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Hey. Love the site. I became a bull during the last year and wanted to share the story.

So I met this girl named Mina in college. We weren't super close but we had some mutual friends and ended up hooking up a couple times at parties. The first time we just made out after dancing together. And the second time I fingered her in the bathroom and then she gave me a blowjob.

Mina is half white half asian and pretty cute. I wasn't too interested in her though so I never pursued her as a girlfriend. She was the type of girl that was a bit conservative and nerdy during the day but then got a few drinks in her and went wild. We both eventually started dating other people and didn't see each other too often after that.

Fast forward almost ten years, I am working at a tech company. Most of the other workers are not coming into the office due to the quarantine but my job is considered critical and I have to come in every day. I was walking down the hallway on a Friday and randomly bumped into Mina who I didn't know had started working there. She explained that she had been hired as a secretary/assistant a few months ago and only comes in one day a week to pick up and deliver some documents.

Mina was excited to see me. She mentioned that she noticed my name in the directory but had assumed I was working at home like everyone else. I told Mina that I worked in the office every day and showed her my office in case she ever wanted to stop by and catch up. Mina agreed to come by the next week and say hi.

The next Friday, I was working in my office when Mina knocked on the door. I let her in and we chatted about what we had been doing for the last decade. Mina explained that she got married a couple years previously to another guy from our college. I congratulated her and jokingly said I was sorry that I missed the wedding. Smiling playfully, Mina responded that she didn't invite her former college flings.

The next week, Mina stopped by again and asked me to help carry a heavy box from her. I picked up the box and she led me to a supply closet where it needed to go. Once I put the box down, she thanked me, touched my arm, and said that I was so strong. I told her it was no problem and I could help anytime.

I was trying to leave but she was blocking my exit to the door. Mina then asked if I needed her help with anything. Quizzically, I asked her what she meant. She then reached out and touched my cock over my pants. I didn't recoil but I was a bit confused at the same time. Mina then said that she never forgot about my cock and would love to see it again. She unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants and boxers down while getting onto her knees. My cock was already semi-erect.

She immediately took it into her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. I didn't resist and was frankly happy to receive an unexpected blowjob. As she continued to suck my cock, she pulled up her skirt and rubbed her pussy with her hand. She eventually orgasmed and moaned with my cock still in her mouth. I told her I was about to cum as well and she accelerated her pace. I then filled her mouth with my cum and she swallowed it all.

Mina got up, pulled her skirt back down, and asked how it was for me while smiling. I told her it was great but honestly it was like a 6 or 7 out of 10. I could tell she wasn't very experienced giving them. We parted ways and I watched as she went into the bathroom. I was a bit perplexed by everything but went back into my office and got back to work.

The following Friday, Mina came by my office again. She was dressed a bit more provocatively than the last time I saw her. She was still work appropriate I guess but showing more cleavage and her skirt was shorter too. I was on my computer and said I was busy but Mina explained that she just wanted to apologize. She said she thought she had been too forward the previous week and hoped that I didn't feel awkward or anything. I told her it was ok and I was just a bit unprepared at the time.

Coyly, Mina asked if I was better prepared today. I didn't want to beat around the bush anymore with her so I just got up, walked to my office door, and locked it. Mina then got on her knees in front of my desk and I fed her my cock. She did a better job this time and I came in her mouth after just a few minutes. She swallowed again and then left quickly afterwards to go to the bathroom. I walked by the bathroom a minute later and could hear that she was masturbating inside.

Over the next several months, I received dozens of blowjobs from Mina. Sometimes it would just be a quickie and other times she'd give me long and slow blowjobs while I sat at my desk and continued doing work. Her skills definitely increased over time and she could almost deepthroat my entire dick. Occasionally she'd also lick my balls or slap my dick against her face. She liked acting slutty and would typically masturbate and orgasm several times while sucking me. She always swallowed too and told me she loved the taste of my cum. In addition to the blowjobs, she also sent me a series of naughty photos in various states of undress and posing seductively.

I started becoming more verbally dominant with Mina which she enjoyed a lot. I called her a slut and made her beg for my cock or ask for permission to orgasm while masturbating. I sometimes made her give me a bit of a strip show before giving me a blowjob. Other times, I bent her over my desk and spanked her before pulling my cock out and putting it in her mouth. She loved it all.

I was a little bored of only getting blowjobs from Mina but she was hesitant to "cheat" on her husband by having full sex with me. I told her one day that I wouldn't let her suck me anymore unless she gave me her pussy too. She protested but I told her to just stop bothering me if she didn't want to do it. The next week, Mina didn't come to my office. In fact, I didn't see her for the entire next month. I assumed she had made her decision and I was fine with it. But she surprised me by coming into my office unexpectedly one week. She said she finally decided to have sex with me. I toyed with her and said I wasn't sure if I even wanted to do it anymore. She pleaded for me to fuck her but I told her to come back next week and maybe I'll have changed my mind by then.

That week, she sent me a bunch of naughty photos and asked me everyday to fuck her. I was noncommittal though and just said I'd think about it. Then that Friday when I arrived at work, Mina was already in my office, completely naked, and sitting on my desk. I walked up to her and she got on her knees. I pulled my pants down and she started sucking my cock. I asked her if she was ready to get fucked and she mumbled yes with cock still in her mouth.

I picked her up and laid her on her back with her legs up on my desk. I felt her pussy and it was already soaking wet. I then put the tip of my penis against her pussy and teased her. I made her beg for it as I slowly pushed in inch by inch. Eventually I was balls deep and Mina said I had the biggest dick she had ever felt inside her. I fucked her slowly but forcefully with each thrust. She moaned loudly but luckily no one else was in the office yet. She orgasmed several times and I was close to cumming as well. I pulled out and she got back onto her knees. I then erupted covering her face and chest with my cum. She cleaned herself off as well as she could to put her clothes back on and left.

Since then, I continue to fuck Mina regularly. I'm not even sure if her husband knows how slutty his cheating wife truly is.

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