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I have heard the expression "you don't bring sand to the beach"; however I think the original idea was don't bring a girl because you can get another girl while at the beach. Well that is not the only reason.

My girlfriend and I are both seniors in college. My name is Rick, I am 5 11", 175, reasonably good looking. My girlfriend Amy is very cute, the girl next door. You can see her pictures to get an idea of what she looks like. She is really pretty, and unfortunately approachable. We have been dating for a few years, and I knew she was the one after our first date. I haven't popped the question though, I figured I would wait until after we graduated.

We decided to make plans with some friends from school to go to deep south Texas for spring break. Now Amy is more outgoing than I am so she has way more friends than I do. I don't even really have a "best friend". There were only two other guys I knew that wanted to go with us. Amy had six other girlfriends that wanted to go. So that was our group. We were very exited and all pitched in and got three hotel rooms. We got out of school and packed and drove down to South Padre Island. If you have never been there, it is great. Great beach parties, great clubs.

Well when we got there we unpacked and decided to go to the clubs, it was already kind of late so we figured the clubs would be more fun. The clubs were packed and most of the people there had been drinking all day at the beach so they were really drunk. We were all drinking and having a great time, Amy was having a really good time. Guys were buying Amy and her friends more drinks than they could keep up with.

My "friends" Mike and Tom were getting wasted on their own dime, but that didn't slow them down a bit. After about an hour, we lost them completely so it was just me and the girls, and a million other guys that I didn't know. Well as it got later, Amy and her girls were getting tipsy and flirting more with the other guys. At one point Amy said "why don't you try to find Mike and Tom, I'll be fine. I'm with my friends." I said "yea, I bet you would be fine" and laughed it off, but Amy just sort of shrugged and said "whatever".

Well the girls wanted to go to another nearby club so we all jumped into a large van cab and left. I was happy to leave because some of the guys at the club were getting really close to Amy and her friends. Unfortunately things did not improve at the next club. Guys immediately saw Amy and all her friends and only one guy and they were all over us. I figured I might as well get drunk and try to have fun.

So I started dancing with Amy and her friends. Amy was dancing with me and other guys, I figured, o well, it's spring break no big deal; and I was getting pretty drunk by that time.

Then IT happened. Amy took me by the arm into a corner and looked me right in the eye's very seriously and said "Rick, you have been trying to talk me into having a three way with you for a long time". At that I smiled, I thought great, this was a great idea after all. Then Amy said "well I have been talking to a guy here named Nick, and he is really nice." I was shocked, and drunk, and didn't know what to say or think. Amy must have seen the look on my face because Amy then grabbed me around the waist and looked deep into my eye's again and said "come on Rick, we're on spring break. We can leave now and I won't tell my friends and your friends are gone; they won't know either. PLEASE!"

Well I don't know how I had the courage to say it, but I said "alright, I guess so". Amy smiled a sly sexy little smile and said "good" and kissed me on the cheek. Amy then grabbed me by the arm and led me to Nick. Nick was a good sized guy, 6 foot, 200 lbs., athletic, black hair, brown eyes, in shape. Amy introduced us then led both of us outside.

We flagged down a cab and headed back to our hotel. Amy was making small talk with Nick, asking him were he went to school, what he was studying, etc. I could hardly breath let alone talk. When we got back to our hotel we went inside and Amy grabbed us both some beer out of the fridge that we had brought with us. Then Nick and I started talking a little bit, he was actually easy to talk to, nice even. He asked me what I was studying, what I liked doing, he made me feel at ease.

After about ten minutes though Amy got "that" look in her eyes and went over to Nick and began kissing him. Amy then said "now let me see if your dick is as impressive as the rest of you". I went and turned off the lights and Nick started to strip. Nick's cock was at least 8 inches long and thick, it was huge. Amy then got down on her knees and began sucking Nick's dick, moaning while she was sucking on it. I had never been in a situation like that so I wasn't sure what to do so I just stood there watching her.

Nick then guided her up off her knee's and helped her get undressed, it was like I wasn't even there. When Amy's clothes were off Nick bent her over the bed and was fucking her. At that point I began taking my clothes off. I then went around to the front of the bed so that Amy could suck my dick while Nick was fucking her. I got on the bed and just kind of put my dick in Amy's mouth, I was surprised at how quick she started sucking my dick. I was a little angry at how much Amy was liking this but I was also very turned on, way more that I thought I would be.

Then Nick started talking to Amy saying "that's it baby, suck that cock". Hearing Nick made me even harder and I almost came right then. Then Nick looked at me and said "lets put her on her back" so we stopped and Amy laid back down on her back and Nick just started fucking her hard, really hard. He was fucking her so hard that she couldn't suck my dick because she was moving so much from being fucked.

I had never seen Amy that wet, then again I had never fucked Amy that way before. Amy was shaking and looked up at Nick and said "don't stop, fuck me Nick, just like that". Nick was fucking her so well that I ended up just laying there next to them while Nick was fucking her. Right before Nick came, he pulled out of Amy and he said "alright, get over here" very manly, forcefully. Amy slid right around to him with her mouth open for Nick to cum. Nick grabbed her head hard and unloaded his cock in her mouth and on her face. I almost wouldn't have believed there would be that much cum but his dick was really big so it kind of made sense.

After Nick came on Amy, she turned to me naked, with cum still on her face and in her mouth and said "thank you baby" and then leaned over to me and kissed me with his cum still all over her. Amy kissed me long and hard and I could taste his cum in her mouth and feel it getting on my face. Amy then just laid back on the bed totally spent. Nick then collapsed on the bed next to Amy. Then Amy turned to Nick and gave him a very passionate kiss and said "thank you". Nick kind of laughed under his breath and said "my pleasure".

After that Nick got dressed and left, Amy and I just laid there on the bed together. We fell asleep and I slept really well.

The next morning when we woke up Amy's friends were in the room and we met up with everyone else, Mike and Tom included. We all had a quick breakfast and then went to the beach. We were all drinking and having a good time, I think at the time I was still in a bit of shock over what had happened and was having thoughts of Nick fucking Amy that I couldn't get out of my head. The thing was it really turned me on seeing him fuck her like that, and I was having "other" thoughts too.

At about one o'clock Amy's cell phone rang and she kind of walked away from the group. When Amy came back she said "Nick called, he wants to see me. Do you mind?" I asked her "he wants to see you alone?" Amy smiled and nodded yes. Amy then said "I won't be long, hang out here with Mike and Tom, I will be right back". I kind of shook my head no and said "it's not even safe for you to walk out of here alone". Amy then said "Listen, I'll be fine. I won't be gone long". Then Amy walked toward the parking lot.

Amy's friends and mine both asked where Amy was going and I said "she forgot something back at the hotel so she is just running back to get it." A couple of her friends half jokingly said "your letting her go alone" and gave me a questioning look. I really didn't know what to say because I knew they were right, it didn't make any sense. I just shrugged and said "she will be fine".

Well when Amy was gone for an hour I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to call her. When Amy didn't answer I decided to leave everyone else and actually go back to our hotel room to look for her. All our other "friends" didn't seem concerned so they stayed on the beach.

When I got back to our hotel room and went inside I saw Nick and another naked guy with their backs to me and Amy kneeling in between both of them sucking the other guys dick. They both looked back at me and Nick told his friend "don't worry about it, it's cool. He doesn't mind."

All three of them were naked and Amy was moaning like she was already cumming just sucking their dicks.

When Amy heard Nick talking she stopped and looked over at me. Amy actually looked a little guilty then she started sucking Nick's cock. Nick's friend then looked over at me and said "so, can this little slut take three cocks?" I was mad but also a little nervous. I didn't know how to handle the situation.

At that point Nick stopped Amy and again leaned her over the bed. Then Nick said "I want you to spread your pussy wide for me." Amy looked back and arched her ass in the air,then spread her lips for Nick. Nick slowly slid his cock into her and began fucking Amy. Nicks friend began stroking his dick watching Amy get fucked. Nick then pulled out and said "your turn Brad". The other guy, Brad, then got behind Amy and began fucking Amy. Nick then went to the bed and positioned himself where Amy could suck his cock. Amy grabbed it right away and began sucking Nicks dick while she was getting fucked. The whole thing was surreal.

Nick started saying "your doing good baby, don't stop". At that Amy started sucking with more enthusiasm and Brad started fucking her even harder. Finally Brad pulled out and came on her ass. I felt humiliated, I felt humiliated for her too. They were using her, just fucking her like a toy. Then Nick grabbed her firmly from behind and said "just stay still, this won't hurt". I then saw him rub his dick in Brad's cum and then slide his cock into Amy's ass. Amy grunted as he started slowly pushing his cock into her.

Nick softly, yet forcefully said "just like that baby, you can take it". After about five minutes Nick tensed up and held Amy down on the bed and I saw him shaking, he was cumming in her ass. Amy just moaned while Nick held her there. When Nick came Brad had already dressed and Nick got dressed after cumming. Amy just lay there on the bed naked, cum still dripping out of her.

As Nick and Brad walked out, Nick looked back and nodded to me and said "thanks". I then went over to the bed and Amy looked up and smiled at me and said "I'm sorry baby. It's just that Nick started touching me and then both of them were just taking off their clothes. Are you mad at me?" I was mad but I also had the hardest cock I had ever had. I felt betrayed but like I said; I was more turned on than I had ever been.

I took my clothes off and then I started licking Amy's nipples. Then I started making my way down to her pussy, slowly kissing and licking my way down. When I got down to her pussy, Brad and Nicks cum was still cumming out of her. I started to lick the cum as it came out of Amy's pussy. Amy whispered down to me "what are you doing?" I just ignored her and kept on licking up the cum. Then Amy whispered "do you like that? Do you like their cum?" I could hear that Amy was a little confused, but I was too embararresed to answer her so I just continued licking her clean.

Amy then started to moan a little and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I came when she was clean.

The next morning Amy and I had breakfast with her best friend Tonya, Mike, Tom and the rest of the girls were still sleeping of the previous night. Over breakfast Tonya asked "So what happened to you two yesterday. You two just left us?" Amy grinned and said "well, I met a couple hot guys on the beach yesterday and we went back to our room and fucked all night." Tonya laughed so hard she actually spit out her orange juice, but when she saw the look in Amy's eyes she stopped and got a look on her face that asked; are you serious.

My heart just sank, I couldn't believe Amy was telling Tonya this. I wanted to just get up and run. Amy must have seen the look on my face because she said "what? Rick you know I tell Tonya everything." Tonya still looked in shock and finally said "Are you serious? What happened?" Amy went on to tell Tonya all about Nick and Brad fucking her to orgasm, lucky for me she left out the part where I licked their cum from her pussy. Again, I was humiliated, but somehow turned on. I had a huge hard on in my pants. I swear my world was upside down, nothing made sense anymore. Why would it turn me on for my girlfriend to tell her friend about how she was cheating on me?

When the story was over Tonya looked at me with a mix of disgust and humor and said "I need to find a boyfriend like yours." Now Tonya is hot, not girl next door hot; she is really hot. Tonya is 5-2", 115 lbs, long blond hair, blue eyes, perfect. When Tonya gave me that look I thought I was going to cum in my pants. We finished breakfast and went back to our rooms to get ready for the day. When Amy and I got back to our room I said "why did you tell her what we were doing?" Amy just smirked and said "quite crying like a little baby." Well there it was, she was in control and I could do nothing about it.

We went to the hotel pool around lunch and just relaxed a little during the day and talked about what we were going to do that night. Everyone agreed that we should go to a club because we were all getting a little sick of all the sand on the beach. Back in our room getting ready I watched as Amy got dressed. Amy put on a tight top, no bra; tight jeans, no panties. I looked at Amy and said "come on Amy". Amy looked back at me and said "I don't dress you Rick, although I should". Again, I was no longer in control, she was.

Once at the club the girls were getting smashed. Mike and Tom were getting hammered and as usual wondered off not to be seen again for the rest of the night. I watched as Amy danced with other guys, grinding with them knowing that she wasn't wearing any panties and that the friction alone must be making her cum already. Tonya sat next to me while Amy was dancing and said "Are you getting hard watching her ricky?" I kind of shrugged not answering. Tonya was having fun with this, whatever this was. After about an hour Amy came back to our table with another guy and said "Tonya, I'm going to make sure Mike gets home alright, can you watch Rick for me." Tonya smiled and said "of course, you can count on me." At that point it was only me and Tonya left at "our" table. The other girls were out dancing with other guys and were so drunk they had no idea what Amy was up to.

Tonya then said "you know, I've known Amy since we were in high school. I could tell you things about her you never knew." I was startled by what Tonya said, I knew they had been friends forever too, so she was telling me the truth. My mind started wondering for a minute, then I said "well what do you want from me?' Tonya smiled and said, "I'll tell you later, lets go outside.

We went out to the parking lot and got into our rental car, Tonya in the drivers seat, me in the passenger seat. Tonya then said "I'll tell you about Amy if you promise to do what I tell you." I knew she wasn't going to tell me what she wanted but at that point I didn't care, I agreed. Tonya nodded and smiled. Tonya said "alright, Amy may look like the innocent girl next door, but she is a little slut. When we were in high school we use to ride the school bus together; Amy and I sat in the back. Well Amy had a crush on a junior named Steve who also rode our bus to school, one day she and Steve were in the back of the bus and I was sitting in the seat in front of them "looking out".

Well I heard Steve un zip his pants and tell Amy "I want you to suck it". I then heard Amy licking Steve and Steve moaning. That little slut sucked Steve's cock right on the school bus. Amy told Steve "please don't cum in my mouth, let me know before you do" and Steve said "then where am I going to cum" Amy said "you can cum in my hand", Steve sounded disapointed but said "alright". Right before Steve came he said "alright, I'm going to cum" and Amy said "ok, I'll get it" I heard Steve moaning as he came and Amy saying "o my gosh, that's alot."

Then Steve said "what are you going to do with it?" and Amy asked me if I had anything. I had my gym bag with me with an a towel in it so I gave it to her; when I gave it to her I saw all the cum all over her hands. It made me wet just seeing the cum, I had never made a boy cum before and I have to admit it was hot seeing the cum on Amy's hands like that, and Steve's dick was still out and I saw it too. After that Steve made Amy suck his dick almost every day on the way to school." I use to get wet hearing Amy jerk off and suck off Steve on the bus." The thought of young Amy being such a little slut made me so hard.

Tonya then said "now you have to do something for me........"

Tonya smiled and said, "well, I have always fantasized about having sex with two guys but have never had the nerve to do it. I don't even know how to get two guys to agree to have sex with me at the same time but; I have a friend that said if you really want to fuck two guys to go to a gay club and you can pull two bi-guys out to fuck you."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this was all so much for such a short amount of time. Tonya then said "I want you to go with me to a gay club and help me find another guy that WE can have sex with." At first I didn't know what to say but again, I started thinking with my dick. I was turned on by the idea, Tonya is hot and I hate to admit it but I really wanted to touch Nick's cock when he was fucking Amy. Maybe this would work out perfect. I said "alright, as long as you don't tell Amy." Tonya laughed and said "of course not, we have been friends forever. You better not tell her!" I nodded my head and said "alright."

I guess Tonya had been thinking about going to a gay club to find two guys already because she knew right where to go. When we got to the club and walked in my legs felt weak, I was really nervous. I guess I kind of understood why even though women can pretty much go out and get laid every day if they wanted to, that it's still kind of nerve racking, and not that easy.

Once inside the club Tonya ordered us some shots and we started drinking just watching people. Tonya was looking around the club for men and I was just trying to stay calm. Finally a guy actually came up to me, I guess it shouldn't have been to surprising because it was a gay club. He introduced himself as Adam, he was 6 foot, about 200 lbs, in good shape, black hair, brown eyes, I felt flattered because he was a good looking guy. As soon as Adam introduced himself to me Tonya introduced herself to him. Tonya told him that we were here for spring break together and looking for fun.

Adam smiled a confident grin and said "sounds good, do you two want to go back to my place, I have a condo out by the water." Tonya answered for both of us and said "yes, lets go." Tonya grabbed me by the hand and led me out of the club following Adam. Tonya told Adam we would follow him in our car to his place and Adam said alright.

When we back in our car Tonya said "good job Ricky, Adam's hot. I think he wants to fuck you more than me." The scary thing was I thought she was right. Then Tonya looked at me very serious and said "when we get there, you do whatever Adam say's. We are doing this tonight." I said "sure, no problem." But I was thinking, I don't know if I can really do this.

When we got to Adam's condo I was impressed. The condo was right on the water and it was near the top floor, very nice view. Adam immediately brought us some drinks and began the small talk, where are you from, what do you study, etc. Pretty soon Tonya said "so Adam, can we see your bedroom?" Adam grinned and said "sure, follow me." Once inside the room Adam grabbed Tonya and began kissing her. Adam then told her to take her clothes off. Tonya looked like she had been hypnotized, and just started undressing. Then Adam came over to me and unzipped my jeans and said "you too."

I started taking my clothes off and watched as Adam began undressing too. Adam was huge, at least 10 inches long and thick. I started to get really nervous. When Adam was undressed he motioned me over to him. Adam then "guided" me down to my knees and to his cock. Before I even realized what was happening I had his dick in my mouth and was sucking it. Adam was so strong and in charge it just felt right. Adam then motioned for Tonya to come to him too and she knelt down next to me, then Adam took his cock out of my mouth and put it in hers. I was actually a little upset that he took it out. Tonya was moaning while sucking Adam's cock and really getting into it.

Adam then told me "get behind her and get her wet" I then positioned myself behind Tonya and began sliding my fingers into her already wet pussy, she was dripping wet. Finally Adam stood up and laid Tonya down on the bed on her stomach and spread her legs out so he could get behind her. Adam then started fucking her from behind saying "Is this how you like it." Tonya was moaning and saying "yes, don't stop". Then Adam said "alright, now I want you to take both of us, you can do it"

Adam then told me to lay on the bed and then had Tonya get on top of me "reverse cowgirl" so that she was sitting on my dick. Then Adam got on the bed and slid his cock in her too, I could feel his dick sliding against mine. Adam was really stretching out Tonya's pussy, I could tell she had never taken two dicks at once before, hell how many girls have?

Well Adam began fucking Tonya hard, he was doing all the work. I was just laying there. Finally Adam pulled out and came on Tonya's pussy. I could feel it dripping down on my dick from her pussy. After Adam came I told Tonya I was going to cum so she slid off me and I came on her chest. Tonya looked very satisfied and I was exhausted, not just from the sex, but the entire situation.

After that we started getting cleaned up and ready to go back to our hotel. After all this, I still had the situation of Amy. Amy left with another guy from the club and I didn't know if she was at our room or his, etc. Well we got cleaned up and both thanked Adam for having us over and left, Tonya was still in a daze as we walked out to our car.

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