My Wife Sleeps with Her College Professor


I Was Horny at the Thought - EMAIL 1 - About 7 months ago my wife had gotten really drunk and hooked up with one of her young college professors. She had mentioned before that she had a crush on him and I had foolishly thought it would pass. I was furious to say the least, threatening to end our marriage and his career by telling the school board. Moreover, I was hurt that my wife would betray me in such a way. I stayed with her, though and she lost her feelings for him very quickly (mainly because she realized what an asshole he was for taking advantage of her). After a month or two when we had worked out our problems we talked about that night in a little more detail.

I found myself getting strangely aroused as she told me how they had spent hours fooling around with oral, anal and all sorts of crazy positions. I almost creamed my pants when she said that while she regretted hurting me, she really enjoyed having the sexual experience (I was her first). We had some of the best sex ever, but neither of us put two and two together.

Jump to earlier this week. Our sex life had gotten bland. I wasn't really getting excited by the same old fetishes and neither was she. I had realized since that encounter months ago that I had a cuckold fantasy, but I never thought anything about it for real. We weren't going anywhere, though, so I figured why not give it a try. After testing the waters by bringing up an abuse fetish first (denial, chastity, etc.) I suddenly through out there that I thought it would be hot if she just went off and fucked someone else.

She looked at me very strange, and I though to myself "oh fuck." But then I saw the huge smile that spread across her face. She couldn't believe it. As much as she loved me, and she did enjoy sex with me (especially eating out which I'm really good at), she had an insatiable sexual appetite.

We made plans and laid down rules. I have a safe word telling her to stop if things get too intense, she can't get into any serious relationships, just those for fun, and I can also fool around. That last one was her idea, frankly I have no interest in any other women. The first thing she did once we had those ground rules established was put on some sexy underwear, her hottest dress and gave the man she had cheated on me before with a call.

I objected because she had had an emotional tie to him before and I was worried it would resurface. Not to mention I hate that douche. She responded back it wasn't really my choice anymore.

"Besides," she said looking at the tent in my pants, "it looks like you like the idea, too." And I realized it was true. As long as she couldn't care less about him and only wanted sex, I was fine with it. And he was shallow enough to agree once we told him the plan (though he is still terrified of me ;p ).

So she went out and fucked him for almost 5 hours. When she got home we were both so excited, but she followed through with her role and denied me any sex (denial really turns me on). She has spent the last two days teasing me and flashing me, rubbing my cock but never skin on skin. She's gone for fact as to make me put lotion all over her naked body without letting me do anything.

Tonight she is going out with him to a club where he will teach her to pick up guys. You know, weed out the creepy ones and find the good ones. She's going to keep fucking him as well as any other guys she can get in the future. And, she's hot enough I'm sure it will be a lot. So I guess I have a Hotwife and a Slutwife .

She left just a few minutes ago to get ready at his place, where I'm sure he'll get a blowjob first. I also notice she left her wedding ring on her night stand. I hope she has lots of fun, I know I will. Next email to follow soon.

EMAIL 2 - So I woke up around 8 a.m. by myself with the sun shining through my window. She had said she would leave no later than 6, so I was a little concerned. I called to make sure she was all right and she sleepily answered. I asked if she was coming home soon and she said yes before hanging up.

10 a.m.: Still no sign of her and he only lives 30 minutes away. I had tried to call again but her phone was off. Finally about 10:30 she calls saying she'll be on her way just as soon as he gets out of the shower and can drop her off at her car. She had a lot of fun last night at the club where she did actually get to meet another really cute guy. Sadly he lives in another state and was just visiting for now.

I asked her how many times they fucked and she said they were at it for almost 2 hours last night and then again this morning while her phone was off (she didn't want to be interrupted, you see). She apparently lost count of how many times she came. After they got home and he humped her brains out, she fell asleep in his arms. I'll admit to a twinge of jealousy when I heard that, but it was nothing compared to the twinge in my boner. We've officially decided that this guy is now her boyfriend. Of course, I still have the power to call it off any time I want.

Before hanging up my wife asked me again if I was ok with this new lifestyle. Well, I think the fact that I spent most the night with an uncontrollable boner answers that. Now if you'll excuse, I'm going to go fuck my wife, and then we're off to get her a dress and some sexy underwear for her next big date on Saturday.



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