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My wife is in Texas for business for a year, and I am on the east coast. For a while my wife has been trying to get me to fuck another woman to relieve some of the tension from her not being here. I told her that I would only do so if she would fuck someone for me. She's hooked up with a guy before, but only ended up sucking him off. That kept me sated for awhile, but eventually I wanted more.

So she put herself back out there, and found a guy to fuck from a dating site. She fucked him once before, and told me all about it. It was incredibly hot. But this is on a whole other level. She is with the man at this moment. She called me, put her phone on speaker, and left it in her purse. I muted my phone, so they couldn't hear me, because they guy doesn't know I'm listening, let alone that my wife is married. Right now I'm listening to them fuck, and the man doesn't even know it.

It's so hot, that I became inspired to write this in at this moment. Right this second I can tell my wife is riding his hard dick while he plays with her clit. They started fucking with her wearing a butt plug, but I can't tell if they've kept it in or not. My slutty wife is moaning so loudly, I wonder if the other hotel guests are going to complain. She's telling him she's about to cum, and he's telling her "cum for me, slut." On second thought, I think she was talking to me. I am in complete agreement with his sentiment, however.

So, like I said, the guy thought it was just a random hookup, he had no idea that she is married. They fucked once before, but my wife was nervous and didn't really do what she needed to do to get off. She's a huge slut, though, and the thought of him basically just using her and casting her aside really turned her on. The same goes for me, I'm not in this because I like being humiliated or anything like that, I just love the fact that my wife is such a dirty whore.

This time around, though, she was determined to get hers, and so she did. Afterwards, she told me what happened. After he picked her up and took her back to her hotel, they only spoke until they got into his room. At that point my wife tore off his shirt and pants and start sucking his dick. Last time they hooked up my wife told him she prefers to be force fed dick, so he did not need any encouragement this time to ram his cock into her throat.

She told me that she wasn't sucking his dick so much as fucking it with her mouth. My wife was taking off her clothes while getting fucked in the mouth (she's just that good), and when she was naked she proceeded to climb on top of him, while still taking his dick in her mouth. He started licking her pussy while fucking her mouth. Eventually, my wife handed him the butt plug she had brought with her, and told him to stick it in her ass.

So, while he continued to lick her pussy, he lubed up the butt plug and filled her ass with it. Once it was in, she proceeded to turn around and hop on that dick. She was riding him good, I even heard him say through the phone "damn girl, you really know how to take a dick!" She was grinding into him as deeply as she could, but she just couldn't cum. So, she pulled out the butt plug, cleaned it with her mouth, and proceeded to take his dick out of her pussy, and put it into her ass.

She then played with her clit while riding his dick with her ass. I could clearly hear her moans get louder, and when she told him she was about to cum, he said, "cum for me, slut!" Which, of course, she did, with his dick deep inside her ass, and her fingers plugging away at her slutty pussy. She kept riding that dick until he was about to cum at which point she got off his cock and shoved it deep down her throat.

She told me that he basically came straight into her stomach, that's how far down her throat his dick was. She said she'd rather have the cum inside of her than on her because when she talks to me about it later, she wanted his cum to still be inside of her.




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