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I'm a bit of a writer and my husband loves it when I tell the stories so hope you like my style and bear with me! I opened the bottle of wine while I watched my phone's screen intently. Somehow I managed not to spill too much outside of the glass as I poured. On the screen was my husband and soon someone would be joining him.

We had began this current process in an attempt to find a suitable man for us to play with from time to time. Our first of such had moved on and replacing him had proven to be extremely difficult to say the least. I do not like to feel obligated to be with someone I've only just met. Several times the guy has seemed like the right one only to meet in person and there was just no spark, no compatibility.

As I reflected on everything that had gone wrong in our quest I saw another figure enter the screen in my hand. First impressions were good. He was good looking, seemed fit and he had a confidence about him as well. I listened to them chat for a minute then my husband led him downstairs to our media/play room. I switched cameras and watched as they entered. They both sat down on the couch and because the camera was directly on top of the TV it appeared as if they were looking right at me.

I watched as they loaded and smoked a bowl while conversation was on the porn that was playing on the TV. They both kicked off their shoes and relaxed, both eventually unzipped their pants and I could see that they were getting hard from a mix of the visual and conversational stimuli.

I finished my first glass of wine and poured a second. Off came their shirts. Our guest had a nice chest, to say the least. He was smooth, tanned and muscular. I saw my husband stand up and get down on his knees in front of the man beside him. Pants came down and off and in my husbands hand was a very nice looking example of the male genitalia.

I watched as my husband proceeded to put that beautiful dick in his mouth and began to suck on it. I swallowed half my glass of wine and set it down as my hand now journeyed south into my panties. I was wet. I watched my husbands head moving up and down while the newcomer placed a hand on it gently forcing him farther.

He was quite hard now, I could see and my hubby was now stroking him with his hand and licking his shaft. The man's head rolled backwards with pleasure and I caught myself releasing a moan of my own. It was about time to make my entrance, I thought.

My husband switched places with his new friend and I watched this other man begin to suck the all ready rock hard cock in front of him. I swallowed another half a glass of the deep purple fluid and felt the bite of the alcohol on my throat. Scenes like I had just watched had always turned me on, even when I didn't have an attraction toward the other party. That wasn't the case this time. This guy was hot.

I left my roosting place and headed towards the stairs that led down to the play room as I could make out slight moaning sounds coming from below. I was dressed in a short skirt, a tank top made of sheer fabric and my husband's favorite pair of heals. Wine glass in hand I descended the stairs and came in behind them, only the top of my husbands head visible from behind the couch.

I paused for a second, suddenly not so sure I would make my presence known, and took another sip from my glass.

"Fuck me" I heard my husband say and that's when this man stood up, my husband's legs coming with him and our eyes met. He smiled. A warm, yet mischievous smile.

"What do you two have going on in here?" I heard my voice say.

"Well come and find out." my husband replied, "Honey, this is Sean. Sean, this is my wife."

"Even more beautiful then you described." Sean said, the smile still there, our eyes still locked.

I made my way to the other side of the couch and sat next to my man, my hand immediately going for his hard rod. I swallowed the rest of my drink and placed the glass out of the way then returned to my position.

"Well, go ahead, don't let me stop you." I said with a grin and a handful of cock.

Sean put pulled my husband's legs up so that he slid further onto his back and reached down with one hand finding my husband's ass and the other holding his nice big hard cock. The world could have fallen down around us and I wouldn't have noticed as I watched him place the head of his cock on my husbands hole and, using his hand in circular motions, penetrated him. My husbands back arched when he did this but quickly relaxed again as I watched this man proceed to fuck him.

I couldn't take any more at this point as I had my husbands cock in one hand while my other hand was on my own sexy parts. I leaned over and began to suck my husband's dick as his moans were getting me wetter and wetter. I could feel myself dripping down the insides of my legs.

My skirt had by now found its way up to my waist and I had chosen to take my panties off during my second glass of wine, so I was pretty well exposed by this point. As I tried my hardest to make my husbands cock disappear down my throat, I felt Sean's hand on my ass and it felt like ripples of sexual energy radiated from where our skins converged.

I was both hands on the job now and Sean moved his hand from my ass and slid it between my legs, gently exploring my gushing pussy. I felt him as he expertly navigated his fingers to my clit and after a couple of circles I felt him slide a finger into my ready hole.We went on like that, Sean fucking my husband while I continued to give him the most vigorous blow job of my career while at the same time I was getting fingered by this tanned figure next to me.

I needed more. Right now. I needed a dick in me, so I came up from my mission to swallow my husband's cock and moved to where I was straddling him instead. I reached down and moved his dick into position and slid down it until I couldn't go any farther.

My husband was in heaven and getting close, I could tell. I continued riding him until I could feel him start convulsing and I come up off of him, also interrupting Sean behind me. I slid down between his legs while stroking his cock from top to bottom. I reached back with my other hand and groped for another dick, finding Sean's and pulling him towards me.

He slid inside me and as I let out a gasp my husband erupted in epic form. I was so preoccupied by the new dick in me that I made a bit of a mess as cum squirted all over my face and my tank-top with a some getting in my hair and a tiny amount actually reaching my mouth. Sean pounded me from behind as I did my best to use my mouth to clean my husband's member.

Eventually my husband moved to find a towel and I scooted forward and pushed back as I matched Sean's thrusts. I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard. I could feel the orgasm rise up inside me as we slammed together over and over.

"I'm cumming!" I said as the waves of ecstasy washed over me.

As if on cue, Sean pulled out and turned me towards him, releasing himself on my already messy face. I tried to get my mouth open to catch it but again only got a little on my tongue. Sean collapsed on the couch and I sat down on the floor as my husband, who had been standing there watching us, tossed me a towel with a smirk on his face that told me how turned on he was.

That was our first time with Sean, our second time only minutes away, I knew. I was content but I could feel the rising desire already as I looked at these two beautiful men.

Hope you enjoyed this. If so, I'll write down more of our adventures.

Miss C




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