Reluctant Cuckold Wife


Reluctant Cuckold Wife - I have been married for 15 years now to a very sexy woman who has always had a very high sex drive that I had up until 12 months ago managed to satisfy (or so I thought).

I was devestated to find out that she had been fucking around with a black guy who is 20 years younger than me (I'm 43) and that all her friends knew about it and were having a good laugh behind my back. We had a massive row which ended up with her telling me that she would not give up having sex with her lover as his cock was a massive 10" and made her feel like a real slut where as my tiny 6" always left her wanting more. I cried in front of my wife for the first time ever and she seemed to take pity on me. She said that she didn't want to leave me she just wanted good sex and that as I couldn't deliver she would have to go elsewhere for it. She told me that if I went along with her wishes she would include me in her sex life but if I refused she would have to leave me.

I had no choice because I love her so much and she is my life. I told her I would let her do what ever she wanted and that I would go along with her wishes. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss telling me I would love my new life and that she would love me all the more for letting her be free.

The next night she told me she was going out with her lover Max and that she would be bringing him home later for sex. She could see the look on my face and told me not to worry as she was giong to let me join in.

At about 11pm they returned laughing and stumbling into the living room. They had been drinking and were both drunk. My wife looked at me and said "look at this cock and you will see what I was talking about yesterday". She then simply took Max's cock out of his trousers and as it sprang semi hard into the open I couldn't help but gasp. It was massive.

My wife sank to her knees and sucked this massive cock, all the time staring at me and making loud slurping noises. She told me she was going to fuck him and let him cum deep inside her and that I could watch if I wanted to. I was turned on seeing this and said I wanted to watch. My wife said "good because I have a job for you when he has finished".

We moved to the bedroom and sure enough they went at it as if i wasn't even there. I must admit I was impressed at his ability to make my wife cum over and over simply by pumping her with his massive black cock. I caught my wife looking at me every now and then and smiling when she saw I was wanking as I watched them.

When Max finally came it was quite a performance.He grunted like a wild animal and seemed to push his cock so far into my wife that I thought he would hurt her. When they stopped moving Max rolled off and my wife called me to her. She told me to look at her well fucked cunt and see how satisfied it was. As I looked I could see cum starting to ooze out of my wife.

She said she could feel it coming out. When I told her I could see it She snapped "well stop it then". I put my hand on her cunt and felt how hot and wet it was. She told me to push the cum back inside her. I tried to do as she said but as I pushed my finger into her cunt even more cum oozed out. She was laughing at me now as she could see how frantic I was to do as she asked. She then said "you might as well stop because you've made a right mess down there, you'll have to clean it up".

I started to get off the bed to get a towel but she shouted at me "where are you going. I said clean it up, now. Use your tounge stupid". I froze,I couldn't believe what she was telling me to do. "Remember what you promised if you want me to stay with you" was all she said. I crumbled because I knew I had to to this but I really didn't want to. I slowly moved my face towards her cunt and could smell the strong musky scent of cum. I could see it all oozing from her and just as I was thinking of not going through with it she grasped the back of my head and pushed my face into her cunt. "Do it, do it" was all she was saying as I pushed my tounge into her. The taste was salty but not unpleasant and soon I was actually enjoying doing this and wanting to push my tounge as far into her as I could and to suck and swallow all the cum from inside her.

When she finally came she moved my head away from her and kissed me with passion. She told me she loved me and that our life together was going to be fantastic from now on. I got permission from her to post our intimate story here and her picture. I love her so much, I know I am her willing cuck for life and that whatever she asks me to do from now on will be my pleasure and duty to perform. - Paul

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