Pizza Guy is Fucking My Wife


Pizza Guy is Fucking My Wife - My wife was home one day during the week. I was at work bored as usual. I love to watch my sexy wife having sex. We have cameras set up all over our house and I am able to view them online. It's pretty hot.

I called Marie, my wife and pitched an idea to her. I asked if she would like to entertain me at work. She knows what I mean by this. I did not tell her what to do exactly but to just give me a show. She was turned on by this and said sure. She then hung up the phone. My mind ran wild with anticipation.

I immediately went online and picked up the web cams at the house. I could see Marie wearing her white silk robe and not much else. She picked up the phone and called someone. But who?? :confused:

She then proceeded to our bathroom to take shower. She showered up and shaved.She then put on white stockings, high heels, and just her same white satin wobe. No bra or panties. She has a great body.

She then proceeded to our bedroom to make the bed and light a few candles and closed the shades. What was she up to?? Who did she speak to earlier. WHo was on there way over?

She headed down to the living room and poured herself a glass of wine. She had one glass when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the door. She looked so hot. She opened the door. It was a straping young man. He was White 6-2, about 220, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like a model. He was our local pizza delivery guy. I have meet him several times before.

She invited him inside. His eyes were wide facelick . As she pointed inside her robe opened a bit giving him a good look at her goods. He then followed her closely into the living room. THere she bent over giving him a good look at her ass. She grabbed her purse. She then faced him standing there with her robe falling open. Her tits were in plain view as was her pussy. He said something to her. What that was, I wasn't sure. Next thing I know she is taking her robe off. She models herself for him. Posing, lifting her tits together and touching herself.

I was getting so hard watching this. She then reached her hand out for his and escorted him. I knew they were headed to the bedroom. When they walked into the bedroom, my view of them was in candle light. It was so hot. Then she dropped to her knees and began to strip him. Marie took his belt off and then unzipped his pants. His cock sprung through. It must have been at least a foot long. :eek: She began to lick it like a lolli pop. From the bottom to the top. She did this for like 5 minutes. I starting stoking myself under my desk at work.

Next he grabbed her hand and raised her to her feet. He kissed her and then picked her up and slammed her onto the bed. He stood there and kicked his sneakers off. He stripped down. He was in great shape. He had six pack abs and a chiseled chest. SHe was lying on the bed watching him closely. He then jumped on top of her. He grabbed at her big tits and squeezed them hard. He then took his huge cock and slapped it against her pussy. Her pussy was already wet. Marie knew where the cameras were. She was playing it up for me. She would blow kisses to me over his shoulder. It was hot.

He then lifted her legs back and over his shoulders. He then starting pushing that huge rod inside of her. Her mouth was open wide and you could see she was screaming. He was a lot of manhood for her. She likes a challenge. He fucked her hard. Soon they were both covered and dripping in sweat. Their bodies thrashing around. He then started to pull her hair. He pulled his cock from my wife's pussy and began to beat off in her face. She had her tongue out and I figured he was ready to cum. His cock glistened with her juices. She licked at his big COCK HEAD. Then it happened, he shot a massive load. Some going into her mouth but most just absolutely covered her face. Her pretty face covered in his cum. He then beat it off in her face. She is very dirty when it comes to sex with strangers. She loved it. Wiping the cum from her eyes, she had a big smile on her face.

They both cleaned up and just before the pizza guy left, she whispered in his ear. :eek: She pointed to all the web cams in the room. she whispered to him again and he then looked into the camera :} and waved good bye while squeezing my Marie's tit. He took a sheet of paper and a marker. He was going to write a note for me. He held it up for me to read. It said, I will be back. Often....



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