MFM Threesome


MFM Threesome - Hello all on the blog. We are your average couple, just about hold it all together what with school runs, work, and living. Hubby John has had a fantasy for years now about me having sex with another guy as part of a 3some. Whilst I also loved the fantasy I could never see myself going through with it as I would be racked with guilt and shame or so I thought!

Well last year we were pretty pissed and had a night without the little horrors. John suggested we put an ad online and see what happened. It seemed harmless enough and I was rather excited about it. I am 33 and John is 41 so I figured we were old enough to have some harmless fun and I would deal with the terrible shame later!!!

Initially we had lots of replies from people who just wanted to see our photos which was frustrating because we wanted to have some fun chat! John eventually persuaded me to put some sexier photos with our ad and the response was fantastic. We replied to a few guys and eventually started talking to a guy who seemed as normal as we think we are. He was a bit young (24) but very well stacked and I dreamed of him taking me from behind whilst John watched and joined in.

Eventually, after talking on the phone and exchanging pics, we agreed to meet him in a local hotel for a no strings attached meeting. I was so excited at the thought of actually meeting a strange guy for sex that I had to change my panties twice on the day!

When we got to the bar we quickly sank a few glasses of bubbly for courage and waited for him - when he walked in I just knew that I wanted to have sex with him - just the once I told John - just to say I'd did it.

He sat next to me whilst John got the drinks in and we chatted away for an hour about life in general. John eventually said that I should check out the goods and dave turned towards me as I ran my hand over his bulging trousers. Wow he certainly felt as big as he looked in the pictures I'd seen and I started getting very wet again. I was regretting not wearing a skirt as John had suggested as I wanted to feel his hand go up under my dress an touch me. John could tell that I wanted Dave and he said we could go outside for a few minutes and kiss.

Dave took me to the back of the hotel behind a wall and immediately lifted my dress up and pushed his fingers in my wet pussy. It was one of the sexiest things I ever did and I just had to free that huge cock and suck it. Dave unzipped his cock and I got down and sucked him - he was so hard and firm it made me wetter and wetter. I wanted to feel his cock in me so I told him he could have me if he wanted to - he was so desperate to fuck me that he forced me back against the wall, lifted my dress right up and pushed his cock deep inside me. I could not believe I was having sex with a stranger in a hotel parking lot - me a married respectable woman with a lovely hubby, family and doting parents. I knew I would feel as guilty as hell later but the feel of this guys hard cock slowly pumping my wet pussy was just too nice to say no. I consoled myself by thinking it was a one off and I could always pretent it never happened.

When Dave came in me I thought he would never stop, his cum was hot and it felt like my pussy was filling up - just then he pulled out and I turned and sucked the last of his cum out of his juicy cock. I quickly got dressed and returned to John. He knew I had gone all the way and put his hand in mine and led me back to the room where we had the best sex ever. I know John wants me to do it again and to be honest so do I. I regret waiting so long and the truth is the guilt does'nt last - and as long as my darling husband is happy with me having other guys, and him at the same time then what is the harm? I have great sex, John has great sex, and a nice guy or two get the experience of a lifetime.

My only regret is that I did'nt try it sooner - what a waste! We are very happily married and we always will be as we have learned to love and respect each others deepest desires! We will never be unfaithful to each other as I can have sex with another guy as long as John is present (I would not want it any other way) and if John wants to try sex with a willing female then I think I can let him - maybe a couple will be our next experience - maybe it will be you?

Hope you are inspired by my story - if you think you would like to try a mfm then the chances are that if you do try it you will love it as much as I did. GO FOR IT GIRLS!!!



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