained in the elevator for a minute trying to work up more courage. I eventually hit the button for the third floor and the elevator took me down. The doors then opened and I was exposed to the third floor, though I couldn't see anyone around. The elevators doors closed with me still inside and I waited again for another minute before hitting the button to go back up to the top floor. Once I got there, I jumped out of elevator, grabbed my clothes, and ran to my car. I got dressed quickly and then drove home, exhilarated but a bit disappointed that I wasn't discovered by anyone.

My next experience wasn't planned but did end up quite successful. I was staying at a motel halfway along a driving trip. It was one of those motels where all the rooms face outside towards the parking lot. It was late at night and I had just taken a shower. I peered out of the curtains and saw a guy in a truck parked about twenty feet in front of my room.

It looked like he was watching something on his phone and hadn't noticed me yet. I had a towel wrapped around me and decided to open the curtains. I then walked back into the bathroom so I was out of view. Inside the bathroom, I took off the towel and walked back out in front of the curtains. The man was still looking down at his phone. I strolled around the room and tried to look casual.

I got my suitcase and put in up on the bed. Standing there completely naked, I rummaged through my clothes and laid them out on the bed as if I was putting together out an outfit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the guy in the truck was now watching me. I tried to look like I didn't notice. I put all my clothes back into the suitcase and then took it back off the bed.

I caught another glance of the guy in the truck and he was still sitting there watching me. I then walked back into the bathroom so I was out of view. I sat down on the toilet and started to rub my pussy. I was so horny. I then got up and walked back out again. I walked straight to the window and acted like I suddenly noticed that the curtains were open this whole time. I closed them quickly and then jumped on the bed. I rubbed my pussy and came several times while wondering if the man would get out of his truck and knock on my door.

There were other smaller experiences too. I wore more revealing clothing, sometimes without underwear. And I took every opportunity to subtly flash a passerby if I could. Most never noticed but a few did. It was around this time that I met my boyfriend Dan. I was at a bookstore reaching up for a book on the highest shelf while wearing a short skirt. He came over and helped me. He then offered to get me a coffee and we hit it off. He maintains to this day that he genuinely just wanted to help me at the bookstore and my flashing theatrics had nothing to do with it.

A few months after dating, we both confessed our fetishes to each other. Luckily for us, my exhibitionism and his cuckold fantasy coexist quite well. I haven't hooked up with another guy yet but Dan has watched as I've flashed my body discreetly to strangers. We both get a huge thrill out of it. We're planning to go to Vegas around the end of this year and plan to take the final leap during that trip.

Katie - secretflasher45@gmail.com






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