Cuckolded at a Party


My Wife and I Met Online - My wife has had many lovers since we have married, but my favorite has to be the guy she saw for several weeks recently. We have been swingers for awhile and we met someone who was advertising a party at a hotel. When we arrived and pleasantries were over the "party" was two guys, two girls, and me. As we talked and hung out me and another guy walked out to smoke. When we got back I walked in on my wife sucking a big hung cock with the other chick. My wife had never done this so blatantly without me there. She sucked and when he got hard she mounted him and looked back and smiled. She fucked him long and moaned like never before. I quietly watched as my wife got fucked and moaned, when she slid off the other woman strapped on a dildo and fucked her while she sucked the other guys cock. I sat there and was cuckolded by everyone and we had not told them about it. By the end of the night my wife was begging for his cock, and after hours of playing we left, but she got his number and it was not long before we met again.

My wife and I actually met on an adult dating site. She was a slut, and I was horny. She wanted to come over, but she lived 2 hours away. So I promised her I'd tag team her with my brother. She was there by the weekend. When we got back to my house deep in the desert, the first thing I did was throw her on the bed and fucked her doggy style bareback, and she was not on birth control. What a slut. She moaned and came hard as I shot my load into her. She was mine and I knew it. She stayed for a week instead of a night. Her dad came to see if she was alright, but still she stayed. As the day came where she was to leave, I got drunk and invited friends over. She welcomed a few guys in, and I told her to pour drinks. As she was I met her in the kitchen. She look and smiled at me. I told her she was to spend the rest of the night topless. She stared shocked, but obediently did as she was told.

So I sat on the couch seconds before she walked back in. I told everyone to wait because I had a surprise. She entered topless with her nipple rings up proudly. She gave everyone their drinks. My one friend asked what the hell. I replied this was my slut until I find a better one. He laughed, and asked me if he could take pictures. I was loving this, so I said sure, just make sure to get her face. The cell phones didn't stop flashing for a minute. I told her to sit down in between me and the same friend. She sat and he just grabbed her tit. She moaned.

I grabbed her head and shoved it in his lap. I said you have to feel these blowjobs, they are amazing. So in front of me and 2 other guys she gave my buddy head, and swallowed it all. He was taking pictures the whole time. She looked at me and I kissed her deeply. I still tasted his cum. My two other buddies sat there with their cocks in their hands. I stood her up and while kissing her guided her down and shoved her hard on to my other friend's cock. She let a yelp out because he was 9 inches to my 7. He didn't last long before he shot his load into my slut's pussy. He thanked me on his way out. Amber looked at me and smiled. As I bent her over the couch she gazed at me. I moved out of the way as my pal slammed his cock into her ass. She started to scream so I shoved my cock into her mouth. This lasted until he came in her. He dressed and said goodbye. I took Amber in the bedroom and fucked her in every whole over a 3 hour span. When we woke up the next morning I looked over and saw her cum stained and still leaking cum.

This would have been an awesome bonding experience with my friends, but when I said we were getting serious they all looked and laughed because she had satisfied them all... and they had pictures. I shrugged and said, just because we are serious does not mean I won't use her. Just wait until the party next week.

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