Wife Cuckolded Me in New Orleans


Wife Cuckolded Me in New Orleans - I have read the stories on here for quite some time. I finally have something to write in about, although maybe not in the detail or first hand experience of other experiences on here but exciting to me none the less.

To start off I have to go back almost 10 years ago when my wife (Olivia) and I were first married. Our first year in particular was a bit rocky and there were times I didnít think we would have made it 10 more months let alone 10 years to now. She was and still is a very attractive petite brunette with slightly asian features. She is about 5í6, with small perky b-cup breasts and darkish olive skin and a narrow little dark bush strip.

She traveled quite a bit for business then and one of the trips took her to New Orleans. I stayed at home as my job didnít let me get time off and I heard from her a couple of times how much fun she was having down there. When she got back we had a night out with friends, one of whom was on the trip with my wife. As the night finished up the talk turned to a night they were down at the French Quarter area and suddenly I hear my wifeís friend state out loud for all to hear that Olivia was the only one who flashed her tits that night. This brought out some hoots and hollars from the group and although I wouldnít have been upset about her showing her tits I was a bit frustrated that she hadnít told me. I felt we had good lines open between us. I had told her fantasies of watching her with another man and while I knew she wasnít going to take part in it at least she knew.

The drive home was a bit cool as I was pissed she hadnít told me. When we got home I brought up why hadnít she told me about flashing down there, she should know I wouldnít be angry and if anything I found it exciting. Olivia agreed she should have told me and that she knew I would get turned on. That night in bed she told me in detail about the night and going out in a light sun dress with no panties on and how she had flashed her tits on many occasions. I slowly fucked her as she told me about all the guys surrounding her and hitting on her. She told me how she is certain a few must have glimpsed up her dress and gotten a shot of her little pussy.

I asked if any guys touched her and if she got with anyone. She told me no and that she was very horny by the end of the night though and masturbated silently on her balcony in the dark. I blew my load deep in her while hearing all of this.

Fast forward almost 10 years like I mentioned, probably once or twice a year she would repeat the New Orleans story while we fucked or I masturbated and it stayed a staple of my whack off fantasies. Then just 2 months ago I was cleaning out our basement when I came across musty old boxes that had mixtures of random pictures, documents and mostly crap. I spent all evening riffeling through them and suddenly my heart dropped. In a picture obviously from her trip to New Orleans I see a picture of her and this guy I have never seen before hugging up together at a bar. In the picture Olivia is wearing the exact dress she has described many times in her stories. I instantly feel a swelling of horniness in me as I picture what occured the rest of the evening and thinking this guy had seen my wifeís tits and maybe even a glimpse of no panties.

I decided to act mellow about it and later when my wife came down I nonchalantly showed her the picture I found. Olivia stared at it for a second then tossed it back on the pile and simply nodded her head.

Not much to go by from her reaction and I can tell when not to try to force something out of her so I let it end and figured at least I have a fantasy in my head of what went on.

Two nights go by and it happens to be my birthday. We got out with friends to sushi to celebrate my big turning 4-0 day. Lots of Sapporo and sake are consumed and by the end of the evening Olivia and I crawl into bed feeling a bit frisky. I ask for a naughty story, maybe the New Orleans one I slyly ask.

Olivia froze for a second like I havenít seen her do before with a calculated look and then she snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear if I wanted to hear what really happened down there?

I got a nervous flash all over me and I whispered back how I was sure I would.

The lights were dim as she proceeded to re tell the New Orleans story much like she had many times before. I slowly kissed and sucked on her tits while she spoke and slowly took turns between softly rubbing her clit and squeezing all the precum out of my hard cock.

As she spoke about going out in her described little dress, she added about meeting up with a single guy who used to work with her group. He was about the same age as her and then she described the gentlemen I saw in the picture to the tee. As the night got crazy she mentioned how he never left her side and was always right next to her. She told all the same scenarios of flashing her tits and getting beads but included how this guy, Paul, (I found out later through a mutual friend) was next to her the whole time. She said she appreciated how when a few of the more drunk and obnoxious guys started pressing against her Paul stepped in and made sure they didnít get too pushy. They hung out with a few co-workers most of the night then as things got later and people started heading back it ended up just being her and Paul sharing a cb ride back to the hotel. During the ride Olivia told me how they both spoke of their spouses and compared sex stories. Olivia mentioned how I always wanted her to get with a starnger and he kept asking why she hadn't. Olivia mentioned how she just hadnt found the right situation.

Olivia told me that on the way back the windows were open and the wind kept causing her skirt to lift and flutter around. She told me how turned on she was feeling the fresh air breeze across her pussy and how Paul's eyes kept darting down and catching glimpses of her dark trimmed bush. When they got back to the hotel they agreed to have a night cap and the bar was still packed so they squeezed in among the crowd. Olivia felt Pauls hand gentley guide her through the mass of people and slowly he slipped it down and cupped her little ass. As the got to the bar he blocked her body with his and slipped his hand further under her ass and actually had a couple fingers slip across her pussy lips and she felt her horniness come on like electricity. He then pressed his hips against her and she could feel his cock pushing through his thin slacks. She told me how good it felt and she knew then she wanted him to fuck her. She pushed her hips back against him to match his pressure and the both ground deep into each other.

Paul whispered in her ear that they should go back to the room and she told me she nodded and felt in a trance as they took their drinks and started heading to the rooms. As soon as the elevator doors closed they grabbed each other and passionatley made out until the floor was reached. The rushed in the doors of her room and before they had even closed she felt him pulling her dress over her head and she was naked in the dark with the only light coming in through the balcony doors. He sucked on her tits which drenches her pussy I know and she struggled to get him to stop so she could get at his cock she told me. She dropped to her knees and they both undid his pants and she said his cock dropped out and hung as her mouth lifted under it and took it in. His balls were huge and full and she felt him grow and grow until his swollen cock head was about all she could get in.

Paul told her about how he was fantasizing all night about taking her from behind after he saw her skirt fly up during one of her flashing episodes.

Olivia turned around lifted up on her toes so her ass stood up and ready for him. She told me even though she was wet it took him more than a couple minutes to work his big cock in her. She confessed that it was the biggest cock she had ever taken and that as he drove into her she could feel herself stretch and her pussy loved it. She began to cum over and over. I asked if she was playing with her clit as he fucked her because that is how she can cum when I do her from behind. She almost guiltily whispered to me that his cock was so thick she came many times just from how full he filled her. My own cock twitched almost at the same time with horniness and jealousy. She kept telling me how he kept fucking her and she urged him to cum. She flipped to her back at the edge of the bed and watched as he fucked her with long deep strokes his cock glistening with her pussy juices. She moaned as she came again and realized how loud she was with co-workers next door surely getting an earful.

Finally Paul pulled out and shot load after load all over her stomach and pussy. I myself came while she told me how her little bush was drenched in his sticky cum. I laid there not believeing what I had just heard.

Olivia asked me if I was still ok with it now that I had orgasmed and I nodded of course. Well I have a few more stories from that weekend with Paul but not tonight she said.

Since then she filled me in on 2 more hook ups they had on the trip and I have been a good cuck and masturbated to the picture of them together countless times. Attached are some pics of her and myself just so you can see her for yourself. Love to have phone with other cucks and share stories.

behindcuck @ hotmail.com


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