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This is about one of my experiences with one of the regular married couples I play with. This is a bit brief as it was an email to a friend, but I thought some of you may enjoy it as well. I'm not always looked at as a bull as I can enjoy all types of sex and be in all types of positions, but I assure you it's not fiction. I see this couple from time to time, and their thing is full on cuckold role play, and dominating sex in which she feels used by me as a sexual plaything. No problem!

We started at a swank hotel bar (dark, sofas, candles), where I met them. She's a knockout - see pics smart, a great smile and nice pussy - each time I see her the first time I can't believe I'm going to be fucking her like crazy in short order. He's a bit older than her but athletic with a short, powerful frame; an alpha type in public. They both have great personalities so we begin with conversation for a while, until she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to take her into the ladies room so she could suck my cock.

I obliged, but I instead took her into into the men's room which was super nice, and dark, and had a very private spacious stall. We kissed then I put her on her knees and got her to work. She's eager to be able to throat me entirely so we always work on it there's nothing like the moment when her head shifts just right, unlocking full access, and my cock slides in to the hilt. Awesome. It doesn't hurt that I've got a hand on the back of her head mildly forcing her onto me.

I pulled out to see the gagspit ropes and repeated for a while. Somebody came in and I'm pretty sure he could hear her slurps for what they were -- a woman worshipping a man's rod with her mouth-pussy. After a while I pulled her up, spun her around, propped her against the wall, hiked up her black mini skirt, moved her barely-there g-string aside and plundered her petite tail from behind. I love looking at it. She wanted me to save it tho so I didn't finish. we went back outside to the sofa... and then she took out her remote-controlled toy -- I inserted it into her and played around with the modes for a while...she was super ready to go so we left for their hotel which is across from the swinger club in my city. They always get a nice two-room suite.

There, her husband took a seat while I pushed her to the leather ottoman coffee table and ploughed her from behind. When it's time to fuck this woman my courtesy and charm go out the window. She's so small and I'm taller than both of them, I feel like I'm just claiming her as the dominant male, flattening her on the ottoman. Then things got a little wicked...I had her sitting impaled on me on the sofa, facing me, backside to hubby, and asked him to bring me my satchel. I had bought her a present -- three jeweled metal butt plugs, with the jewel shaped like a heart.

I asked him to give them to me, and I put one in her. At his point they engaged in their own belittling play -- she tells him how big I am, how small he is, that she doesn't want to touch him anymore, that he's not allowed to cum, etc. After a while I took out the plug and suggested to her that she instruct him to come over and lick her asshole as I was still fucking her. She did, and he did. It was hot. Finally, when it came time me to cum I said I wanted her on her knees offering her tits for me to cum on. I unloaded on her rack. Then like clockwork with our play, he kneeled down in front of her and cleaned all of my load off her chest, eagerly lapping up my jizz from her tits. We do that all the time, it's how we end every session, tho where I cum on her varies. But he always eats it afterward.

Afterwards we went to the sex club where we had our typical semi-public fun, but they're not 100% out so it's always me sneaking her away to the dark or private areas, with him eventually finding us and lurking as he watches. Then we went back to their hotel where I stayed until morning as is our thing. She gave me a special treat -- he sat in the other room watching us via a mirror so I basically had her to myself in the bedroom the rest of the nite.

She's very interested in restraints so we played with some gear, as well as my favorite -- my trusty leather belt, wrapped around her neck, wrists, etc. I worked on her deepthroat training -- I'm big but all of my GF's have been able to throat me, so I told her I expect her to do the same. She made good progress on this... head back off edge of sofa, me pushing deep, balls on her nose where they belong. I came in her mouth, then told her to give it to her husband. She slipped away to where he was on the sofa and while I couldn't see it I heard their whisperings knew she was french kissing my load into his mouth. Then they came back to the king bed and we snuggled and went to sleep, tho this always means one more time just for her, gentler and sweeter.

I got her on her side and slowly pumped into her in the dark until coming on her back as she kissed and moaned into her husband as he held her. I must admit when they say they love each other, even as I'm delivering the deep dicking to her, it really does something for me. It's special. Intimate. I love being a part of it and that moment.

Then in the morning we got to business and had a rough session. I had her pinned stomach-down to the mattress and a fistful of her hair, and when it was time I unloaded on her face, temples and hair. It was serious power fucking. In total I came four times -- her tits, her mouth, her back, her face. In every case he cleaned her, telling her how sexy she was and he'd do whatever she wanted. We also acted on my desire to fuck her on top of him for the first time. He laid on his back on the bed, she draped herself atop of him, he held her while kissing her lovingly, and I nailed her from behind, alternating between a hand in her hair or the belt around her throat.

After the morning session I dressed to leave. He shook my hand goodbye and she put on her kimono and kissed me goodbye at the door, her makeup a mess around her eyes. When I take the elevator down and wait for my cab I think how unlikely the whole thing is -- this fit alpha business owner, his smoking hot lawyer trophy wife, her wanting to be used and abused by me, and him wanting to be cucked and humiliated by her. But it works for all three of us.

Well, that's it for now.





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