How did we get Here?

Rock Solid


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To provide a little background, my GF and I decided to try a threesome a while back. I wanted to add another girl, she wanted to add another guy. Ultimately we decided if she got her threesome I would get mine after.

During the process of picking a guy she suggested that she hooked up with the guy alone first and work up to the idea of bringing up the whole threesome thing, and she asked my permission. It was at this moment when I realized how hot that would be and instantly said yes.

After picking out a guy, they went out drinking and spent the night together. However, the next morning she felt gross and told me she didn't want to pursue a threesome anymore. A few months later though, she met a new guy at work and wanted to try again. This time she absolutely loved the experience, and started to hook up with him a couple nights a week.

In preparing for my upcoming threesome I brought up the idea of double penetration to her, and despite never trying anal, she was extremely turned on by the idea of DP, so we decided to work up to trying anal together.

Right around the same time she started talk about one of her "hook up buddies" friends, and how cute she thought he was, and one night while fooling around she asked if her first threesome could be with her hook up buddy and his friend, instead of me. Extremely aroused in the moment I agreed. A few nights later she also said she wanted her new hook up buddy to teach her butt stuff since, "he knew what he was doing" and despite the voices in my head telling me not to, I let it happen.

She started sleeping over at his house much more often, but other than that our relationship has still been rock solid. She had her first threesome last weekend, and has talked about doing it again with them this weekend too. I get really turned on when it happens, and also when she comes home to tell me about it. She normally comes home with cum in her panties or crusted on her stomach which is fun and all, but I really wanted to be there while it happens.

She said she would try and tape it, but the guys aren't down. Another problem is they don't know that I know about all this, they just think she's cheating, so physically watching isn't an option either. I've recommended that she find a new guy, but she really likes this guy apparently.

I feel like a rock solid cuckold now. We went from agreeing to one threesome each, to her sleeping alone with a guy first, then regularly, then with his friend, and now I am barely in the picture anymore in terms of my threesome with a girl or me even watching. How did this happen? It's like I was taken by a slick, snake-oil salesman. But I love it!

I'm having a lot of fun with this, but I really wish I could play a role in the fun.

Rock Solid




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