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Hi. I'm actually the hotwife, not the cuckold. Submitting this story because I know my husband visits this site often and will get a thrill from seeing it here.

A year after we got married, my husband and I were pulled into the swinging scene by some friends. We had a great time and attended dozens of debaucherous parties over a few years. Over time, my husband became a less active participant with others at the parties and instead focused on watching me play with others. He eventually told me that he wanted to become a cuckold and showed me some websites that explained what that was. I thought the concept was pretty hot and a good deal for me to be honest. I agreed to try it out and my husband basically gave me a permanent hall pass to hook up with anyone, anywhere, whenever I wanted.

My first true hotwife experience was with a guy I met online. He came over to our house and fucked me on our bed while my husband watched. The guy had a huge cock and was very rough with me but in a good way. At the end, he came in the condom and then quickly got dressed and left. Afterwards, my husband was very interested in the used condom and I teased him with it. I eventually poured some cum out of the condom onto my tits and my husband then licked it off.

I was hooked after that first experience and my husband loved it too. He encouraged me to continue my kinky adventure and meet more men. And since then, I've hooked up with seven different men in just under a year. For three of them, my husband was in the room and got to watch. The other four were more random and I just told my husband about what happened afterwards. I tried to always save the condom though because I know he loves seeing the evidence afterwards even if he didn't get to be there in person.

As we got more experience, my husband expressed his desire to be humiliated by me and by my lovers. I knew that turned him on and was willing to turn up the dial a bit. With the last guy that he saw me fuck in person, I compared his cock to my husband's and gushed over how big it was. Also after I got fully naked, I handed my panties to my husband and made him put them on in front of my lover. My husband loved all of it and I could tell from the small tent his dick created under my panties. Afterwards, he encouraged me to go even farther with my teasing and said nothing was off limits.

So anyways, I've been brainstorming and thinking of ways to really ramp up the humiliation and I think I've come up with a great idea. All the guys I've hooked up with so far have been strangers I met in public or online. But I think these random guys don't really intimidate my husband very much. I do know one guy though that my husband absolutely hates. His name is Brad.

We met him first at a swinging party. He was the only solo guy there and walked around completely naked, showing off his six pack and giant dick. He also got really drunk and acted like an asshole the entire night. He got kicked off the invite list afterwards by the organisers. We then ran into him later at a bar randomly. He complained about getting booted from the parties and thought my husband had been the one to complain about him to the organizers. He wasn't but they argued about it for several minutes and it got heated. Eventually the bouncers came and we were all kicked out of the bar. Anyways, my husband hates this guy.

So I was a bad girl recently. I know where Brad works and I visited him the other day. He instantly recognized me and we started talking. He wanted to argue about my husband again but I threw him off guard by flirting with him. I told him that I'd been thinking of him constantly since I first saw him at the party and asked him to fuck me. He didn't even believe me at first but I explained that my husband has a small dick and I just really needed a big dick like his. He eventually laughed and started flirting back with me. He gave me his address and I made plans to see him later that evening.

When I arrived at Brad's place, I was so nervous and excited. I dressed extra slutty and kissed Brad as soon as he opened the door. Once inside, we were all over each other. We made out for several minutes before I got on my knees and he unzipped his pants. I took his giant dick into my mouth and gagged on it trying to deepthroat it as best I could. I also sucked on his balls and let him slap his cock on my face. I then stripped off my clothes and he groped my entire body.

He then picked me up, carried me to his bedroom, and threw me onto his bed. I spread my legs and begged for his cock as he put on a condom. He then inserted his cock in my pussy. It was undoubtedly the biggest cock I've ever felt. He fucked me long and hard in several different positions. He spanked my ass, fingered my asshole, and twisted my nipple. I was his eager whore and loved every second. I orgasmed five times before he eventually came.

I got dressed and hid the condom in my pocket before I left. I then came straight home to meet my husband. I took the condom out of my pocket and dangled it in front of his face while he got on his knees and started masturbating. I told him about all the kinky things I had just done without mentioning Brad by name. I then tipped the condom over and let the cum dribble out onto my husband's face and mouth. He tasted it and swallowed it while continuing to jerk his cock. He came less than a minute later. We then took a shower together and then went to bed.

So anyways, to my cuckold husband... just a heads up that you ate Brad's cum. Oh... and I've fucked him twice more since then.

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