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Part 1

Hey there. I'm new to this blog, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong or in the wrong way but I hope you can relate to what I'm about to write out. So my girlfriend (not my wife, hope thats ok here) and I have been together for over 3 years. We love each other and she is definitely the one. I have no doubt we are going to get married one day. Something happened and is happening though with another guy (with my permission), so I was hoping I could write it here and see if I'm being crazy or if it's OK.

So we have a male friend, and my GF and I discovered that he is massively hung. We all went swimming a while back and he swam in his tidy whities and his bulge was insane. Dude has a horse cock. I caught my girl staring at it a few times, but I actually wasn't jealous, was more so turned on which surprised me. In the following days she made some side comments about his dick to me, like joking stuff but I can tell she was still thinking about it.

I asked her if she's ever been with a hung dude (I'm average-ish) and she said no so I asked if she regrets not ever having been with one and she said no and kept saying nice things about me, but I could tell she was hiding something, so eventually she says it used to be a "bucket list" thing. I told her that's fine and told her I noticed her looking at our friend when we went swimming and she blushed, but I blurted out that it's fine and it actually turned me on.

She was surpised and asked me to elaborate, but I kinda didn't, but we had great sex later! Fast fwd days later and we're chatting in bed on a different night and she told me that she texted that friend about all of us hanging out again and it turned flirty. I got turned on by this too! I dunno, I just started fantasizing about her getting fucked by this huge dick. She's really pretty but in a wholesome way, and she's kinda vanilla with me in bed, so maybe that's why I find her getting it on with a big dick so hot?

I barely slept that night and was hard at the thought and my mind started racing. I came up with an idea to let her give him a handjob but that's it - no sex, no bjs none of that. So a different night I had some whiskey and brought it up to her, and after a bunch of, "Are you sure(s)" from her, I told her yes and she agreed and she did it! She went to his place and gave hm a handjob and came back and I didn't have regrets. We actually had amazing sex when she got back!

It been a few months now and sex is still great. We talk dirty about the guy during sex and I'll say stuff about her fucking him and she moans and it turns her on too. She has also flirted with him in front of me which was hot. So here I am now, wondering if I should let her fuck him? I trust the guy, he's a good dude, and I have such great confidence in my relationship with her that I think it'll be fine. We are great at communicating with each other. I thought I would maybe let her fuck him as a bday gift to her, but sometimes I'll think I'm being an insane person. But other times I jerk off to the thought of it. Sorry if this is TMI!. I'm leaning towards going thru with it though. My big fear is her losing respect for me or thinking I'm less of a man, but I guess I can talk to her about that beforehand.

Part 2

It happened!! I really thought about it and talked it through several times with her. We both came to the conclusion that we'd have a threesome first before letting her be with him alone, so that's what we did! But it was barely a threesome in the end.

He came over to our place so we could be comfortable on our home turf. I could tell she was really excited about it in the days leading up to it, but kept checking with me to make sure if this is what I wanted and if it will make me happy, which is why I love her. It was our first time ever doing anything like this so we were nervous too, especially me! So anyways he comes over and we pop open some wine and chat in the living room for a while.

I think we were all nervous because we hung out for a long time and had a decent amount of wine before starting anything. Eventually my girlfriend uses a moment of silence to say, "Well? Should we get started?" We all say yes and go to the bedroom. I am trembling with nerves and excitement, it was crazy. We go to the room and sit on the bed and she is in between me and my friend and is all giggly. She and I start kissing first and he is just rubbing her back watching.

She then looks at me and nods over to him asking if she can kiss him so I nod. they start kissing and my stomach is going crazy. It's hot to watch but my heart is racing. She then came back to me and undid my pants which made me shy bc I've never whipped it out in front of another guy and I know he's way bigger than me. She starts stroking me and kissing me and I'm already rock hard. She then puts her hand on his crotch and smiles at both of us and I tell her to undo his pants too.

She gets off the bed and pulls his pants and underwear down and his massive dick springs out. She laughs and looks at me like can you believe it? She starts stroking him and her hand looks tiny around it. She's now jerking both of us and then goes and starts blowing me. I swear I was going to cum so fast so I had to pull back. I tell her to blow him and she does. It was so hot to see. She was really going to town on that thing. She's not an overtly sexual person and is normally reserved in bed, so it was a treat to see her suck a big dick like that. She went back and forth between us and then lays on her back and pulls my hand towards her so I am on top of her.

I start fucking her missionary while she strokes his dick. I noticed that she kept looking at his dick in her hand while I fucked her and it was like she was preoccupied with it. Unfortunately, I couldn't hold it in anymore and I came in like 2 mins lol. Sad, I know. She asked if I wanted us all to keep going, and I actually thought about it for a second since I just came and you know how that can be, but I figured lets keep going. She smiled and then looked at our friend who said that she should get on top of him first so she can adjust to him and go at her pace.

So he put on one of my condoms and it barely fit. It looked like a balloon animal. I should have told him to bring his own or should have bought magnums or something but I didn't think of it. More on this later. So he laid on his back and she climbs on top of him and starts guiding his dick towards her pussy and all emotions are flooding through my entire body. I can't believe what I'm doing, but I'm paralyzed with excitement.

It was the craziest feeling ever. So she inserts it and lets out an, "Oh my god," and only the head is in at this point. He was cool and asked if she was ok and she kept saying yeah, and slowly rode up and down until she could get lower and lower. Eventually she has half his cock inside her and she's making crazy noises. It sounded like she was in pain so I kept asking if she was ok and she said yeah and that it feels good. They had to stop for a sec and put lube on, but once they did, shit was on. She was able to take his whole cock and she was moaning like crazy. He then asked if she was ready and then he took over the thrusting and he started fucking her, and within like 20 thrusts of that she cums hard.

Seriously, it was probably the fastest I've ever seen her cum. She usually likes a lot of foreplay and she may or may not cum during sex, but she just came really hard really fast. It was insane. The part that made me feel the weirdest was when she collapsed on his chest and started making out with him. I know it sounds crazy to feel weirder about them kissing than about them fucking, but it just looked so intense.

Anyways so after they make out for a bit he flips her over and starts fucking her missionary but she says she needs a timeout to recover from the orgasm. She asked me how I'm doing and I say fine and tell him how impressed I am about how fast he made her cum. After a drink of water, she's ready for the missionary with him, and he starts slow again and she's moaning again. He eventually buries his massive dick inside her and I see her watching it go in and out. She then whimpered to me, "Baby look, I'm taking the whole thing", and I congratulate her. It was so hot to hear her say that! They keep fucking like this and I'm starting to get hard again, and after another 5 mins or so, she cums again! She apologized while cumming, which I thought was funny. She said she couldn't help it, so I asked why are you trying to help it?? I think she felt bad for me about how fast he was making her cum, which was sweet but obviously unnecessary.

After she recovers again, she notices I'm hard again and gets on all fours and backs her ass to me so I can fuck her doggy. I'm standing at the foot of the bed and he's sitting on the bed and she's stroking him while I fuck her. It was nuts because she felt looser than normal. She was def stretched out. Again, I get too carried away and cum again (although I lasted a little longer this time lol). She kisses me and tells me she loves me and asks again if they should keep going, and I say yes.

He puts more lube on and starts fucking her doggy and she has to tell him to not go in all the way because he was too deep. The noises she was making were noises I've never heard her make before, I can tell she's really really enjoying it. I then try to take advantage of her being in the zone and start talking to her while she's getting fucked. I ask her if she likes getting fucked by a big dick, and she whimpers a yes. I ask if his big dick is making her feel good and she's says yes.

I tell her she looks so sexy taking that dick and she gives me a quick smile. I then tell her to talk to him while he fucks her. She just keeps moaning at first, but then she looks back at him and says, "I love your big cock," with these lustful eyes, and I almost fainted from all the emotions. She never even says the word cock around me, it was like she was a different person at that moment. Then he jumps in and says "yeah?" and she says yeah and nods at him and says, "you're amazing". It was getting too intense for me and I let out a holy shit, and she looks at me to make sure I'm ok, and he stops. I didn't mean for them to stop, but I guess I accidentally broke her trance and I had to assure them I was fine before they started up again. I needed some water myself!

So he lays her on her back again and this time he's doing that planking move where her legs are over his shoulders and he starts deep fucking her. She starts yelling out in pleasure and after a bit she says she's gonna cum again and he says he's gonna cum too, and they pretty much cum at the same time. He lets her legs go and they start making out and moaning into each others mouths. They eventually stop kissing, and he pulls out - and there is a problem - the fucking condom broke.

We all let out a collective Oh Shit.. cum just starts pouring out of her and my heart sinks. The condom was fine when they switched from doggie to the last position, but it mustve broken at some point before he came. THANK GOD I asked him to get tested before we did this. (She went and got a Plan B the next morning to be safe). He felt really bad and said he didn't realize it broke and she said the same, and I believe them, so can't get mad, but shit.

He apologized for not bringing his own condoms and I said it's fine bc I had told him I had some, but I just didn't think that they would be so small on him. My GF was shocked but wasn't as freaked out as I was. She was scooping it out with her finger and it just kept coming out. He left soon after and my GF and I talked and we both felt better after talking. It was a really intense first time but despite the condom issue, we both had a good time and had no regrets. In fact, we had sex after he left, then went to sleep, and she woke me up in the middle of the night to blow me! It seems to be having a really positive effect on our sex life, so all in all, it was great!

I had never seen so much cum on our bedsheets before lol. Downside was that she was sore for days afterwards so we couldn't have sex again for a bit.

I tried taking pics but my hands were so shaky that they were all blurry, and I took a quick video but didn't zoom in enough so you can see their faces and my entire room so I cant share them unfortunately (also she would never let me post them online :( ) so instead I have these which don't give her identity away.

Also, whenever I would pull the phone out, she'd get shy and it would take her out of her rhythm, so I just put it away, but I'm glad I got something! And the memory won't be leaving me for a long long time. Would consider doing it again for sure.

She seems to have a glow about her after all this. Thanks for reading this long post!





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