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My wife got a strange offer today. She left to go see her female cousin (3rd) in the afternoon. About an hour after she left, I get a text telling me she started to have a strange conversation with her cousin and her cousin's BF about sex. It turns out her cousin is into watching her BF fuck other woman while she watches or joins. She told her cousin we're into the same, but in the opposite.

Out of the blue, her cousin asks her if she would be willing to join them. I guess her BF is really into my wife and would die to fuck her. She wants to make him happy, so she asks my wife if she wants to right now. My wife sent me a text telling me the story and asking if it's ok for her to have a threesome with them. For some reason the whole idea rubbed me the wrong way from the start, and I told her I really wasn't into the whole situation and asked her not to have the threesome.

She told them I wasn't into the whole idea. They understood but told her the offer still stands and asked if she would talk to me about it when she got home. After she got back, she told me her cousin said that she normally eats the girl's pussy while her bf fucks her at some point during the threesome and asked my wife if she would be into the idea even though they're technically related. My wife told me she thought she would let her after they all opened up about their sexual experiences and she realized they're as crazy as the two of us when it comes to what they've tried in the past.

She also told me they had a threesome with one of their 1st cousins in the past. The cousin they mentioned is insanely hot and comes off as a total prude. Both of us were shocked she would get involved in something so crazy, which went a little way in alleviating my biggest misgiving about the family finding out almost as soon as they finished.

Now I'm sitting here regretting my choice to tell her I wasn't into the idea. The good part about my initial reaction is the opportunity for me to apologize for going against something I know she wanted and begging her to have the threesome. I went through a similar turnaround when she asked me if I wanted to eat her ex baby daddy's cum from her pussy, resulting in an argument on Wednesday turning into me staring at her cum filled pussy on Friday night, dying to clean every drop of his cum from deep inside her.

Nothing is more humiliating and pathetic than begging to do something she knows you really don't want deep down inside, simply because you realized how bad she wants to fuck him and your inability to go against anything you know will make her happy.

I want to take it a step further and tell her I'm sorry she even needed to ask, and in the future, she can do whatever she wants if she lets me know while it's happening or after she's done. Give up control completely, while at the same time, getting another chance to eat another man's cum from her pussy.

I think I'm going to do it. Tell her to go and get fucked by them and have her just enjoy that Bf's cock as much as she can. If they hook up, I'll let you know.

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