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Our Cuckolding - My wife Megan and I have been into cuckolding for about 7 years now. We aren't into the humiliation aspect of that many are, but I just love it when she goes out and and finds somebody to fill her sexy pussy all night, and then licking that little cunt after she comes back. This story is about a night where she was sluttier than usual.

That night we decided that it would be fun for her to go out and look for a guy to have sex with. We dressed her up in a short little skirt, a pink top and a push up bra. She looked like an absolute whore with her bleach blonde hair, 34D tits pushed together by her bra and her skirt barely covering her tiny little butt. She called a cab, and then was on her way to the clubs to find some dick for the night.

This whole time I was waiting at home biding my time until she came home. Eventually, around 4am she came through the door looking absolutely exhausted. She just said to me, "I hope you're horny still, because I was REALLY dirty tonight." This clearly got my interest and I started asking questions, but she told me that she wouldn't let me know what actually happened until I was between her legs licking her pussy.

I stripped down and she laid on the bed with her shaved pussy looking nice and used like it does after a long night of sex, and I dove in. That's when she started from the beginning. She me the guy at the bar and was instantly attracted to him. They danced for a while, getting closer and closer, she said she could feel his cock through his jeans the instant they started dancing. Eventually, he spun her around and they started passionately making out on the dance floor. As they kissed their hands explored all over each others' bodies, as he grabbed her ass and brushed his hands against her tits. Eventually after doing this for about 15 or 20 minutes he asked if she'd want to go to his place and they left.

When they got back to his place they opened a bottle of wine, and invited Meg's conquest's roomate to join them. They sat and chatted for a while, until the roomate said he was going back to his room. That's when the fun really started. Meg and her new friend started passionately making out again, as they took one another's clothes off. Once they were totally nude Meg went down on the guy and began furiously sucking his 8 inch cock. After a few minutes of this her fuck buddy picked her up and slid his cock into her soaking wet pussy. As he was fucking her standing up like this he asked her if she had ever had a threesome before. She responded that she hadn't and he carried her upstairs.

When they got up there the roomate was apparently extremely shocked to see them, but wasn't exactly complaining. Meg just walked over to him, took of his clothes and started to suck his cock. While she was doing this the first man walked up to her and she took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. Eventually each guy had enough of this and she climbed on top of the roomate and lowered her pussy onto his cock. As she did this the guy from the bar slid his hard cock into her ass, and she got her first ever DP. Eventually they switched and the guy from the bar fucked her pussy while she sucked the cock of the roomate. They switched positions several more times until each guy had the chance to cum on her sexy tits.

Needless to say we had amazing sex that night, and we can't wait for the next time she wants to be a little slut like that again!

Ryan - intoitalltheway @ yahoo.com

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