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Hello everyone, I am not sure how to approach the topic, I don't even know that if I should share this online but this is my only outlet. I think I will start by introducing myself and my wife. I am Mark, 27 years old, my wife Nicolette she's 27 too and we have been married for almost 7 years now.

She was my highschool sweetheart and we wanted to marry right after highschool but due to some family matters we were unable to do so. Though when things looked on the brighter side we got married readily. Nicolette is quite a woman. She's just as amazing from inside as she is from outside. I am not afraid to admit that she's entirely out of my league.

She's the kind of woman every man would lust after. Continuing with what I mean to tell you, this all started about half an year ago when my wife met Jay. She was out with her friends on her occasional 'girl's night out' and one of her friends introduced her to Jay. They both hit it off from the start based on their mutual interest of art.

My wife is a keen drawing enthusiast and Jay is a great sketch artist so the conversation was inevitable. My wife told me about him when she came back and I completely ignored it. She met him a few times and Nicolette soon joined the classes after her work hours had been reduced. I was happy for her as she really enjoyed drawing and he seemed to enjoy it too.

It's something she always wanted but could never get me along due to my little to almost no interest in it. She soon began to stay late and even have dinner at his house occasionally, though she would inform me everytime. He also joined her workplace in the time of a few weeks, though she did tell me that they rarely see each other and their works were completely different.

Nicolette once told me that he went to the same school as us. I tried to remember who she was talking about but I only had a fading memory of him as we didn't had much of an interaction except for a few occasions. From what I recall, he was a bully, douchebag back in school, he used to beat kids up for fun.

Recently this thing happened which started this whole thing rolling in my mind and I can't get over past it. They were going out with their colleagues for a business dinner and she innocently referred to their dinner as 'a date'. For that comment changed the way I looked and felt about them. To me, it was like she was really out on a date with her lover, the thought really excited me.

She looks amazing all the time. She really outdid herself that night wearing this really sexy sheer mesh black glitter dress. The hem of the skirt ended a little above her knees and the top had a V-neck which showed off her marvelous deep cleavage. It was clear that she was dressed to impress. He came in to pick Nicolette up wearing a classy suit. Now Jay is a big, strong, handsomd man who's same age as the two of us, he's got a charming and rather dominant personality. He's the ideal, rolemodel kind of man, I think that I should admit it, I fear that he's much more the man than I ever will be.

He really looked good that night. She came home at about 10 pm and by the time I was complete mess, I was dying to know what happened but she told me that it was kind of boring night. That was a sort of relief but I did secretly hope that something had happened between them. They look fantastic together and they seem to know this. Maybe they didn't notice it but they really looked like a couple and seemed to fit in perfectly.

To my surprise, she nonchalantly admitted that he was really hot and attractive a few times and that she would have dated him if I wasn't in her life. That comment really pulled some strings in me. So the bottom like with all this is I really, honestly do think there is something to this. I know from watching them together there is a very strong mutual attraction and a fun and flirty nature to their demeanor with each other.

They always were flirty even before their "date". Now, well it does give me really dirty thoughts. Maybe something has already happened, maybe not, I am so confused, it's like a train of emotions for me. But as crazy as it may sound I really want it to happen. When they are together around me I seem to enter in to some weird trance where I am just frozen in once place, transfixed as things happen around me.

Sort of like I am in completely other world, it's really hard to explain.. All I know is that as a "couple" they look great, maybe even sexy. I know my beautiful wife finds Jay attractive and that excites me. I also think from all the rumours back in school that Jay is much much more endowed than I am. That's another thing that fuels this fantasy I guess. I think that my wife knows how big he is but I am not sure.

So that brings us to the now, where to go with all this. What steps if any do I take? Do I sit back and let nature take it's natural coarse? Do I try and help further the situation along? I almost feel that I need not do anything because the signs are on the wall if you are looking.

You have a man and woman spending a lot of time together, being close, sharing lives so to speak and attraction is there. I know that both have morals, maybe this is where I should interlude, I just don't know what to do! But I have seriously thought about it many times, fantasized about it, so on so much, I feel I really want this to happen.

Oh I almost forgot to add, she has been dressing sexier in general, not just around Jay. Sleeping nude when she has never done that before and I caught her masturbating in the morning beside me when she thought I was asleep. I just opened one eye a little and watched her go to town on her naked body for 20 minutes straight while she mouthed something I couldn't make out. When we have sex she closes her eyes when she's about to come, like she's not there with me and then she's very flirty with me, showing me her clevage and ass in subtle ways but then noticing I notice and then pretending she doesn't. But doesn't follow up with me.

I guess I have to admit it ... she's already gone.

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