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So my wife went out last night and I guess some guy got her number when she was drunk. I was on my way home from up north when she called me. She started telling me how he has texted her and they where chatting. She proceeds to tell me that he had sent her some photos. He was huge had one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. It was only 6.5 inches but thick like a red bull can. I'm pretty small like 6 inches and thin.

My gf has always had this big dildo that she makes me fuck her with so she can cum. She has cucked me once before this but he was just average sized. She tells me how bad she wants to try it, that she wants him to come over. I'm very conflicted I'm still an hour away and nervous so I tell her to just wait. So I'm pulling into my driveway and there is a car in my spot. I walk up to the door it's unlocked I step inside the door and there she is on the couch naked.

She just kinda looks at me. I didn't notice him standing in my kitchen also naked. The first thing I notice is his cock it's so big and he isn't even hard yet. I'm pissed at this point, and I'm about to kick him and her out when he just kinda walks up to me, tells me to shut up and watch or leave. I look at her expecting her to stop this but nothing she just kept staring at his body and dick. I felt so defeated and it made my cock hard.

He steps back and sits in my chair and just gives her a look, she gets on her knees and crawled to him. She opens her mouth and just started licking and sucking him. He was getting hard and I just sat back on my couch and watched her give him sloppy head. She could barely fit it in her mouth. But she was licking him all over his nuts his shaft and it lasted for probably 20 mins, much longer then she ever does for me.

After he got nice and hard he bent her over on the couch and just motioned for me. I just looked at him not sure what he wanted when he almost harshly told me to eat her pussy. So here I am on my knees eating her soaked pussy so that some random guy can put his horse cock in her.

He walks over and kinda just moves me over his cock and was touching my shoulder and brushed my face. He lines himself up with her and starts to push it in. He was having trouble thou he was so thick it didn't want to go in. So what does he do? He tells me to suck him. I've only sucked one cock before and nothing like his.

I go for it thou and get as much in my mouth as possible I suck and spit and lick his cock is now shining with my saliva. I lick her pussy a few more times and he lines up. I just see it push in as I hear her gasp. He just keeps pushing tell he bottoms out. There is 1 more inch of dick that just won't fit in her pussy.

I see her squirt as he grinds his cock into her. She is getting all creamy on his raw cock. He is fucking her doggy style making her cum over and over and she is leaking cum everywhere. I'm just watching her take it when he pulls out and tells me to start licking. I clean him up get him nice and wet and do the same for her.

He lays her on her back and enters her making her moan and groan as he pounded away.

Thirty minutes had past and he was still pounding away. She made a puddle and when he pulls out of her she is gaped open. He really starts going at it hard, pulling her hair smacking her ass when he speeds up and pushes in hard then starts cumming in her. Something I've never been able to do.

It is overflowing her pussy and dripping down her ass. It's so thick and white and he finally pulls out and it is like the gates open up and it just floods out of her. He gets up and puts his clothes on and leaves.

I get up next to her and start fingering her broken pussy. I slide my cock in she can't feel it.

I fuck her til I cum which took about 5 seconds lol, then we fall asleep.

NZ Wife



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