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So earlier in January at the beginning of the year we got to talking about making our fantasies become a reality. I'd wanted to see her taken by another man and she also liked the idea, we used it in our sex play as a fantasy and it had worked so the next step was making it a reality. She'd had an ongoing correspondence with a guy from another part of the country from an innocent game app on her iPhone and this had developed into a sexual texting correspondence which involved the swapping of things they wanted to do to each other and the sending of explicit videos of both of them masturbating and cumming for each other.

We both liked the idea and it had progressed to the point where they were going to meet in the not too distant future. She had also been hit on by a guy at her local car dealership and that had quickly progressed from innocent texting to full blown sexting too with lots of the same as above. As this 'Car Dealership' guy lived local we spoke about the possibility of her having him as her first hotwife experience and she put this to him and he readily agreed, I wasn't to be there for the first time as she was worried about me watching due to confidence issues etc. so we agreed she'd go and video and take pics as much as she could within reason.

We were excited that this was finally going to happen and a date was set. He flaked at the last minute but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and the correspondence continued and a second date was arranged... He flaked again. We dubbed him 'excuse note' due to the excuses he was giving and we decided to not arrange another date with that guy.

That's when we turned to online dating. We browsed the ads and liked what we saw. So during a hotel visit which we had planned to take some sexy pics anyway we used those and posted them up to see if we could find anyone interested.

And we were inundated with all positive messages and of course the inbox imploded, but we took our time to thank as many as we could for all their nice messages, we are based in London England and a lot of Americans expressed an interest but obviously a big pond between us meant follow ups were never going to happen, but we got a few replies from local-ish guys and started to correspond with a few. Most were pic collectors getting off to dirty talk and wanting more pics than we'd already posted, we soon filtered them out and have a couple we chatted with.

We were staying at a nice pub/hotel in the London suburbs this past weekend and so put in the area zip code (postcode for you UK readers) and looked at the list of guys that came up within our search criteria. One popped up, a guy called Ash, he seemed like a genuine guy who would meet when arranged etc so we sent him a message and ended up swapping emails so we could continue to chat in real time rather than waiting for site messages to come through.

He sent face pics and the inevitable cock pics and although we hadn't considered our first to be a black guy (not that we had any preference for White first or Black or any other colour for that matter) we made arrangements for the next few days on the Friday just gone. We were both nervous and although she hadn't wanted me to be there or watch her first time it was decided that I would due to it still being a relative stranger that was coming to our room, so it was not only a hotwife experience but also a mild Cuckold one too as I wasn't going to join in but just watch and take pics and vids. I was happy and so was she.

The night arrived and she had a few drinks for Dutch courage and the time arrived quickly and her phone pinged with the message that he had arrived. She had changed into a ribbed Basque with stocking and suspenders and nice high heels, she slipped on a big long coat and slipped out the room to go down and collect him from outside. I took this time to set up two static cameras, both HD, and get my iPhone ready to film and take pics of any individual action that I liked without having to move the video cameras. She was gone about ten minutes and she had been laying down the rules for the evening, no degradation, pain, spitting name calling, choking etc. and had also to gauge whether she liked him in the flesh as it were, turns out she did, and they had a snog and a kiss before coming up, and soon enough they were knocking at the door and I let them in, a quick introduction from myself and I said to her I would disappear out of the room for a while to let her get over the nerves of me actually being there when they started, so I left then to if for about 7 minutes and when I returned I retired to sit in a comfy chair close to the bed where I could survey all the action that was just hotting up.

He was naked on his back and she was next to him in all her lingerie and they were kissing and his hands were all over her body, touching her arse and running over her breasts which were yet to be exposed and after a while she rolled on top and they were dry humping as such and he'd gotten hard and his cock was rubbing her pussy through the front of her very small panties, and I know from experience that the front of them were not wet as she gets very wet and is often visible through the front of her panties.

She shuffled down and took his cock, her first in the time we've been together, into her mouth and I could hear both her and him moan with pleasure. I was sitting there thoroughly enjoying the sensation of what had only been fantasy up to that point happening right before my eyes. I could see her saliva making his thick dark shaft wet and hoped he had a bit of staying power as I didn't want her to be disappointed. He did luckily and then pulled her back up and laid her on her back and continued to kiss her while his hands found her panties and slipped inside for the first touch of her very wet pussy, I could hear the squelching noises as one, then two large fingers were inserted and her legs opened to give him more access. They were enjoying themselves very much at this point especially her from the moans I could hear, which all added to my excitement and my cock was hard and tenting my lounge pants at this point and I was desperately trying not to touch myself. Yet!

He then knelt up between her legs and pulled her panties to the side and without any teasing he guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and slid his way all the in! I could hear her gasp, and then he started a rhythm of fucking her, her legs were splayed wide and he was gathering momentum and I could hear the slap of their bodies and see his cock sliding in and out of her swollen wet pussy, her juices coating his cock I could also hear the wetness and my mind was ready to explode due to the audio and visual stimulation I was experiencing. He sped up and was fucking her hard, this is what she likes and her encouraging moans and words were spurring him on, it was hard fucking and a sight to behold.

He rolled off, perspiring and panting, and frankly so was she at this point but she quickly mounted him and guided his cock into her from below and they started fucking again, not so vigorously this time and with lots more kissing and hugging her moving her hips to take his cock all the way in and them lifting up so the tip almost came out them quickly lowering herself back down onto him. This was good and I took the opportunity to take some snaps and close ups of his cock inside her from this angle. She was flushed and showing signs of redness on her skin, this is a good sign, a sign that she was enjoying herself, he was touching her breasts as they were free from her Basque at this point and was also greedily sucking on her hard pink nipples and also slapping her arse as she rode him and the faint outlines of his hands were appearing on her buttocks and each slap bought a squeal of delight from her.

They continued for a while lots of moaning and noise, bodies slapping and lips smacking together, hands on arses and nipples in his mouth, until he obviously felt the sap begin to arise, he moved her off and onto her hands and knees, pulling at her hips and quickly started to fuck her hard and fast from behind, the noise of slapping bodies was loud and her moans were getting louder too, I was walking around the room trying to get better angles for shots, but forgot most of the time because of the sights I was seeing with my own eyes.

She moaned loudly and he sped up, I know what this meant and got round the side in time to see him pull out and cum heavily over her arse and back with a few satisfied grunts, he wiped the cum with his hands over her arse and the both collapsed onto the bed again. I grabbed a few clean towels we had nearby and tossed them over, he wiped himself and excused himself to the bathroom, I took this opportunity to lay next to her, she was flushed and dishevelled but smiling and content, I told her I loved her and kissed her deeply and we smiled at each other, hardly beginning to believe we had actually gone through with it.

He came out the bathroom and slipped his t-shirt and boxers on, I think he thought that that was it. But we both told him to lay the other side of her which he readily accepted and she flipped onto her back and we alternated kissing her and using both our hands all over her breasts and body for a while. The contrast of his dark hands and my white ones on each breast was hot. We both moved our hands down and she was still very wet, his fingers went inside her and mine circled her clit and lips. We were kissing again and I could feel her breathe harder into my mouth and also softly moan.

I hadn't planned on joining in at all, I just wanted to watch so this was something again completely new to me. She at this point had each of our cocks in her hands, mine was hard and throbbing and dribbling pre cum all over and his had recovered and was now hard in her other and I enjoyed seeing her hand wrapped around both our cocks. He pushed her onto her side slightly and started taking her from behind on her side, we were still kissing, this had obviously got him rampant again, and it was fucking hot feeling her body move with every thrust he was making inside her, we kissed and I slipped my hand between her legs to touch her clit again and I could feel her getting fucked hard and that was a turn on, I didn't want to actually feel him inside her but I was content with touching just her clit. He banged away with renewed vigour for a while and she was moaning loudly into my face, flicking her tongue against mine and my mouth, this is something that really gets me off and it was working.

He could see this and stopped and told me to fuck my wife, so I got between her legs rubbed my hard thick cock up and down her wet slit then slowly slid in feeling that first time moment of being inside her just after she'd been fucked hard, and it was awesome. I fucked her hard but not too fast as I wanted to savour every moment, she had leand sideways and was now sucking him again. This was mad, my cock was deep in her and she had a thick cock in her mouth at the same time ! WOW ! How I didn't explode then I don't know.

He wanted her on top again, so she climbed on him and started to ride him again, then she almost crouched over him (This is her favourite trick) and bounced up and down on him taking his full length to the tip and back and fully deep inside her I lay down to watch again forgetting about my cock as I was mesmerised at the sheer beauty of what I could see. He wanted to try VDP and she was game, I wasn't sure about the thought of cock on cock, (we had decided no anal the first time, but we will on another adventure) but I gave it a go so we ticked off another first, but although they both enjoyed it, it wasn't doing it for me, probably his cock on mine was the thing, and she was very very tight and I didn't want to hurt her, so I made an excuse that I just wanted to watch again and lay down.

Time was running away from us at this point and he said he was unlikely to come again anytime soon, she was quite exhausted at this point so we lay for five minutes talking about what had just happened and then he got dressed, thanked us and insisting we do this again, he left us to it and departed.

We held each other in our arms and kissed and affirmed our love she also had my cock again in her hand and was stroking it to full hardness again. We then made love, we didn't fuck we made love and it was hot and wet. Overall it was an excellent experience for us both, we've talked about it a lot, we know what we'd change and what we will do and not do next time but we have both agreed we'll definitely do it again.

Hope you enjoyed this very true story of our first time, enjoy the images too. Sorry they weren't of the evening as everyone's faces are in those and we don't want to chance our anonymity, so instead I'll post pics we posted on the dating site that got so many replies.


Chad & Meredith




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