My Wife Wants to Be Cuckolded Roughly


Men Fucking My Wife - I absolutely love the idea of letting other men fuck my wife. I love it when she initiates it, and also when she is seduced into it. I think I enjoy the seduction scenes more because I get to see my lovely wife give in to another guy and spread her legs for him. As we have progressed since starting this, she has gotten bolder and wilder - she has gone from embarrassed making out with other guys while drunk to going out with a guy and his friends (our friends) and spending the night in his room fucking while his roommates smoke pot and party, then coming home the next day with a sore pussy she canít keep my mouth off of. Last night she sucked off a friend of ours while his wife and I slept - I saw it coming, saw him making his moves and her not refusing, and went on to bed. The two of them went out to the bar again and came back about three, where she spent the couple of hours just before daylight being convinced to suck him off on our couch. ďHe made me do it,Ē she said, always talking about how she likes to be made to do things, to be dirty. Weíve tried to find guys that would dominate her in the bedroom, but nobody really just takes charge of her - she asks men to spank her, she has the most perfect ass waiting to be reddened by a firm hand. My sexual horoscope for pisces man Capricorn woman says ďpisces sometimes canít give his Capricorn mate the rough fucking she needs, but he is content to sit back and let others fill this need.

What I'd like is to have my wife make me wait until heís done fucking her to satisfy myself. I want to sit in a corner and watch as she spreads her legs and gets fucked into submission, a hard dirty fuck, with her head down and her ass up, his fingers in her pussy causing moans Iíd never heard her make, begging for another spanking, him riding her ass with his cock up in her, pulling back her long hair like reigns, slapping her and putting his large hand around her throat and squeezing, pulling her head back. She moans like an animal, a low growl, and thrusts her hips back to meet his. I want to watch her be taken, controlled sexually, by another man, made to act out his fantasies as she gets off on being dominated. She likes to be made to be dirty, likes to put up a struggle with guys who donít take no for an answer. Thatís the cuckold fantasy, to have your wife taken by another stronger man. My wife likes to be dominated, but hasnít found a guy who can really do it for her. No leather outfits, just confidence and horniness, and the sand to take charge of a sexy 33 year old hotwife who gets off on being roughly taken. whatever the guy wants, that's what she wants to do. she likes to flirt and play hard to get with a guy until he just takes her, spanking her ass for teasing and fucking her dirty for being such a married slut.

Itís always turned me on if she denies me her pussy so she can stay tight for another guy, usually some lover that sheís been text messaging or talking to on the phone all night, only to come to bed drunk off wine and horny, telling me all the dirty things this guy wants to do to her, rubbing my cock and telling me how horny she is and that heís coming over in the afternoon to make her be dirty and I canít fuck her or stretch out her pussy because she wants to be tight for him. She woke me up to rub my dick and tell me this, that I canít fuck her because sheís saving herself for some dirty guyís cock, some guy who gets off on fucking married pussy and offered to let me hide in the closet and watch. She said he wanted to train her super tight asshole to take his cock, making her wear increasing size butt plugs until her tiny hole was accustomed to holding a cock inside. I lapped at her cunt voraciously as she told me how the man on the phone wanted to stretch and train her butthole for his pleasure. I savored the taste of her sopping cunt, giving her a long slow tongue fuck, her pushing my fingers away as I try to enter her, telling me no, and asking what sort of sexy outfit she should wear for her lover tomorrow.

Just a couple of days ago, a lot of it happened - i'd yet to see her really dominated by another guy though. The only people we fool around with are friends and apprehensive about overstepping our boundaries by slapping around my wife and making her his slut in front of me. This past weekend we were out of town with an old friend who has a reputation for being a down and dirty womanizer, and we all stayed up late drinking until I went to bed at about six in the morning, leaving them up together. Once before I awoke in the wee hours at a party to find my wife and this guy drinking and talking in the kitchen after everyone else was long asleep, him showing her naked pictures that women had sent him and her with her hand on his cock through his robe. They straightened up as I walked in, and I made her go back to bed with me, after much protest, where I fucked her soundly and roughly as she told me that I had ruined it for her and that she had placed his fingers in her cunt just before I walked in and interrupted them. Given this history, I wasn't suprised to get back up this weekend and see them cuddling on the couch together, but I made her come to bed with me because I was incredibly horny. She told me again this time how she was just making her move on him when I interrupted, and kept pushing my hands away as I groped and fondled her cunt and ass. It made me even more aroused that she wasn't up for fucking me but was wet and horny for another guy just outside, so I suggested that maybe he and I should trade places. He ended up coming in and we both had our way with her, beginning with spanking her beautiful ass, and ending with me leaving an hour and a half later to go buy condoms so he could fuck my wife after lots of licking and sucking, her prodding him to be rougher, to use her like one of the girls in his dirty stories, and after he realized that it was okay to do it, he made her moan and growl and whimper like Iíve never seen, pulling her hair and holding her down as she gagged on his cock, fucking her face roughly, in front of her husband. She struggled and begged him to stop, only to grab his hand and put it on her neck again, asking for more. At one point, as I worked four fingers into her sopping pussy I looked up to see him holding her up by her hair, her tongue lapping at his cock as he looked into her eyes and slapped her face slowly and repeatedly as she grinded her cunt back onto my fingers. What a day!

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