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Hi everyone. Looong time lurker here at the blog but finally have something to post. This is about my girlfriend's past. Specifically about one of her ex's who was trying to contact her again and get in her pants. I am normally jealous and a bit possessive but for some reason when she told me some intimate details about her ex during one of our drunken sex nights, I've been having those mixed feelings of jealousy, anger, but got extremely horny too, so much that I started to secretly masturbate to the thought of him fucking her again.

Anyways, thanks to really good advice from stories posted here, I've learned and managed to keep my feelings in check and not do anything stupid that would ruin otherwise a perfect relationship I have with her.

However, I also met a couple of people online who were very turned on by my girlfriend, and they managed to turn me on so bad and convince me to post some pictures of her, normal pictures, nothing nude, but my she is hot even fully covered, we ended up masturbating to her together and doing other crazy things like telling me when and how to fuck her, what underwear I should get her, what outfit I pick for her when we go out and so on.

Although that was crazy and I have no clue how I was talked into doing it, it spiced up our sex life pretty good after I was having erection issues since I started having those cuckold thoughts.

So we kept doing that without her knowing :/ until a very unfortunate day when a friend of hers saw her picture and found out all about my fantasies :(

When she found out she was so mad like I haven't seen before, she was hurt and angry and shocked! She asked for an explanation and I couldn't speak! I just froze wishing I'd die better than being so embarrassed.

Anyways it ended up being a horrible night, she wanted to hurt me so bad that she told me, "So you wanna see him fucking me? You wanna know how that was like and how he treated me like a slut and never respected me?! I will show you!!!" And before I managed to say anything she called him, I just froze there, my heart was beating fast and I couldn't breath. I thought she'd tell him to meet her to fuck, I didn't know what to expect but I felt I was losing her that I almost cried. She stared at me to shut me up and told him that she has a boyfriend now and she's committed to me and that he shouldn't be contacting her that often again.

She said so but in a very sexy voice that I knew she was turning him on! She then put him on speaker and he was saying that he's sorry but he missed her sexy voice, she gave him this slutty laugh and said he has to deal with it, she told him all he has now are memories of her that will never repeat again...I could hear him breathing fast and I knew he was jerking off to her, and she did ask him what are you doing, he said I am sorry but those memories never left my mind, did you forget?

At this point I could see her opening her legs, her fingers running op her thighs, looking at me and the bulge in my shorts, she bit her lips as her finger ran op to her panties. I tried to stop her but she kicked me off the bed, and pointed to me not to touch myself and then she started masturbating as he talked to her. He started talking to her more boldly calling her things I never dreamed of! She then pushed me out of the room. Anyways you can guess the rest.

She blocked him afterwards and never spoke to him since then. But I guess she wanted me to get a taste of what I wished for! We didn't have sex for a couple of weeks after that day, she made me sleep on the couch, and teased the shit out of me by dressing up everyday to work. All this time I was only miserably jerking off in her dirty underwear :/

Why I write this then! Because today we were at the park, enjoying some warm weather and she wore a freaking hot red tank top and jeans shorts that I could see had everyone checking her out. Both guys and girls. I was annoyed and hard when an annoying guy came to us pretending to ask for directions. His eyes totally undressing her in front of me, then picked up silly small talk with her, a few stupid laughs and what not.

Normally she'd politely excuse herself and leave but she didn't, she looked at me as if waiting for me to say something, when I froze, she pretended to drop her phone and as he rushed to catch it he got a good grasp of her thigh. At this point she moved back, although a bit too late. Anyways he ended up giving us (her) his card and walked away after giving me such a look acknowledging that I'd let him fuck her in a heart beat :(

She glanced at my hard cock in my shorts, and took me behind a tree and kissed me, then asked, now that you've seen that, is this what you really want? and didn't wait for my answer, her hands were rubbing my cock through the shorts, rough and fast while her eyes staring at me in part curiosity, part hoping I say yes, instead I moaned hard in a minutes or two as I came in my shorts as she continued jerking me off until I held her hand and begged her to stop.

We ended up both agreeing to just keep it as a fantasy in bed. We rushed home and fucked like there was no tomorrow after all this time apart!

She's asleep now but thought of sharing this, in case someone else goes through this, I'd advise against hiding things from your partner! I learned the hard way that communication is the best way! Thing is though, she still dresses slutty when we go out and is getting used to the attention, even though she tells me she's dressing up for me. I know that's a lie but will let her lead.


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