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To start this blog submision off I should tell you all that my wife and I have been together since senior year of high school. We lived in a small town with a small school. 400 kids in all of the high school. There was literally only one black kid in the whole place. At the time, my wife and a few other girls were known for dating black guys from a nearby town.

We simply paid no attention to these girls, they listened to rap, they talked ghetto and we were sure they weren't interested in us. So we left them be. That was until one magical night at a party, right before the school year began. I met up with her, talked to her and quickly found out that her black boyfriend was going to jail. Yep, tried as an adult and going to big boy prison. Ouch. We had fun, partied and hooked up. So now I guess she was all mine. We've been together ever since. 12 years now.

So foremost, the saying once you go black, you don't go back is a farce. In the beginning the thought of her being with a black guy made me mad. Hey, it was when I was younger. As I got older and saw a lot of internet porn, I eventually saw an IR movie. I imagined her doing that, and it started to excite me. Later I found a woman in a video that resembles my wife. That def. excited me. Imagining my wife was that woman in her videos. The idea was now seeded in me.

Anyway, a couple years ago we decided to become swingers. Just so she could be with other girls. So first it was girls, then couples, then eventually we decided let's try a single male. We met one guy, he was kind and nice looking, but he had a tiny little dick. So I sought out another guy. We needed a big cock! That brings us basically to the beginning of our story of the first time since she and I have been together, that she's had a black guy.

So we met a guy on a dating site (the one on this blog). He was kind, funny, and when he sent his pics, he first sent one of his face. Was nice looking, then he sent a couple pics of his cock. Granted, these were just some close ups of a black cock. He told us he was 7 inches. We were excited! Certainly looked big enough. We didn't think to question him. So, that was it, we decided to meet this guy.

He came over one night to our home. He brought with him a cooler with beer in it.? Which I thought was strange. Anyway....... The second he showed up, our hearts sank. This guy, who only showed us his face pic and told us he weighed about 200 lbs, well, we just figured out why he never sent one of his body. He was 50 lbs. heavier then he said he was!!! Bam, liar from the get go. At one point my wife went to pee, I followed her in and asked her if she wanted me to bounce him...she sorta reluctantly said let's go for it.

After all he was still nice....anyway, when we got to the sex part, and he got naked again, we were aghast! This guy's supposed 7 inch cock was at least 9 inches. . . Lied again!!!!! But in a good way! So I was looking at my wife for cues on what to do, but she didn't look at me or say anything, they just had sex. Without looking at me she went to him and started sucking and within another 2 seconds she was bent over with his 9 inch cock in her while she screamed. I looked down to see that I was hard and felt like I would cum.

I was sorta turned on by the skin contrast, but really got excited seeing his big cock ramming her pussy. She just kept taking it too and kept moaning and screaming and cumming it was ten times better than a porn. Afterwards she smiled and got dressed and I needed relief and she wanted to ride me and tell me how good she felt but he talked for way too long afterward and the finally left. She then got on top of me and I felt how loose she was and was pushed over the edge. We had sex several times that night and always talked about his cock in her.

After that we did meet some other hung guys, and had some great times. We always check online and have at least 3 messages per day in our profile and we've had good success with this system. The other issue is that myth that all black guys are fantastic lovers and that they all have big dicks.....I only wish that were true, too many smaller black guys messaging us in this area! Huge guys of any color find us!!!

Here's a couple pics of her .......

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