Revenge Sex


Revenge Sex - This is a true story and should be warning to anyone not absolutley sure of seeing their wife fucked by someone else.

Sue and I had often enjoyed talking about previous partners in bed, and describing the things we had done really got us both going and increased orgasm, especially hers.

Sue often talked about Simon, a previous boyfriend when she was in her early 20s (we're both 35 now). He is known around the town as a bit of a rogue and owns a nightclub in a neighbouring town. He's a hard lad and likes the high life, flash cars, and women (although he's been married for several years now).

One night during sex, Sue suggested that I let Simon fuck her whilst I watch, as payback for an affair I'd had a couple of years ago. The thought of what he might do really turned us both on and we had a great fuck.

Over the next couple of days the topic didn't go away and I eventually agreed to let her ring him and test the water. The idea being that he comes round to our house, fucks her and then I join in. I was hard everytime I thought of him inside her.

Now Sue is a very sexy woman. She never dresses tarty but looks fantastic in anything she wears, particularly strappy dresses or tops. She rang Simon at the club about two weeks later on the Friday night and, of course, he was up for it.

The night came and the usual candles, wine, music scene was set. Sue took ages showering and getting ready and had been in a great mood all day, but I was starting to get a bit apprehensive.

Simon arrived a bit late but soon got into his stride, making her sit on his lap and telling me the places they used to go and how he thought he would marry her when they were younger.

After a few wines they started kissing and Sue kept looking over to make sure I was ok with it. I must admit, my cock was starting to go hard, very hard, but I was still unsure.

Before long, their kissing had got really passionate and his hand had pulled the straps down off her shoulders to release her tits. He was grabbing them and sucking on them, and she was starting to rub his cock through his trousers. It was then then Sue suggested they go upstairs...

They went on upstairs and I followed. I went for a piss and by the time I got to the bedroom I couldn't believe the sight unfolding.

Simon was lying on his back, on our bed, with his jeans on the floor. His large cock was rock hard and Sue was naked and sucking him off. He was making comments like 'just like the good old days' and 'I've missed this' and then he decided to tell me that he had, in fact, seen Sue do much more dirty things.

Sue told me to sit down in the chair and watch. She was really enjoying it and, I suppose, enjoying getting me back.

She offered her fanny to his face and he lapped it up. This was giving me a good view of his lipstick covered dick, and I was getting very jealous.

Before long, Sue had shifted onto her back and he was kneeling between her legs. She was wanking him off, telling him that she wanted him to fuck her.

I had had enough by then, and wanted to tell Sue to stop. But I also wanted her to continue. My cock almost pressing through my pants now.

Simon told me to relax and watch seeing the apprehension in my face - saying that he was there now, and ready to fuck her. He told me that they should have been together all along and that they had always had fantastic fucks in their time together. He told me he was going to give her a good fucking and shoot his punk in her mouth, as she'd always enjoyed it.

I turned to Sue, and she made it clear that the situation had gone too far, and that she was going to enjoy Simon's cock once more.

He duly did bury himself in her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. She was squealing as he rolled he over and she bucked on his dick. He finished off by turning her face down and sliding his length up her very wet pussy. He didn't come in her mouth, he came all over her arse, and then stuck his wet cock in her mouth. She slurped on it like it was an ice cream.

I was told to leave the room at that point by Sue. They stayed upstairs for another hour or so before he came down and left through the front door.

This all happened just before Christmas, and she's been out three or four times a week since, often getting home at 3 or 4 in the morning.

She still continues to fuck me, and I know I've fucked her with his spunk inside her (and, to be honest, it turned me on) but I know that she's having his cock all the time now, and I'm powerless to stop her.

Powerless Cuck

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