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When these events took place, my girlfriend Maria was 28 and I was 30. Like many others, I've always fantasized about my girlfriend being used and abused by other men but was too much of a pussy to actually tell her about it. We went out for three years before I finally decided to try to make something happen after reading a fantasy cuckold story online.

In the story, a guy put an ad online directing bulls to his girlfriend's resume and some erotic photos of her. He then asked the bulls to invite his girlfriend to an interview where they could ask her semi-serious work questions while looking at her naked pics on their computer screens. It was a hot idea and I thought this would be my easiest entry into a cuckold like experience without my girlfriend's direct knowledge. She was looking for jobs at the time so it was good timing as well.

I put up a similar ad online with a link to Maria's resume. Maria wasn't highly educated and was looking for jobs as a secretary or assistant. I explained this in my ad and said if any bull got her to come to an interview, I would send him naked pics of her. In return, I asked that he just inform me of what happened afterward and how she acted.

I got a lot of replies but there was one guy who stood out. Maria actually informed me of her interview with him before he emailed me about it. The 'job' was at a local gym. It wasn't a big chain gym. The place was actually quite small and catered to women trying to lose weight. It had lots of cardio equipment and bouncy balls but not much for weights. In his email, the owner told me that he would interview Maria for a job where she would sit at the front desk and check people in as well as work after the gym closed at night in his office filing paperwork.

Because it was a gym, he asked Maria to show up to her interview in workout clothes. This was the official attire that all his employees wore. Maria wore tight black running pants, a white sports bra, and a tight blue running shirt. I saw Maria right before she left for the interview and her tight fitting clothing was definitely a sight to see, especially her butt.

When Maria came home, she said that she said that the interview just went ok and that she didn't think she would get the job. That night, I received an email from the owner giving me the details. He told me that he had all of Maria's nude pics on his computer screen as he interviewed her and it was hard not to be distracted while conducting an otherwise formal interview. He interviewed her for approximately 30 minutes and he noted that he was touching his cock under his desk the entire time.

About a week after this first interview experience, I got an email message from another guy who I had exchanged a few emails early on after posting my ad. He stopped replying to my emails eventually so I thought he was a flake but apparently he was not. He told me about an interview he had with Maria that even Maria had never mentioned to me. His email was relatively short but the details were exhilarating He said that he interviewed Maria for a 'personal assistant' job.

I discerned that it had something to do with managing his schedule and organizing social events but not much else. Anyways, the kicker was that he said that he gave her a red folder with approximately 30 pages of random information about the job. Near the end of the folder though, he said that he slipped one of the nude pictures of her that I sent him. I was shocked and practically hyperventilation when I read this.

I frantically searched around the house and eventually found a red folder under some books on her desk. I opened the folder and found the picture of her on the second to last page. Luckily, she had never even opened the folder. I was completely floored though. I could have so easily been caught and completely screwed.

I got a huge thrill out of this and I'm looking to do something like this again, maybe kicked up a notch or two. Please let me know if you have any ideas and I'll be sure to post an updated story if anything happens. We're currently living in the SF Bay Area. I don't think an interview would work since she has gotten a job already but maybe something else. Let me know what you think.

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