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We're 45 (me) and 39 (her). We first married when we were 23 and 24 respectively. We had a good marriage, kids, good careers and were happy for a number of years.

Eventually, though, things soured. Lots of details involved of course, but sex became less frequent, we talked less, things became tense, communication got worse. Mostly-dead bedroom ensued.

Much of this was my fault. I was too focused on career and worked long hours, and traveled a lot for my job. She became somewhat of a secondary concern for me and I let my marriage fall into decay.

Long story short, we separated. Divorce was pretty amicable, all things considered, and we stayed in touch for the kids, shared custody and even kept some of our financial situations jointly (owned rental properties and in down market, made no sense to dispose of those assets.)

Along about this time, I also discovered some latent bisexual tendencies. Explored this a little and found that I liked being submissive with men. Didn't do a lot but liked what I did do. Was (and am) still primarily attracted to women but I enjoy being with men sometimes as well.

Fast forward a couple years. We're both dating, but no one serious. We talk pretty frequently and email even more. We were better parents, in fact, as we both focused more on the kids and I was a much more involved father, and we were very good partners in that. Eventually we started being more personal with each other, and talking about things we failed to talk about while married.

I came out to her via email one evening after a couple too many scotches, and she surprised me by saying she wasn't surprised at all. She said she had often wondered whether I might be bi.

This kind of opened a floodgate and we began discussing lots more things. Fantasies both of us had had and never shared. Regrets about things we did and didn't do. We started talking about who we were dating and what we liked and disliked about them. How much we both disliked the dating scene and living alone.

I felt like I had rediscovered my best friend, and she felt the same. We began discussing getting back together and went on a few "dates." We also discussed what my new discoveries might mean down the road.

She said she thought it would be ok if I eventually saw other men as long as I could keep things discreet and safe. I assured her I could and that I wasn't really that interested in men, at least not romantically.

One evening while we were out and drinking a little too much she told me she really wanted to get back together ... but she also kind of enjoyed having been able to see other men. We got into a pretty involved and detailed discussion about what she liked about the men she had been seeing. Turns out she really liked one in particular who was very dominant with her. The conversation turned us both on. We went back to her place and made love for the first time in four years, and it was some of the best sex we've ever had. The whole time, she was telling me how much she loved her boyfriend's big cock, that he spanked her, forced her to her knees to blow him, etc. It was incredibly arousing. (Also helped that we were inebriated.)

This seemed to open a floodgate for us. She started telling me about more of her experiences with him and others. I loved it. We didn't know what "cuckolding" was but it quickly became clear that we both enjoyed her being with other men and me hearing about it. It wasn't long before I brought up the idea of having a man join us. She was hesitant at first but continued roleplaying and my telling her I'd like to interact with him as well got her very aroused.

She approached her boyfriend at the time but unfortunately he wasn't interested, and also was unhappy that she had re-staretd things with me. They split up. So we went online and created profiles on adult dating sites. This was when we learned about hotwife and cuckold lifestyles.

We found a guy nearby who seemed to fit the bill. He was six years younger, very fit, taller and bigger than me and had a very impressive cock. We met for drinks and hit it off. He was into the idea and agreed that we would go out to dinner together and then come back to my wife's place.

The week leading up to the date was probably the most exciting of my life, and for my wife as well. We shopped for clothing for her, including lingerie. Made love several times that week, both of us talking dirtier than we ever had. By date night we were both extremely ready and aroused.

The evening is kind of a blur for me -- barely ate dinner, and was aroused the whole evening watching them flirt, hold hands, eye each other etc.

When we got back to her apartment they were all over each other very quickly. Starting in her living room, she gave him oral. Then I did. Then she straddled him and they rubbed for a while while I watched and masturbated.

Then we went to the bedroom and I sat in a chair and, for the first time, watched a younger, more fit and more endowed man fuck my ex-wife. It was amazing. She was extremely vocal, more so than she ever had been with me, and he put her through several positions and made her climax numerous times. He finally came, on her face and breasts, and I immediately embraced her, kissed her and cleaned her up. It was the single most erotic moment of my life.

Not to bore with too many details ... but we quietly remarried about four months later, much to the delight of our children, family and friends. We've had a few ups and downs along the way but our communication is 100 times better, I am much happier, as is she, and our sex lives have not been better since we were newlyweds. She has two men that she sees on a fairly regular basis, one of whom I interact with as well. I am a proud cuckold for her and am extremely grateful for the turn of events that brought us back together and has allowed us to discover so many new things and so much mutual pleasure.

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