Snuck Off at a Dinner Party



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I recently started dating a girl (going on 3 months/ see pics) and I told her I do have a cuckold fetish. If she sees something she likes it's fine by me so long as she tells me. She allows me to do the same. It's an open relationship sexually but we talk before hand if either of us are going to fuck someone else. Most of the time I join in with her because I am usually there and it's super hot, but sometimes not and she sends pictures and that's also super hot.

But we always tell each other before hand and we have a small group of guys that I know that she gets with along with my other girls. But the other night we were hosting a normal dinner party and I found her with a friend of mine I would have advised her not to hookup with if she had told me before getting with him.

Now my friend is a tall, slim handsome half black man who has been a friend of mine since high school and to tell you the truth I would have been honored for him to fuck my gf if I knew that he wasn't married, has kids, and that his wife would divorce him instantly if she found out. I also know that my friend has cheated on his wife before with some scandalous slutty friends of ours who I know one of them for sure has a hard time letting go of men she sleeps with.

Now for the party itself this was just a normal dinner party. Some work friends and their kids, family, and a few random others, about 30 people all together. My friend shows up without his wife and kids but they were all invited, no big deal however he decided to roll solo. The drinks start flowing, music gets going, party is on. At some point towards the end of the night I lose track of my gf and my friend but I wasn't even thinking about it.

I go upstairs with a few friends to check out some things I recently got and were in my room when we hear sex noises from the backyard. We all go out and sure enough my friend is plowing my gf in the corner of the backyard. My other friends walk quietly back into the house obviously shocked (this wan't an orgy kinda party) and I stand there for a good while with a thousand thoughts going through my head like: oh shit he has a huge dick and she is going off, this is hot but she didn't tell me she was going for him!?

Oh shit now the whole party knows they are fucking in the backyard, OH SHIT I"M PRETTY SURE HE HAS A HUGE ONE! I stand there for a minute hidden in the dark trying to see if he is wearing a condom, but basically I was also being a perv watching them fuck. I start feeling betrayed and how I am going to dump her... but do I let them finish (this part even made me laugh to myself), but nope, these bitches are getting to have me watch while really turned on, and I loved it.

I keep watching and it goes on frever, and for a few seconds I didn't think they were going to stop, he was fucking her hard at this point and I know they were all happy and in their own world. But they did stop and I got a good look at his huge black dick. Fuck. They get their shit together and run across the yard and there I am staring at them. I obviously embarrassed them at first but then it sunk in to my gf that I wasn't happy and that I saw them fucking.

I ended the party and made everyone leave including my gf. Everyone who was at the party knows what happened and I am pretty sure its going to get back to my friend's wife. I spoke with my friend and he admitted that my gf told him I was ok with her fucking other dudes, which is true but we talk about those things ahead of time I told him.

As for my "gf", she came home apologetiocally and instead of me getting angry we ended up having the best sex we have ever had, and I'm not sure how that happened.

All I know is that I want more.





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