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Hi, I'm Tenni, now in my mid thirties and from Switzerland. I went to Thailand for the first time awhile back and it changed my life forever. I went with my Swiss girlfriend with whom I was deeply in love, and still am to this day. We were on the Phuket Island, or more specifically on Patong Beach, the no. 1 touristy place there. My gf is a couple of years younger than me, which means she was in her twenties then. It was on the third day at the beach there, that it all started, although I didn't really understand that back then.

I was taking a swim in the ocean as I often did, and Natatscha (my gf) stayed on the beach (as she often did). I remember when I was I the sea looking back I noticed a man standing with her (she was still lying there) and obviously talking to her. I couldn't see clearly because of the distance and waves but I thought it was just an exchange of some words. So I was a bit surprised when I looked back again a bit later that the man was still there, but Natatscha had by now turned around and was sitting, so she could speak better with him.

It was a bit strange and I felt a warmth in my belly and heart and felt powerless because I was in the sea dozens of meters away and therefore couldn't do anything. I was waiting in the sea for the man to walk on, but when I looked back again, the man was now seated next to my gf. And when they just would not end their talk I finally swam back to the beach. So I swam back and got on land, and noticed my gf was talking with a thai guy actually, a young man who must have been in his twenties too (i.e. same age range a her but some years younger than me).

They obvously seemed happy to talk together, my gf was smiling and paying attention to him, and they didn't even notice me coming back until I was just a few meters away or so. My gf seemed happy as she spotted me coming and promptly said something like, "Hi, this is Caya, I just got to know him." I said something like yes ok and was shaking hands with him.

My gf seemed excited and continued, "Hey, he offered to introduce us to the Phuket Island and drive us around with his motorbike, like a travel guide." I was surprised and thought hey thai people are really helpful, and I didn't dare to reject the offer, also because my gf seemed really happy. I didn't think of anything, I thought he was just a gentle helpful man and my gf never had anything with another man back home, she was quite decent, so I felt quite relaxed.

We talked a bit more and then Caya left us and promised to pick us up a few hrs later for dinner. So we did, we went for dinner outside in a bit of a remote area. What surprised me when we got ready for dinner with Caya was how nice my gf made herself (make up, dress etc), more than she always did for me when we went out. I was asking her about this and she said like, "Hey Caya is so helpful and friendly, and it's his home country and we are his guests, so surely I wanna present myself from my best possible side." Well ok it was a bit strange but what could I do, so we met him and he rode us again on his motorbike, to dinner.

Obviously he liked my gf a lot and obviously I had to admit she liked him too, they were talking and smiling during dinner, sometimes I felt like an outsider and like I was left out. He was also complimenting on my gf, directly towards her, and she was obviously happy about that. I really got annoyed, I had to pay the bill (my gf was student back then) and back down at patong beach they even made appointment for tomorrow, while I hoped it was all over. When we said goodbye that night, my gf turned to Caya and simply said, "This is how we say goodbye in Europe Caya," and she laid her hands on his shoulders and gave him 3 kisses on the cheeks. It was really more than I wanted to witness.

Back in the hotel bed finally I spoke with my gf that I didn't wanna meet him again and didn't wanna pay his bills etc, but she got a bit angry and was like, "Hey, he's our tourist guide and doesn't even ask for salary, and he's such helpful man ok," but I said finally no I don't wanna see him again and she replied, "You know what, I'm going to meet him tomorrow whether you like it or not, and if you won't join us then I'll go alone."

I was shocked, I never experienced my gf like this, back home she was always just nice and never gave me any trouble like this. of course she was flirting back home but that was it and I didn't have to worry. I was really taking aback by her self confidence which was so new for me that way, and I was so stressed because of our quarrels, so I finally said ok you can meet him but I think I will stay at the beach tomorrow.

That allowed us to make up somewhat that night and we had sex and OMG I have never seen her so passionate and so wet and she wanted more and more. It was a sign that I had blinded myself to.

What happened the next day and afterwards was that Caya and my gf Natatscha met more and more alone, and when I was joining them I was made to feel more and more like the outsider, and finally it happened. I couldn't believe it when Natatscha told me, "I have slept with Caya last night while you were alone." The looks he gave me from then on when we met all three; stupid or better weak as I was I just treated him kindly and respectfully.

Natatscha reminded me it was important to treat a thai man respectfully and politely or he might 'explode' in anger or so. And I just couldn't believe it. "Is it really true darling?" I asked and she replied, "Yes hun, Caya was inside me." These words hurt me so much. Thousands of toughts raced through my mind. I felt a pain in the chest and stomach as if someone had stung me with a hot iron sword there, and we were just in mid holidays, there was still one full week to go.

I hoped it would all end, that it was a single stupid thing to do of my gf and that she would regret it and come back to me and forget Caya. but I was so mistaken... it feels so relieving to write this all here, and Natatscha knows about it (she even finds it amusing..) .. but at the same time it's such a relieve.. to confess this .. yes a thai man was inside my gf.. and she liked it.

But now we have been home for a long time together. And I am starting to have images in my mind of him inside her and I can't get them out. I am hard every night thinking about them two together, how they slept together and must have been fucking over and over, her cumming and having big orgasm feelings with him, more than ever with me.

She can sense this I think and smiles at me when we have sex and has bigger orgasms too. I think I want her to do it again, which is too strange. But I think it will happen again.

Tenni & Natatscha




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