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I've only been reading this blog for a little while, but based on some of the posts here I think some people may be interested in the story of how I got into cuckolding. I'm also posting this to maybe help myself understand why I like this fetish so much. It's kind of a long story but I'll try to keep it short.

A couple years ago I was in college and started dating this girl. She was cute, but was reserved in her personality. We'll call her Sally. The relationship was rough for a few unrelated reasons, but after we graduated we ended up moving in together in another city. When Sally and I moved in together, we also joined one of my good female friends in an apartment, and one other random person.

A little about my good friend/new roommate: She's tall, Chinese, and works out a lot. She has a gorgeous figure/eyes and is really outgoing and friendly. We'll call her Christine. She's also a little bit of a slut - she's been with a bunch of guys. I know this because when my girlfriend would go to bed, me and Christine would stay up at our kitchen table talking, since we both had extra work from our respective jobs that we needed to work on. We would start working, but always ended up talking instead. And Christine would invariably steer the conversation towards boys, specifically guys she's been with. She told me about her college boyfriend, her college hookup, her one-nightstands, the guy she hooked up with when she studied abroad, the guys that were into her that she didn't like that much... essentially, she told me her whole dating history. Never anything too sexual, but I knew the faces of all the guys she had been with.

Another thing about Christine is that she loved to tease me. I'm "her type," and I'm pretty sure she her teasing me was in some way to act our her attraction to me. She would shower at night and come into the kitchen on the way back to her room wearing just a tiny little towel, pulled up just to the bottom of her ass. She'd spend time talking to me, just wearing a towel and dripping from the shower. Sometimes she would change and come out into the kitchen wearing just a t-shirt through which I could see her nipples, and panties. She loved wearing just panties around me, and did a great job of making it seem like she didn't care, but I'm pretty sure she knew that I liked checking her out. Christine would reach up for something in our kitchen waaay up high right in front of me, pulling up her t-shirt so I had a great view of her ass in panties.

I remember this one time, she called me to her room. Just as I got there, she dropped whatever she was holding and bent over to pick it up. The thing is, she turned all the way around before she bent over, so I could see her pussy framed by her panties. She would just continue the conversation from there.

Another thing Christine loved to do with me is play dress-up. When I got home from work before my girlfriend, Christine would tell me about some guy she had a date with either that night or that weekend, and ask for my input into what her outfit should be. We'd look through her wardrobe together and I'd tell her what to put on. She'd put it on just as I asked and show me, and I'd suggest another outfit. But she would never let me see her change clothes. One time I suggested she wear a see-through lingerie bra, and she put on for me, and I could see her tits right through it. We'd do this on a regular basis until my girlfriend got home from work. Then we'd stop immediately - it felt like it was our secret.

This whole time, my girlfriend was becoming distant. Sally and I hardly had sex anymore. Sex, if we did have it, would be like this: she would ask me to go down on her and make her cum. Only if I made her cum could I fuck her, and only missionary. I'd cum inside her and she would immediately get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. This would happen at most, once every couple weeks. Also, she would never ever go down on me. Said she hated cum! Little did I know, when she eventually ended up cheating on me a few months later, she told her friends how much she loved sucking his dick.

My girlfriend, Sally, told me one day that she fantasized about being with other guys. I didn't know what to say, but she kind of bullied me into letting her see other guys. She said just kissing, she won't do anything else. I was really confused at first and didn't like the idea, but I let her anyway, for her sake. For a few weeks, she would come home from work and tell me about guys she was into and guys she was flirting with. It made me a little uncomfortable but I didn't do anything about it.

Eventually, on a work retreat, she slept with a coworker. I found this out by reading her texts to her friends. She said the sex was amazing and she came three times. She also said she blew her coworker. I know she let him do more than missionary, too, something she only let me do in the very beginning of the relationship. I saved all these texts and still look at them sometimes. I was mad when I read this, and eventually broke up with her and moved out of this apartment.

I've moved on from that relationship with Sally, but I still keep up with Christine. We've never acknowledged what went on in that apartment. Since then I've developed a huge fetish for cuckolding - I think it's a little bit of a coping mechanism to deal with the pain/embarrassment I felt when Sally cheated on me, but Christine's teasing just makes it worse/hotter for me.

Anyway, here are some pics I still have of Sally.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.




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