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Last night started out like every other weeknight, I come home, to see them sitting on the couch watching T.V. and I start making dinner. We chat, and my girl is being extra flirty with me, hugging me, kissing me, slapping my ass, while I make us dinner. We sit down to eat, and she keeps rubbing my crotch, squeezing my cage, but acting completely innocent about it all. Once dinner was over, and we all cleaned up, she jumps on me and kisses me hard. She says she's really excited and she wants me to follow her to the bedroom.

She grabs me by the hand, and pulls me down the hall, and as we get into our room she's all over me. Making out, hands running all over, pulling at my clothes. She pushes me onto the chair we have there, for when I'm watching, and starts to give me this sexy, slow lap dance. Grinding into my lap, flashing me her ass and tits, but never taking any clothing off. After a little bit of this, she says that we are going to have a little fun tonight, but that she wants me to behave, and tells me that I need to be tied up. I'm loving the attention, so of course I agree, and she quickly grabs the rope out of the closet, and ties my arms and legs to the chair. This is the first time I notice, that he didn't follow us into the room, and that always worries me. Last time that happened, I ended up with a cock in my ass...

She kisses me all over, and then says she will be right back, and goes over to the door, and opens it. She grabs a hand and pulls in an old colleague of hers, and goes tada, while pointing at me, naked, tied, and exposed, sitting with only my cage on. Her friend immediately grabs her mouth, and says "oh shit, you weren't kidding". My girl grabs her hand, and pulls her close, and without another word, kisses her hard on the lips. It doesn't take long for both of them to forget that I'm in the room as they kiss and explore each others bodies with their hands.

My girl spins her friend around and pushes her back onto the bed, and jumps on top of her. They make out for another 5 minutes maybe, before my girl starts pulling her friends clothes off. Before long, I'm sitting here watching two girls making out in nothing but thongs, while I'm caged, and tied to a chair. A bit more of that, and my girl calls him in to the room. I'm devastated.... here I am, about to watch a fantasy of mine, that she's known about for 8 years, and I'm not going to be able to do anything, besides watch.

They both turn to him and get off the bed, as my girl pushes her to kiss him, and as they start to make out, I watch my girl start undoing his pants, and pulling them down. She drops to her knees, and takes his rock hard cock into her mouth, as he's making out with her friend. I see my girl reach up and grab her friend's hand, and pull her down, until they are both kneeling on the floor on front of him, and my girl grabs his cock with one hand, and her head with the other and pushes them together, until his cock is inside her mouth. My girl then leans down and starts sucking his balls, and he groans and leans his head back.

After watching this for a while, he leans down and grabs her friend and lifts her up, and spins her around so her back is against him. Holding her arms, and kissing her neck, I see my girl grab her thong and pull it down and off her body. Now I'm staring at this beautifully shaved pussy, inches away from my girl's face, and I'm tied naked to a chair, and locked in a God damn chastity cage.

My girl leans in, and I see her start to kiss her friend's thighs, and belly, as she slowly gets closer to her target. Her friend spreads her legs and pushes herself towards my girl, as I watch her tongue, slide right between those lips. Her friend moans, he moans, I moan.... it is so fucking hot..... As soon as my girl gets that first lick, she goes to town, licking sucking, fingering her friend, and it doesnt take long, before her friend starts shaking, and then let's out a long low growl almost, as she cums hard.

She pushes my girls head away immediately, and just kind of holds her pussy, while leaning back against him. My girl gets up, and comes over to me, and her face is soaking wet. She grabs my head, and kisses me hard, and all I can taste and smell is her friend's pussy. And without warning, I cum hands free, painfully in my cage. She looks down in surprise, and starts to giggle, as she scoops up some cum on her finger and feeds it to me. I watch he scoop up a little more, and the bring it to her mouth and she seductively sucks her finger clean. She says she forgot how yummy I taste, the pats my head and turns back to them. Her friend is just standing there smiling, and leaning against him. My girl goes up to them and grabs her friend, and says "your turn" and she lays back on the bed and spreads her legs wide open.

I watch as her friend leans over and starts to kiss her legs, moving up towards my girls pussy, and he is just standing back, stroking himself while watching. Her friend finally gets to my girl's pussy, and gently starts licking her, and my girl grabs her head, and starts moaning out loud. He walks up behind my girl's friend and starts playing with her pussy, and she just keeps licking away. After a bit of that, he moves in closer and lines up, and pushes into her. I hear her low moan into my girl's pussy, as he begins to fuck this girl, while she eats my fiancee. I can't believe I'm seeing this, and it is driving me insane.

This goes on for about another 30 minutes, as he alternates from fucking to going down on her, and both my bull and my fiancee, use this girl for their pleasure. When my bull gets close, he pulls out of her, and cums all over her back, and my girl immediately gets up, and starts licking it up, she then grabs him by the hand, and pulls them both towards me, grabbing my head, and pulling it back, she leans in to kiss me, and my mouth is filled with his cum. We make out a little more, and then she stands up and tells me to clean him off. He moves up to me and I lean down and start sucking, and I taste her friend again, as I suck him clean. Once I'm done, he goes over to the bed and lays down on his back, and watches as both girls get dressed, and then walk out of the room.

I'm still tied, as he tells me how tight that girl was, and how good it felt to fuck someone, and how he was going to fuck my girl when she came back, because he was still horny. My girl walks in the room, and I watch as he tells her to get naked again, and to get on top of him. I don't think I've seen her move that fast, and in seconds, she's slamming herself down onto him. She rides home for a while before he flips her over and fucks her from above, as her legs are wrapped around him. 10 more minutes of this and I see him slam deep, and start to clench as he cums deep inside my girl. He gets off, comes over to me and I clean him off again, and then he unties me and tells me to clean her up, as he leaves to go get something to drink. I immediately go down on her, and 5 minutes later I am rewarded with her cumming on my tongue.

She pulls me up beside her and makes out with me, while telling me how good it felt to have a girls tongue on her, and that she only wishes she had done that sooner. She held me against her, as we cuddled, and we both ended up falling asleep for the night.

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