Wife Calls Out Another Man's Name


While She Slept - Kind of a long story but that seems to be the norm at this blog. The wife was out with the girls and went to a nyc village bar. Her and two friends. Mary and Cissy. They drank and flirted a bit, the two girls were single. My wife danced with this latin guy, Jesse and flirted a bit, he was trying to get her to stay. When it came time to leave, she told them she was going to hang a bit.

She hung with this guy, Jesse, and she told me she could feel his cock pressing against her belly when they danced. She said that’s what got her going. After a while he took her to his apartment, a three story walk up. On the way up the stairs, they made out and he was feeling her cunt, he reached up under her skirt and took her panties, he held them to his face and smelled them. He fingered her pussy and she said anybody could come right into the hall, and the public fingering made her even hotter. When they got to his apartment, he undressed her, laid her down on the floor and played with her body. He took his pants off, knelt next to her and with her help, started to jerk off. When he started to cum, he just shot off on her tits and aimed it at her face. She got some cum on her mouth. Then he pulled her up and brought her to the bed. She told me he fucked her twice. She took the train home in her little skirt and no panties at 4 in the morning. She said she felt, hot, dirty and like a total whore.

She also told me his ‘man smell’ turned her on, when I asked her what she meant, she said ‘you know, the way his cock smelled” The way I found out about all this was one night I get into bed, she was already asleep. She pushed her ass against me and moaned. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I started to rub her ass and cunt. She responded, in her sleep!!. Before u know it I was fucking her and she started to call me Jesse. I had a strange ‘sleeping’ conversation with her. After I shot off, I went to sleep. She never woke up from the fucking. The next day I felt I should at least approach the subject. I told her she was having a hot dream and that I was fingering her. She said she didn’t remember. I asked her who Jesse was and just like that, she spilled the beans. Eventually she told me the story of how he fucked her. She also told me he was bi and wanted to have a 3some. That never happened. But she did fuck him for a few months, on Saturdays. That’s when she told me after she fucked a spanish guy that a black guy would be next.

A few weeks later, she tells me of an incident. We lived in an apartment and the maintenance men had keys to all the apts. They’d sometimes have to come if for repairs and such. At the time, she was not working. She always slept nude and that morning she was sleeping late. We had a faucet leak in the bathroom and put in a work order. This is what she told me: she was dozing and was slightly awakened by someone entering the apt. The guy probably knocked and she did not hear him. Anyway, she said she could hear him walking through the hallway, the bedroom was across from the bathroom and he had to come that way to get to the faucet. She was naked as usual and slept with her knees pulled up and her great ass pushed out. She panicked and froze. The sheets were at the foor of the bed and she figured if she sat up and reached for them, he would surely see her naked and awake and that she would be super embarrassed, so she just lied there, with her ass sticking out. She could hear him stop walking and felt his eyes on her body. She said she was scared but just stayed in that position. So now, the guy realizes she’s there, if he makes noise in the bathroom and she gets up, she will know he saw her naked and who knows what she’ll do. So, he stares at her for a few minutes (probably rubbing his cock) and then quietly leaves. She jumps up to see which guy it was, there were two, a spanish guy in his 30’s and an older black guy, 50 or so. She said she was curious to know who saw her naked. It was the older black guy. She called the office to find out when maintenance would be coming to fix the sink and was told sometime that day. So, when he finally returned, she was up, neither of them made any mention of what had happened earlier. She said the whole episode totally excited her and when he came back, she offered him iced tea, dressed kind of slutty, tank top, no bra and a short skirt. She made sure she went back and forth to the bedroom to make the bed and bend over to tease the guy. I asked her what if he came on to her because he was worked up from the morning and from the teasing and she said ‘I would have fucked him.’ I honestly don’t know if she ever did, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

In Shock!

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