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This last post on the blog reminded me very much of my own wife. Our story is a bit diferent though. Really, I didn't see it coming. There was no sign of it leading up to our wedding day. And ended up marrying a demanding controlling, sex addict, bitch of a woman.

Early on it started. Whenever I didn't feel like sex she'd cut me off for a month. Finally she'd give in but she always managed to get my face between her legs lapping away like a dog for an hour. Sometimes she'd fuck me but just as often not.

That's when she began saying and doing things, humiliating things like 'you're dick is so cute' when she was playing with it. Or suddenly ramming her middle finger up my ass.

Once when she knew I was super horny she teased and prodded me into licking her ass. After that she was always coming up with ways to get her ass in my face. Now and then I like it but it soon became part of our pattern. So much so that her idea of a quickie became bending over with her pants down and having me tongue fuck her asshole while she masterbated her way to an orgasm. This happened in the car on the side of the road a couple of times and another time in a gas station restroom. She became very demanding about it.

Once beside a mall unisex restroom, I refused. She slapped me square in the face in front of 20 people. Then grabbed a handful of my hair and led me inside and locked the door. She said nothing. Just pushed me down on the toilet seat, dropped her jeans and jammed her ass in my face! Afterwards she warned me not to refuse her again calling me Mr Little Dick.

Another fucked up thing was waking me up in the middle of the night by straddling my face and saying things that sounded like it was from a dream. Saying something like "Eat me cunt, lick all his fuckin cum out. Don't miss any." All the while grinding her pussy all over me and yankin my head by my hair.

It wasn't long after that she came home late with a big smile on her face. She called me over to where she was sitting saying "I wanna show you something." Lifted her blue jean skirt - no fuckin panties - "Get down and see." I got down eye to eye with her pussy. She poked two fingers inside herself and pulled them out wet with cum. Then she tried to stick them in my mouth but I turned my head. She just laughed and pulled my hair so hard it raised a knot on my head. Then she pushed her fingers into my mouth.

She held my head right there dipping her fingers in her pussy and feeding them to me and slapping my face calling me a cum eating cuck. Then she sat back and said "now lick up the rest." I licked until she had a couple of orgasms.

She had me totally whipped. Licking her pussy became an everyday chore. And she liked it best when I was licking some fuckin guy's cum out of her. Gets her really excited, yankin my hair and slappin my face kind of excited.

She knew I was beaten down and she could do anything she wanted. That's why I ended up in a motel room lappin her clit while some bastard fucked her right in my face. She got into setting up scenes that she'd dream up. Her favorite was a threesome with some hung fucker that always started out with him dominating me to get warmed up for her. She'd have the guy wear army boots and nothing else. I'd get drug around on my knees into different positions licking his balls and having a 8 inch dick shoved in my mouth in between.

Then she'd fuck him in several positions with me licking their genitals, his balls and her pussy the whole time. It would end with me eating her creampie or kneeling looking up while she jacked his dick till he shot cum in my face.

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