My Girlfriend was Fucked by My Roomate


Pretending to be Asleep - My girlfriend and I just entered the cuckold world and it is with my roomate that it happened. He has fucked her 4 times now and once was during a long weekend at a hotel my girlfriend and I rented and I got to take some pictures which I will attach to this email.

That was fun but the most intense experience was the first which I imagine is true for many cuckolds. It happened while partying with a group of friends and my girlfriend and I were passed out in the guest room and awoke to my roomate getting in bed with us. Neither of us minded, even though nothing had ever happened with us we talked openly about sex and our experiences and what turned us both on.

Early that next morning I was half asleep when my GF woke me up and said that Matt (my Roomie) was grabbing her ass. I asked her where he was and she told me he was in the bathroom. She whispered she was horny and that maybe we could try what we had talked about so many times in bed. I told her to do what she wanted since we had already spoken about the possibility of a 3some.

We heard him come back in the room and I kept laying on my side facing away from them pretending to be asleep. I laid there for about 20 mins and began to think that nothing was going to happen. Then I could feel some shifting and then my GF's breathing got deeper and louder. I could feel her body begin moving back and forth. My cock instantly got hard and it was driving me crazy not being able to see what was happening. I felt her still on her side facing me, when her knees pushed up in my back. I heard Matt whisper something to her, then I heard her say yes. Just hearing your girl say 'yes' to another male has got to be one of the most intense feelings a man could ever have.

Right then I was nervous to look over because I thought it might cause them to stop. After a few more minutes; during which I found out later he was fingering her, I still didn't look. Finally I heard her really start to moan and felt the bed start to move with a rhythm. I finally figured that it was ok to slowly roll over. I turned over and saw my gf still on her side with her left breast in Matt's grip and her knees still pressed forward towards me. I could see Matt thrusting strong and knew his dick was in her from behind.

After just a few minutes they started thrusting in each other very hard and both their moaning got louder and louder. I rolled over and pulled my cock out and started stroking, I knew my GF loved hearing dirty talk so I started whispering to her how fucking naughty she was getting fucked right in front of me. I asked her how his cock felt and she whimpered that it was great. I told her how I was going to fuck her right away when he was done.

Matt kept banging her harder from behind until I heard him thrust and moan and knew he was shooting his load in her. I laid there watching as they both slowed down. Matt got up all embarrased looking with his cock out and condom still shiny from her juices. I watched him get up and go in the bathroom. I told my GF to get on her back and open her legs. Her pussy was drenched and her pussy lips and clit were as swollen as I had ever seen them. I plunged my cock which by this time was so thick and swollen into her and felt how hot she was. I pumped her for maybe 2 minutes and pulled out and came all over her sweet pussy. She just laid there exhausted for a couple of minutes. He came out of the bathroom and got dressed, smiled weakly and went home and I had just become a cuck.

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