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I've enjoyed reading all the stories on here, and wanted to contribute my bit. Fortunately, I married a very naughty girl, but unfortunately, I didn't know details until years later. Neither of us knew the other very well and we played the role of a "typical" married couple for over two decades and avoided these conversations entirely.

She is a bright, shiny redhead, but sexy in all the right places with a perfect and perfect smile. We started dating right after I graduated high school and right before I left for military service. She was still in school (two years younger than me) and I went off to basic training for six months, and then got a two-year assignment overseas. This seemed like a death sentence. I desperately wanted to be with her, but had no choice except to go where I was assigned.

We tried the "long distance" thing and she just wasn't cut out for it. We broke up several times throughout the two and a half years total seperation (including two broken engagements), but anytime I came home on leave, we would get back together. We were both virgins and on my third and final visit before the assignment was over (and she had graduated school by this time) we had sex. It wasn't amazing like either of us had imagined, because we were both inexpereinced and she was really tense and tight. As an aside, how I wish I could experience that again with my current "know how".

Back to the story, I went back overseas to finish my last 6 months of the tour, and within two months, she broke it off. Again. With the proverbial finish line in sight, she ends our second engagement - and I am crushed. Two days before I fly back home for the final time, I call her and she offers to pick me up at the airport and I accept. When I finally see her, it is magical and like nothing had ever happened. My friends all said I was an idiot if I gave her another (4th or 5th?) chance.

I was an idiot, because I blindly went in and simply wanted to be with her. When we got to her friend's apartment, we went crazy on each other. As soon as I penetrated her, I paused. She noticed my pause. She felt so different than the girl I left six months ago. She had been doing, "god knows what" with "god knows who" and I could feel it in her body. I thought about the nameless, faceless men that had been where I was now. There had to be many, based on how much different and experienced she felt now. I gave her everything I had, mercilessly pounding her, partly out of anger, partly out of competition, the entire time wanting to make her ask me to not be so rough on her, which she never did. I wouldn't know the real truth for two decades.

Here's the truth: When we broke up, it was because she wanted to date a guy that was her friend's brother, Gregg. He kept asking and asking - she finally relented. They had a pretty passionate chemistry, and Gregg was an objectively handsome and charismatic guy, and she was really into him. In the meantime, she and I kept writing letters and talking on the phone, and he eventually finds out. They fight. Shortly afterwards, he goes on his senior class trip and cheats on her.

She finds out. They break up. Even though they were broken up, she vows to get revenge. A few weeks later, they are at a hotel party with a group of mutual friends, and after everyone left (except 5 people) she hooks up with Gregg's best friend, Brent. They have sex in one bed, while two guys and a girl crash on the other bed. She tells me now that she is sure they were awake, listening to her and Brent, but at the time, she thought everyone was asleep.

The next week rolls around, and her plan works. Gregg is jealous and comes over to see her. They have sex. A couple of days later, she runs into Brent and invites him over. They have sex. Gregg comes over that weekend, and guess wat happens? Yep. They have sex. For the better part of four months, my future wife is passed back and forth between two best friends, several times per week. Multiple times (although she isn't exactly sure how many), she is with both of them on the same day.

She says that she was much more attracted to her ex, Gregg, but that Brent had a bigger cock and was a better lover. She enjoyed each of them for different reasons and had no reason to settle on just one. Near the end of this period, she ran into another ex named Brian (she had broken up with me for him early in our seperation), but they had never had sex. She invited him over with the total understanding that it was only sex and she had no interest in getting back together. He came over, they had sex for about 30 seconds before he came, and he practically ran out embarassed. Another story or two about Brian later, maybe.

Anyway, all this went on for almost four months up until the day she picked me up from the airport. She never used condoms (she got on the pill after our first time) and they always came inside her, which I find remarkable. After I arrived back in the states, we had a very quick (third) engagement, and got married less than two weeks after I came back. Everyone was completely SHOCKED that we got married and knew we would never last.

We have a beautiful life together, and it is even better now that she shares her HOT PAST with me. Other doors have been opened up for us, and there are a few more stories to tell.

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